1947 – The Hessock Diary

I purchased the Hessock Diary on eBay in 2014. These pages are the transcription of the mother’s 1947 diary. Her name was Carleen Hessock. They family lived outside of Detroit, Michigan. The eBay seller who I purchases this from had 6 or 7 other diaries from the same family through the 1960’s. I did not purchase all of these, but just to let you know – they do exist.

As usual, spelling and grammar of the author are attempted to be maintained. This author wrote less in full sentences and more stream of thought; many sentence fragments.

GO TO THE Diary – Online

Hessock Diary 1947 – PDF Download of transcription

4 thoughts on “1947 – The Hessock Diary

  1. This is my grand mother. Thank you for posting this. I never got to know her as she had a stroke in early 70sand couldn’t speak. I met her in 1976 but was very limited.

    • Mike, I’m so pleased you found this! If you would like to have the actual diary, I’d be glad to send it to you. She was quite the journal keeper. There are several more of her diaries listed on eBay. If you search the last name I’m sure you’d find them unless they have sold.

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