The Diary, Michigan, 1947

Wednesday, January 1

Were over to see Mrs. Deugler and they gave us a rug (9×12) and pad. Amy and Rus came in while we were there.

Monday, January 6

Pat has first upper tooth making three teeth.

Wednesday, January 8

Called Dr. Horton and said not to increase the thyroid.

Friday, January 10

Pat patty-cakes and goes down the hall and all over in walker and creeping.

Sunday, January 12

Cut Dew, Bob, Del, and Jim’s hair today and then went over to Alyce and Julius’ for dinner. She had pigs in blankets. Bob is ten years old today.

Monday, January 13

Called Dad to see how mama was getting along and Shirley (next door to folks) called her at noon.

Saturday, January 18

Dew picked up Mabel on way home from work and at 7 p.m. we left to go to “coz” arriving at 11 p.m. Mabel staying with Bob and Del while we are gone.

Monday, January 20

Left for Det. [Detroit] at 3p.m. stopping at Evelyn’s in Kent City for a few minutes. Cleaned mama up this am and gave her an alcohol rub and combed her hair, also cut dad’s hair before we left.

Tuesday, January 21

2 degrees below zero at 5:30 am
School out for first semester today, so the boys don’t have to go back until Mon. 27th. Pat raises to sitting position by himself. Dad called this eve.

Thursday, January 23

10 degrees at 6 am

Friday, January 24

Pat gets to a sitting position by getting on his hands and feet and dropping back on his butt.

Saturday, January 25

This book and calendar came from Aunt Blanche today.  Alyce and Julius and children here tonite. I made a birthday cake for Bob (12), Laura (19th) and Pat (6). Whose birthdays were the 6th, 12th, and 19th. We played “500” until 3am after putting the kids to bed around 9pm. They staid all nite.

Sunday, January 26

30 degrees at 7 am.
Had breakfast about 10:30 or 11:00 and then A. & J. left. Called Lester this eve and he and Russell and Crystal and Irene went up home, Fri nite and came back tonite. Took short ride this afternoon.

Monday, January 27

28 degrees at 5:30am.

Tuesday, January 28

Boys got their report cards today. Jim got 45cents on his and Del also 45 and Bob got 30 cents.

Friday, January 31

Called Dad this eve.

Tuesday, February 4

2 degrees below zero at 6:30am.

Wednesday, February 5

4 degrees below zero at 6 am.

Thursday, February 6

Paid Coopers $13.71 for half of chain link fence on north of us.

Friday, February 7

Jimmy out of school today on account of a cough.

Saturday, February 8

5 degrees below zero at 6am.

Thursday, February 13

Mrs. Corbet called and wanted to know if Jimmy could come in to school tomorrow for the Valentine party.

Friday, February 14

I took Pat and Jim into Dr. Sumill to see if a treatment would help their cough.

Saturday, February 15

Bob weighed 73 lbs.
Del          “    56 lbs.
Jim          “     53 lbs.
Dew got the license plates on way home from work. 11.55.

Sunday, February 16

7.65 today for shots and cough med.
Took Jim and Pat over to Dr. Clark to find out what was causing their cough and he said it was whooping cough and gave them shots and also Dew went out to car and got Del and he had one too, and have to take them back for another next wed.

Tuesday, February 18

Got Silex iron from Jewel Tea co.

Wednesday, February 19

Took Del, Jim and Pat to Dr. Clark for another whooping cough shot today.

Friday, February 21

Dew took Bob to the pack meeting tonite. They had refreshments and decorations were in blue and gold.

Saturday, February 22

Took Del, Pat, and Jim for their third shot and they have one left.

Sunday, February 23

Bob shoveled off walk and Dew gave him 50 cents.

Monday, February 24

Sent 60 cents each for Bob and Del’s pictures today.

Thursday, February 27

It’s three weeks today since Jimmy has been out of school. Judy McNeil brought Jimmy’s pictures here today. They turned out pretty good.

Friday, February 28

Made my first coconut custard pie today and it turned out swell too.

Saturday, March 1

Made my first corn fritters and we (Dew and I) french fried some spuds in bacon grease and were they good. The bacon grease gave them more flavor.
Took Del and Jim and Pat over to Dr. Clark for their fourth shots for whooping cough. Pat and Jimmy are getting better now.

Monday, March 3

Made a cake after that fudge sundae receipt leaving out the choc. and put it in two layers and put raspberry jelly between the layers and on top and sprinkled some powdered sugar on that and it was good.

Wednesday, March 5

Today’s Russell’s birthday.
I cut Jim’s, Bob’s and Del’s hair today. Had to rush with Bob’s on account of his cub meeting.

Thursday, March 6

Sent the money for Jims pictures by Judy McNeil today. 60 cents. Dew brought some paint for the cupboards as I am starting to do the inside of the cupboards.

Friday, March 7

22 degrees at 6 am and trying to snow today. Dew went into Redford for a treatment and then stopped at Kuisels and got me this pen I’m writing with for 1.01. (Renolds)

Saturday, March 8

14 degrees at 5:45 am.

Tuesday, March 11

Pat has another tooth today making seven, a lower left.
Dew brought home some more paint a canary yellow. 1.34 for the kitchen as we didn’t like the daffadil yellow.

Wednesday, March 12

22 degrees this morn and went up to 42 degrees this afternoon.
Del out of school today for a cough.
Dew went into Dr. S tonite and Bob went to his cub meeting.

Thursday, March 13

24 degrees.
Del out again today as there is to be no school tomorrow.
Nina and Mabel were here for a half hour after the boys, Bob rather, came from school.
Here for the Red Cross. Eureka tea man here and I got a cayet sweeper from him 10.95.

Friday, March 14

No school today.

Saturday, March 15

Pat had a little fever today, yet he plays. At 9pm Pat was burning up and I was up all nite with him.

Sunday, March 16

Called Dr. Clark at 9am and he didn’t make house calls so said to call Dr. Murry on 6 Mile Rd and he came out and Pat has pneumonia and bronchitis and bad ear and said he should be in hospital to get oxygen. So took him into Herman Keifer at 4pm. 105 temperature.
Pd 47.46 for a week.

Monday, March 17

14 degrees this am.
Called at hospital at 9am and Pat had a restless nite. Condition about the same. Temperature up to 106.5.
Kept Jim in bed today. Went down to see Pat tonite and he is ina room with two cribs init. He was sitting up but was crying and rubbing his head. Pat in room 119. 2 beds in his room.

(written at top of page: Pd Gales’ 7.85 for blueberry bushes today. (2))

Tuesday, March 18

10 degrees this am.
Called Hospital this am and they said that Pat had a better nite but is still in critical condition. Mabel called this am. Crystal called at 5pm. Kit called at 8pm. Aunt B called 8:30 and Dad at 9:15pm. Pat in 109 room this time.
Pat was sitting up in bed and they gave him a graham crax while we were there and did he eat it. Then they gave him a drink of milk.

Wednesday, March 19

A called this am and the Co. nurse here also. Every thing covered with frost this am again. Ms. Gale brought over our dinner last nite. A big pan of macaroni and meat and tomatoes and onions and peppers and was it good.
Dew went into Redford for treatment and then Dr. and Mrs. Sunrill came out with DePalo-roy to put on Jimmy’s throat. Dew got Jim a wood tractor for his birthday.

Thursday, March 20

Today is Jim’s 7th birthday and it’s a beautiful day. the report of Pat this am from the hospital was that he had a  very good nite and his temperature was 99 this am. Vaccinated him today.
Went to the hospital to see Pat and they moved him into another room again. 105 this time and the 4th bed from the hall window.

Friday, March 21

24 degrees at 5:30 am.
The first day of spring and it’s snowing.
Called Mrs. Corbet this noon and we decided to keep Jimmy out until after the Easter vacation, making it the 14th of Apr. to return to school.

Saturday, March 22

Mabel called at 8:45am. Brought Pat back from hospital today.

Sunday, March 23

Cut Dew’s hair today and he took car over and got it greased and oil changed 3.66 and 10 gals of gas 2.35.

Monday, March 24

Dr. Murry out to see Jimmy and have to get a prescription for sulfa filled for “Flu” and bad throat.

Monday, March 31

Took Pat to Dr. Murray with temp of 105.2 and he said to watch for convultions on account of high temp.

Thursday, April 3

Pat acts more like himself today. Sun shining 20 degrees at 6am.

Friday, April 4

It’s poured rain nearly all day. Pat acts more like himself today than for the last two months.

(Note in back of diary says “Aunt Edith died Apr. 4 

Saturday, April 5

A and J kids here for dinner and stay all nite. A brought a cake and I made 2 pumpkin pies. Had 2 chickens (9 lbs).
Most roads are flooded nic. Gd. river.

Sunday, April 6

Easter Sunday and beautiful. Had breakfast about 10:30 and A and I washed most of dishes and talked a few minutes and then they left. We had dinner about 3pm of what chicken, etc. was left. We went to bed before 8pm. Pat has an upper, double tooth peaking, them making 9 teeth.

Monday, April 7

Dew, came home sick with “flu” and went to bed at 7:30. I was laying down as much as possible with the “flu”.

Tuesday, April 8

24 degrees at 5:30am
An announcement was just made over the radio that Henry Ford was dead.
The county nurse was here this morning for about an hour.
Sure feel rotten again today. Telephone strike on.

Wednesday, April 9

32 degrees at 6:15am.
Cloudy today and rain is predicted.
Phone strike still on. Got no rain but got sunshine.
Boy! My throat is sore. Dew went into Dr. Sumrills for a treatment tonite.

Thursday, April 10

28 degrees at 6am

Friday, April 11

56 degrees at 5:30am
Cloudy and windy today

Saturday, April 12

40 degrees at 6am
32 degrees at noon
Rain, snow and sunshine all before noon.

Monday, April 14

Frost this am. Dew to Dr. Sumrill. Jim went back to school today after being out since Feb. 6.

Tuesday, April 15

Frost again.
Went out to [??] this PM after shrubs, etc. from Moore and also Emmons nurseries.

Wednesday, April 16

Snowing and ground covered with now this morn.

Thursday, April 17

Air way man out with sweeper bags today [?] – 2 pkges – (16 Rogs) 2.06.

Saturday, April 19

A and J here at 3pm. A gave me a permanent.

Monday, April 21

24 degrees at 6am
Man here at 3:30 and took Pats picture.

Tuesday, April 22

32 degrees at 6am.

Wednesday, April 23

32 degrees at 6am.
Sun shining. Cut D’s hair this noon. Dew & Jimmy to Dro. Sumrill this eve 5.00.

Thursday, April 24

Got 250.00 loan from Provident Loan paying off bal. of 119.00 leaving 119.03 for shrubery with 11.00 left to apply on lawn mower.

Friday, April 25

38 at 6am.
Dew getting M.O.’s for shrubbery today.

Saturday, April 26

Mr. Gale came and knocked on our bedroom window at 4:15 this morning to come over and stay with Johnny and Frankie while he took Mr. G. to hospital, at 7:20 he was back and Mrs. G. had a little girl.

Monday, April 28

24 degrees at 6am
Mama is 69 years old today.
Cut Bob’s, Del’s, and Jim’s hair today at 85 cents each that 2.55 saved.

Tuesday, April 29

38 degrees at 6am
cut Pat’s hair
cut out and made paid of snow pants for Pat from a dark green coat which Mrs. Dengler gave me. Also went over and took my drivers license test 1.25 for that.

Wednesday, April 30

52 degrees at 6 am
Blue berry bushes (2) came today. We went out to the novie after them. Mail truck also brought strawberry plants from emmons Nursery. 50 Premier, 50 Big Joe, 50 Chespeake, and 50 Mastdon.

Thursday, May 1

42 degrees at 6am
Mrs. Edwards (Moore Nursery) and took order for 150 California Privet – 14.00 per 1.00 for North and South sides. 70 on north. Also 3 mums – Harvest moon-yellow one King of Reds – Red and one Master mum – shell pink.
Set out 12 raspberry bushes today.

Friday, May 2

42 degrees at 6am
Jack Gale took our car for repair and D. drove his cad. today. Set out 100 Red Rasp. plants today – 50 Latham and 50 Ind. D
Car cost 20.83.

Saturday, May 3

Went home today as it’s Gordon’s wedding day. To be married at 8pm. Arrived at Caz. at 7:15pm.

Sunday, May 4

Rained during nite last nite. Left Caz at 2:15 and got home at 8pm.

Monday, May 5

Cloudy and cool today

Tuesday, May 6

38 degrees at 6am

Wednesday, May 7

I went to Dr. Sumrill this eve 3.00. Dew donated 1.00 for cancer drive.

Thursday, May 8

28 degrees at 5am
Me to Dr. S. (5.00) Put in tub for galvanic treatment.

Friday, May 9

31 degrees at 7am
Dew to Dr. S. No Pay

Monday, May 12

46 degrees at 5:30am.

Wednesday, May 14

42 degrees at 6am
Pat’s pictures came today. Pd 5.29 COD bal and pd 5.00 prev.

Wednesday, May 21

Rained until after noon. A called phone strike over and back at work at 6am after 44 days.

Thursday, May 22

42 degrees at 5:45am
Mmmm! No rain today

Friday, May 23

52 degrees at 6am
Hurray sunshine again

Saturday, May 24

46 degrees at 6am
Went to Drive In tonite 1.20

Monday, May 26

Boys shoes repaired
Bob’s – 1.00
Del’s – .75
Jim – .95

Wednesday, May 28

Dew got lawnmower today 30.88 – 18 in. cut

Friday, May 30

42 degrees at 8am
No frost last nite as was predicted.

Sunday, June 1

Rain, rain all day will it ever stop so we can get our garden plowed.

Monday, June 2

Rained until 3pm
D to Dr. S. again.

Tuesday, June 3

36 degrees at 5am
Hurrah! sunshine

Friday, June 6

63 degrees at 6am
Sunshine again today
4 days in a row

Sunday, June 8

Hard thunderstorm this am before 7. and then sunshine all day with temp. about 80 degrees

Monday, June 9

Mabel called. Sunshine again and in 70’s
Dew took Johnny to Dr. cut arm on milk bottle
Mrs. G. left Frankie and baby here.

Tuesday, June 10

88 degrees this afternoon

Wednesday, June 11

72 degrees at 6am
Bobs and Jims tennis came from Monts COD 4.75 (2.38 ea)

Thursday, June 12

46 degrees at 6am

Friday, June 13

50 degrees this am.

Sunday, June 15

50 degrees this am
Cloudy all day, 58 degrees highest.
Called Dad this eve

Monday, June 16

Mr. Vincent on 5 pts here with rototiller to plow at 7pm and didn’t finish

Tuesday, June 17

Light rain after 4pm
Finished plowing 12.00

Saturday, June 21

A and kids here today
Gave A a permanent. All were here for dinner. Boys got their report cards.
Bob – 45 cents
Del – 50 cents
Jim – 55 cents
Last day for D. to work until July 7

Sunday, June 22

2.00 for Jim passing after being out just half a term. Got mostly B’s on his card.
Bob and Del are to go to summer school.

Monday, June 23

Dew’s vacation starts
Bob and Del started to S. School today. D. to Dr. S. this am.
Went out to Romeo this afternoon getting trailer at 8 mi. to get M’s old washing machine. 1.50 for trailer. 25.60 for tuition for B & D.

Tuesday, June 24

Cut Del’s and Jim’s hair
Dew worked on washer today oiling and cleaning
went to see about winger rolls, man no there so left old ones.

Wednesday, June 25

Cut Dew’s and Pat’s hair.
D went after winger rolls 8.76 – rolls 6.90 and tax and 4 bearings

Sunday, June 29

A and kids came at 9pm and staid all nite. Fumigating over there.
We and Gales went out to pick out cemetery lots at Parkview Memorial, and ate picnic lunch on way back at Lola Valley Park.

(note in back of diary said “bought cemetery lots 6/29″.)

Monday, June 30

Took A and kids home at 6:30pm. A helped wash
Marie came back until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 1

Took Bob and Pat and Marie over to A’s as they are keeping them while we are home for few days.

Wednesday, July 2

Went home to Coz.
today going by Kalamazoo and lake shore. Left here about 8am arriving in Coz about 4pm.

Saturday, July 5

Left Coz at 1pm
Sparta at 2pm and Gd Rapids (Lawrences) at 3:30 and got home at 7pm. Then to A & J’s to pick up bob and Pat and home again at 3:30am.

Sunday, July 6

Hard rain this eve.

Monday, July 7

Cloudy and cool like up home last week.

Tuesday, July 8

Sun shining this am.
Dew donated 1.00 for Bob Millers little boy who died last nite. Choked to death on a kidney bean.

Wednesday, July 9

50 degrees this am.
Dew put up blinds by the fire place this pm.

Thursday, July 10

60 degrees this am.

Friday, July 11

Washed today

Saturday, July 12

Went to the Drive-In tonite 1.20. Mabel going too. Nina and Sherm brought her in at 4 this am.

Sunday, July 13

Took Mabel out to Romeo. Fixed a picnic dinner and couldn’t find a place to eat and so ate it at her place.

Monday, July 14

Had 3 hard thunderstorms this afternoon one following after the other.

Thursday, July 17

Rained today.
90 plus today.
Shoe repair for me today 2.00

Friday, July 18

Rained all day by spells.

Saturday, July 19

50 degrees at am
Had heat on today

Sunday, July 20

Fair 80 degrees in pm
Took short ride.

Monday, July 21

52 degrees at 6 am

Saturday, July 26

Emmons Nursery man here and gave him a 20.03 order paying 4.00 today
Went to the Drive-In tonite

Sunday, July 27

Thunderstorm at 7:30am
Made 2 custard coconut pies and took them over to A and J’s and had dinner there today. She had 2 chickens.
Pat sings la-la- over after us, gets in the toilet and plays.

Friday, August 1

42 degrees at 6 am

Sunday, August 3

92 degrees today
Hot and humid
Went for a short ride this eve and got kids some ice cream cones.

Monday, August 4

64 degrees at 6 am
90’s again today

Friday, August 8

Went shopping when Dew came home and stopped and picked up floor polisher for Mrs. G. at Kenmoor hwd.

Saturday, August 9

54 degrees at 6am
Went to Drive-In and saw “Love Laughs at Andy Hardy – Lewis Stone and Micky Rooney. Took pop and potato chips for kids. Home at 10:45pm. 1.20 for show
Mrs. G. borrowed 2 extension cords to use on polisher.

Sunday, August 10

Ed and Evelyn down to Ball game. Ed was bartender on train. They and R’s to L & K’s for dinner. E. called an hour before train time to let us know they were here.
Cut all 5 heads of hair and washed Bob, Del’s, Jims. Dew had 2 flat tires on left side.

Monday, August 11

Pat stood up in the middle of the floor and took one step over to Dew where he was sitting in his chair.

Tuesday, August 12

Temp in 90’s.

Wednesday, August 13

Temp in 90’s.

Thursday, August 14

Mrs. G. sent Johnny over for the clippers and I tho’t surely she meant the grass clippers and he brought them back and instead it was the hair clippers and I had never loaned them before, but did let her take them.
Temp in the 90’s.

Friday, August 15

Summer school over today for Bob and Del.
Johnny brought the clippers back and wanted the grass cutter and army cot as they are going to the lake [?] Was talking to A.B. and so he got the grass cutter and will get the cot later as I had to fold it up.
Rained all nite last nite.
Cloudy all morn. but cooler.

Monday, August 18

90’s again today and humid.

Tuesday, August 19

Had a hard thunder shower this eve.

Wednesday, August 20

68 degrees at 6am
82 at 10 am and humid

Friday, August 22

Dew came home from work at 1:45 this pm. I tho’t I was seein’ things. He could load.

Saturday, August 23

70 degrees at 6:15 am
Called Mrs. Lorchers aunt Agnes to see if they got back from Calif. all okay. Mrs. L. worried. Also called Mrs. Adamczak. A and J came back from “Coz” at 8:30pm and called Dad back. J with Dew on route today.

Sunday, August 24

90’s again today

Monday, August 25

Had a hard storm again this am about 7:30

Tuesday, August 26

60 degrees at 6:30 am

Thursday, August 28

Eureka tea man here today and got a powerlite from him 4.45.

Friday, August 29

54 degrees this am.
Dew had a flat tire (l.R.) again this morning and had that to change before going to work. Cloudy and cool. Had hard thunder shower at 7:30 pm. I went with Mrs. Gale to a stork shower on Kathleen tonite. I got her 2 pr. booties (one blue and one pink trim) 1.22

Saturday, August 30

Dew got two new tubes for tires yesterday 6.83
64 degrees this am
Hard thunder shower at 7:30am andmost of morn.
Dew took Del with him on route today.
Called A and we went over there this eve. Takin’ c cakes 2 more.
Had a hard thunder shower with hail at 4 to 5 pm.
Also got 1.23 weenies to take over to A’s.

Monday, September 1

Thunder showers at 7:pm again. That is gettin’ to be a regular time for showers, am or pm lately.

Tuesday, September 2

Fair and in 70’s today. Called school and it starts Thurs.

Wednesday, September 3

Got 2 pr sox for each boy Bob – Del and Jim – 2 pr 9 ½ and 4 pr 8 ½ at 39 cents – 2.41 all.

Thursday, September 4

Boys started to school today. Bob in 5th and Del in 3A and Jim in 2B.
Mrs. Gale cut a finger off today.
Jewel tea man here and I got a double boiler.

Saturday, September 6

Went to Drive-In and saw “It Happened in Brooklyn” with Frank Sinatra, our first time to see him. When we got back (10:30) Mrs. G. called to see if Dew wanted to go to ball game with Jack tomorrow.

Sunday, September 7

Dew and Jack to ball game and Art and Edith (his wife) here this afternoon, leaving about 5 min. before Jack and Dew came at 6:10. Tigers lost to St. Louis, 3-0.

Monday, September 8

Crystal called today the first time for quite a while.

Tuesday, September 16

Bob’s height 59 ⅜
Dels (Birthday) 11 53 ½

Wednesday, October 1

30 degrees at 6:30am – 19 degrees at Cadillac, Mich. The frost was really thick on the car this am. It’s a beautiful, sunny day though.
After the boys went to bed Pat started walking all around the L.R. He’d take about 8 or 10 steps and get so excited he’d fall down and then get up and to again.

Thursday, October 2

30 degrees this am at 5:30

Monday, November 17

Bob to school

Tuesday, November 18

Nina got Bob a pea coat at Hudson’s (size 14) for his Xmas and it came out from Hudson’s about 5pm today.
Bob out of school today.

Wednesday, November 19

Bob back to school and had to stay after school to do his shop test about the ruler. He got home just in time for cub skit practice at Lucilles.

Thursday, November 20

Bob out of school for a cold on his chest.

Friday, November 21

Bob out of school again. Cut Bob, Del and Jim’s hair after school. Dew took Del tot he cub pack meeting and brought back a gold star for Bob for being a cup for a year. Called Alyce today.

Saturday, November 22

40 degrees this am and raining this fornoon. Today is Dews last wed and sat in this section north of 7 mi rd. He gets part of his old route back again. Looses 10 bundles (4.34 commission)

Friday, December 12

20 degrees this am
Cloudy and dull today
Pat can open the refrigerator door, turns on the gas on the stove, pushes and knocks the dishes off the table, gets the tin dishes out of the cupboard and loves to play with the bushel basket (with an oilcloth liner) with my clothespins. There seems to be nothing that he doesn’t see or try to get.

Monday, December 15

Mrs. Gale (Lucille) called at 6:45pm and asked me to go shopping and show. we left at 7:45pm in snow storm, stopped at Federal store at Schaeffer and 6 mi. and then to above* show. Swell pictures. Got out of show at 12:45.

*taped to diary is a newspaper clipping of movie Romance of Rosy Ridge

Tuesday, December 16

Everything is so heavily laden with snow this am. Must be a lot of damage done as I see a big main branch is broken off this big honeysuckel. The phone and electric lines look like mamouth white ropes. Took a picture of Bob, Del and Jim as they were ready for school. Dew had to shovel clear to the road in order to get out at 6am.

Wednesday, December 17

Washed today and when Dew came home we took Del and Jim – leaving Bob with Pat – went up to Ramsey’s and next door to them and got some school xmas presents and Roy and Lesters and (gro. 13.61) then came home and while I got dinner Dew and Bob went to get cub presents.

Thursday, December 18

Mrs. Gale (Lucille) brought the baby over while she went into Redford. J. L. Hudson truck stopped with Del’s cub suit 5.51 and five minutes later the baker came and in about ten more minutes Lucille came for the baby. Mail truck came before Hudson truck with pkg from Mama and Dad and my Xmas from Kick from Bay City.

Ages listed at the back of the diary:

Ethel Bell 52 years 1895
Sis 60 1887
Amy 49 1898
Herman 54 1893
Earl 5
Guy 4
Elton 4

2 thoughts on “The Diary, Michigan, 1947

  1. Hi, I’m Mike Hessocks foster dad. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the transcribed diary, I really enjoyed reading it. Mike is overjoyed to read this and have an opportunity to read about his families history! His mother and dad divorced when Mike was young and he spent most of his early years in Arizona where I met him. While he did know his dad, he’s always wanted to know more about his family.

    Thanks for this work, Dan

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