MeI started this site to house the old photos that I can’t resist buying. I have a particular passion for class photos. As a genealogist, I research the data on the photos and try to find families who might be searching for them. The goal is to connect these “unclaimed” ancestors with descendants.

Unclaimed Ancestors also hosts diaries! See the Diaries link for a list of fully transcribed diaries. You can also download a PDF of the transcription to search for the specific locations of other names in the diary. These personal entries are a wealth of information!

Use the search function to see if your ancestors are included in a photo or diary.

See Wealthy Ann Hossafous Harp’s Diary of her trip to Ohio in 1922/23. If you have questions about the diary or people in it, please contact the women behind the effort at wealthydiary@yahoo.com.

All research is based on primary evidence and is my own. All photos are owned by me or I have been given permission to repost them here by the owner. When each class photo is completely researched it is donated to the school. If you have a diary that you’d like to host here or have transcribed for posting, please let me know. 

For more information on me, visit my interview at “May I Introduce” through GeneaBloggers. Or the This I Believe segment on Houston’s NPR. I want to help get as much family history out to the public as possible!

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14 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Great site! Can you put me in contact with Lindsay……David Woodall’s grand daughter. David’s 2nd Great grandfather and my 3rd Great grandfather were brothers from Quebec. I have alot of info on that family in my tree and would love to hear more about them after they moved to New York State from Ontario Canada. Could you maybe pass on my address to her? Thanks Mary

    • Mary,
      I’m more than happy to pass on your contact information to Lindsay. I’ll do that today and hopefully you’ll be able to connect and share info.


  2. WOW – wonderful web site!!! Stumbled upon it when I searched for an old Meadville, Pa photo. Love how you do research on those in the photos; the bios you write are super witty. What a great contribution to fellow researchers who love searching for those long forgotten. Thanks!


  3. I’ve been trying to do the same thing with photos I find at flea markets etc. I’ve had some luck searching names on Ancestry but was hoping to find a website where anybody can post the photos of people who aren’r identified. Do you know of any?

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