April 1923

Easter Sunday, April 1, at Henry’s, Dayton

A lovely day again. Easter. After dinner we took a drive. Went down town and watched the people go by. Then took a ride over the city, came home and had a good talk with Cousin Malinda, Belle and Henry.

Monday, April 2, at Henry’s, Dayton

Henry’s surprise
A lovely day, like summer. The folks fooled Henry down town then Celia, Edna, Wealthy, Harry, Elsie, Maud came and got busy with the dinner. Had it on the table when Henry and Jack came in. Mrs. Nicholas [?] made a big cake and we had it on a high cake dish in the center of the table. After dinner Henry took Elnora home and Harry, Jack, Linda and Belle went along. I visited with Celia, Maud, Edna, Wealthy, Elsie while the folks were gone and had the nicest visit with them I have had since I have been in Ohio. When Henry came back he took the girls home. I was so sleepy after supper I went to bed early.

Tuesday, April 3, at Henry’s, Dayton

A very rainy day. I washed this A.M. and ironed this P.M. Also did some sorting out of my things so as to have what I want to put in my bureau drawers. Did some mending also. Dried my clothes over the register. Went to bed early.

Wednesday, April 4, at Henry’s, Dayton

Raining but we went down town. I went to to see about my ticket home. An all roads was $32.35. sleeper $3=63. Did some shopping bought a new veil, a handle for box, and some sanitary cups. Things were beautiful at Rike’s Art Store. Malinda and Belle were along. We did not get home until after eleven and were all so tired. Malinda went to Shaffer’s and I took our umbrella and went calling in the rain.

Thursday, April 5, at Henry’s, Dayton

Henry took us up to Mrs. Steiner’s [?] up at 1726 W. 5th but she had gone to Greenville. We came back to Celia’s and stayed a couple of hours. Her mother was there but did not stay long.

Friday, April 6, at Henry’s, Dayton

I phoned Ess Horn this A.M. that I would take lunch with her Monday. She told me of Elzina’s death and it was such a shock, can not believe it yet. It was a lovely day today. We cleaned up this A.M. and this P.M. took a long drive. Malinda, Belle, Henry, Jack, Elsie and myself drove up to Maud’s. Viewed the new pups. Elsie and Jack stayed and we drove on to Edna’s but did not find her at home. Drove on to Wealthy’s or a little visit. Then out to the cemetery to see Margaret’s grave. So many new graves covered with flowers. After supper I wrote to W.C. about Elzina’s death and wrote up my diary.

Saturday, April 7, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

We started early today for Lewisburg. I got out at cousin Frank Horner’s but Belle, Malinda and Henry went on to take Malinda home. I ran over to see Aunt Lib then came back and took two loads of things down to Furniture store to put them in my bureau. They already had my cupboard crated. In P.M. Julia, Olive and I went to Elzina’s funeral. The house was full. People from all over town and all churches were there. The minister preached a good sermon. Edna and Imo wrapped the blanket around her. I felt so sorry for Smith. We went up to cemetery and I visited Uncle George’s [George L. Hoerner347] grave, also Aunt Mag’s and Uncle Epp’s [Ephraim Sheller348]. I went home with Maud Neff for a while. She went to the church yard with me and gave me enough cake for our supper. She is so good hearted. Perry and Cora and little Buddy [?] came and took supper with us. Beth said Mrs. Wood had been there hunting me so after supper I started down to see her. On the way I met John Paullus and had quite a talk with him. Went on down to Mrs. Wood’s. She gave me a cut glass dish. She went with me on up to Maud Brown’s for a little while. Then she went with me as far as Ohio Disher’s. Asked me to write her as of old and seemed loathe to let me go. Went on up to Charlie’s and had a visit with Aunt Lib. Katherine Bunger [Catherine Oldfather Bunger James349], James [Clyde Rollin James350] and little girl [Dorthea M. James351] was there. When I got back to Frank’s Julia’s niece Mrs. Smith and children were there. Mr. S. did not come for them until 11 o’clock.

Sunday, April 8, at Henry’s, Dayton

Grace Neff came this morning and brought me some yarrow seed and seed of a mountain vine like Mrs. Rilla McSherry [Marilla Neff McSherry352] used to have. I have wanted it so long. Grace is good. Ella Sloan came in to give me goodbye on her way to Sun. School. Ella Recker also came in to see me. I went over to Charlie’s to take dinner with Aunt Lib. She isn’t at all well. Jude had such a good dinner. I hated to give Aunt goodbye. Harry Recker came to Charlie’s to give me good bye. Frank and Julia drove me to Dayton. I supposed they were going to drive me to Brookville to the traction but they brought me all the way. Henry and Belle were not at home but I knew how to get in. Wrote up my diary. They came home about 5-30 o’clock. Looked at the paper and wrote W.C. and several postals.

Monday, April 9, at Henry’s, Dayton

We went down town this A.M. Did a little shopping then went to eye doctor with Belle. Met Mrs. George Hevel [Lovanda A. Hevel] there. Had a talk with her. Went up and met Ess Horn and went to Elders to lunch with her. I had breaded veal chops, browned potatoe, fruit salad, ice cream, and coffee. We had a good talk together, came on up Fifth St and stopped into Mrs. Stiners but did not find her at home, came home and did most of my packing.

Tuesday, April 10, at Henry’s, Dayton

I finished packing my trunk and did some mending and pressing. Wealthy and Harry came and spent the day. Henry and I took my truck down right after dinner and got my ticket and had my trunk checked out. I stopped in the drug store where Fred Horn [Fred A. Horn353] works and mistook another black eyed fellow for him. We took Wealthy home and while we were gone Minnie Taylor came to see me. She called up after she got home. In a little while Maud and Elsie called. Elsie is at Maud’s and they intended coming to spend the day with me but got company and had to stay at home. Right after Maud called Kate Frantz called and said she was in town and wanted me to go shopping with her in the A.M. She was very much surprised to hear I was going home in A.M. In just a little while Alma Eikenberry called. She could not believe I was going to leave tomorrow. Charles and Celia spent the evening with us.

Wednesday, April 11, on Train

Got up at 3-45 this A.M ate breakfast then Belle and Henry drove me down to Union Station. My train soon came. Took the Big Four to Cin. There I went by bus over to the Louisville and Nashville Depot. The Negro in waiting room got me a porter and as soon as the train came he took me to the trains. We passed thru Newport. It is mostly built on hillsides especially the resident part. From there to Louisville we went thru the Kentucky hills south of the Ohio River. A lot of wooded hills with here and there a farm house. So many of the places had canvas stretched on the ground as tho they had plants there. In some places the roads looked impassable. Well, we are hung up in the hills of Kentucky by a freight train wreck just ahead of us. That means I shall miss my train at Bowling Green. The people on the train are very restless. We had to stand there two hours. We came to some flatter country after we left the wreck and some very nice homes. Then the country got rough and we passed thru many tunnels. The rose bushes looked green and the lilacs were coming out in leaf. The flowering currents were a bright yellow with bloom and so many daffodils in bloom in the yards. Afterwards we came to the largest city between Cin. and Louisville called La Grange. Between there and Louisville we passed The Kentucky Soldiers Home (Southern), also children’s home, Insane Asylum, etc. So very many fine homes back in among trees with pretty grounds. The traction on one side of R.R. track and a paved highway on other side. In Louisville there were street after street of big brick apartment houses, fine looking. Came thru to Bowling Green where I had to change from the main line of Louisville and Nashville to the Branch line. Thot the train would be gone but it was waiting for us. Just had to step from one train to another. Passed thru Union Town which is a Quaker settlement. Russellville is one of the oldest towns in the state. Past Glasgow Junction above Bowling Green is where you line the train for Mammoth Cave. Came thru Guthrie, Ky. Here we cross the state line. Clarksville is over in Tennessee, then on down the line to McKenzie, crossed Cumberland River then afterwards crossed into Tennessee after dark. When I got to Memphis my train had gone. A very nice lady was in the same fix so we went to the Plaza Hotel and got a room with two beds in it. She is such a nice lady & was telling me about her daughter being appointed from state of Arizona to christen the battle ship Arizona in N. York. Harbor and about being entertained by Edison at the White House, etc. We are going out to breakfast. I leave at 9-30, coming thru southern Ky. I saw lots of cherry and peach trees in bloom. It was raining hard this A.M. when Mrs. King and I went to breakfast, fortunately she had an umbrella. I paid $1.30 a night lodging and ordered a taxi to take me to trains, another 40 cts. and 10 ct. tip to porter carrying my baggage. First thing I looked at as porter to see me to train and there was another 20 cts. We crossed the Miss. R. it was wide and for a couple of miles we went thru flooded lands then came to a farming section of flat land with houses up on stilts just shacks. We will go thru Edmondson, Forest City, Wheatley, Brinkley, Mesa, Hazen, Carlisle, Little Rock, Roland, Bigelow, Perry, Ola, Mansfield in Arkansas. Just crossed the St. Francis R. (quite wide). This is certainly a flat wet country. Rough after leaving St. Francis R. First stop at Forest City. Trees all in bloom, gardens made and in some places they look green. Forest City is a good sized city with paved streets, parks, etc. Trees are all leafing out. Flat country west of there. Raining hard. Saw oil wells near Wheatley. Country low and in some places the forests for a long distance stayed in water. Stop at Brinkley. Big saw mills here. Loads of logs on track. Big hotels. Miles and miles of country under water here at Bracknell. Country fine at Mesa. White R. real wide. From Hazen to Carlisle a hard surfaced road. People must have web feet as there is water most of way Carlisle to Little Rock. Wrote Belle and Norris at Little Rock. The Ark. R at Little Rock was quite wide. At Pinnacle was a tall mt. like a pinnacle, country rough. After leaving Rowland went along Ark. R. for a long distance. Raining hard Adona is a big valley with mountains on each side.

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