The Daetweiler Family Photos

These photos come from a follower of the blog looking to find the direct descendants of this family. These photos were from Compton, CA and portray the Daetweiler family. Please let me know if you are related. We’d love to reunite these pictures with family! What is know about them from the sender is below.

The larger photo is of Louis Daetweiler (b1871 in Switzerland) and his 
wife Ella Firkewirth (b1873). They married in 1898. The children are: 
Carolyn, Elizabeth Louella, Fritz, Warren, Oliver, Evelyn, and Walter. I 
believe that is in age order.

The smaller photo is of William Thomas Daetweiler (b 1888) and his wife 
Lillian Daetweiler and their children: Lester Leroy, Madelyn Gladys (b 
1922) and (in back) Wilma Lillian (b 1914).

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