November 1922

Wednesday, Nov. 1, at Henry’s, Dayton

Henry, Mabel, Belle B. and myself went to Hoffman’s woods to gather hickory nuts. We all together got about 2/3 of a bu [bushel]. I felt as tho I was reducing several pounds bending over all A.M. We came home to a fine dinner and afterwards started for Dayton as it looked like rain and did rain a little coming thru Castine. We stopped at Elnora’s and had been there only a few minutes when Charlie, Celia and mother drove up. Elnora had sent for them to come after her. We came on home and got here before four o’clock. Were only home a few minutes when Minnie Sheller called and wanted me to come out Sunday to spend the day. She said she had called me several times in the last few days. Wanted me to go with them and Paine’s on a little picnic Sunday. Had a letter from W.C., Bert Gonwell [?]and Mary Brown. Mary said Della was there and wanted to see me.

Thursday, Nov. 2, at Henry’s, Dayton

Feel stiff and sore this A.M. from picking up hickory nuts. Rather a gloomy morning. We had delightful weather for our trip and feel so thankful for it. I dusted and pressed all my clothes and put them away, took a bath and washed my hair. Put a pocket on black and white dress, and stitched my dusting cap and aprons I made at Malinda’s. Wrote to W.C. then worked on my quilt until bed time.

Friday, Nov. 3, at Henry’s, Dayton

Sewed all A.M. and in P.M. we went down town to take Belle Bolander thru the stores. I got me a table throw to match my pillow and in the evening worked on it. Lester Bolander came in about 8 o’clock. Left home at 3 o’clock having made the drive in five hours.

Saturday, Nov. 4, at Henry’s, Dayton

Did the sweeping upstairs and down in the A.M. and in P.M. Belle, Henry, Belle B. and Lester and myself took a long ride called on Edna, Maud and Wealthy. A lovely day and a lovely ride. In the evening I worked on my scarf.

Sunday, Nov. 5, at Henry’s, Dayton

Lester and Belle started about 9 o’clock. I got ready to go to Grants and Henry took me. Had a good talk with Grant and Minnie before Lurten and Emma came. Had fine dinner and good talk afterwards. Henry and Belle came for me a quarter to five.

Monday, Nov. 6, at Henry’s, Dayton

Sewed all day long on my challis. Elnora came down and spent the day with us. I spent the evening working on my table scarf.

Tuesday, Nov. 7, at Henry’s, Dayton

Worked all A.M. on my dress. Edna and Maud came to dinner. After dinner Maud, Edna, Henry, Belle and I drove out to cemetery. On way back we stopped down town and I got me goods for a blouse to my suit. We then took Maud home and on way back took Edna home then stopped at Charles’ and got Elnora. I spent the evening working on my scarf and luncheon set.

Wednesday, Nov. 8, at Henry’s, Dayton

Emma Paine, Dot Kelley [?], Ellen Kuntz [Ellen Kelly Koontz162] and I drove to Gratis and spent the day with Kate Frantz Bunch, and I had a lovely time. We talked of old times and Kate served us a fine dinner and lunch before we left. They had a whole lot of antique furniture I enjoyed looking at. I am to visit her later. One of the most pleasant days of my trip. They have an old fashioned house with big rooms and big hall with winding stair way. Bunch [Anderson G. Bunch163] buys old furniture and sells it to antique dealers here in Dayton. They had a number of fine pieces. Kate had an old day bed that belonged to her Uncle Burns [?]. (Orion’s father)

Thursday, Nov. 9, at Henry’s, Dayton

I worked all day on my challis dress. Elsie, Earl [Earl R. Barnes164] and Jack came in for supper and Charles and Celia in to spend the evening.

Friday, Nov. 10, at Henry’s, Dayton

I finished my challis this A.M. Belle is to put the blanket stitch on in red silk this P.M. Henry and I took Elnora home this P.M. Stopped at Mrs. Wood’s a few minutes. Went on up to Cousin Frank Horner’s until Henry was ready to go back. Frank had a relapse and is looking badly. Went over to Charlie’s to get some underclothing for Aunt Lib who is at Share’s. Stopped to see her and plan to be with her on her birthday. Came back by Edna’s, then on home. Worked on my fancy work all evening.

Saturday, Nov. 11, at Henry’s, Dayton

Swept and dusted the house while Belle baked pies and got dinner. Henry and Charles started for Cassius Jaqua’s [?] early this A.M. In the P.M. Belle and I went down town to show (Borderland by Agnes Ayers) then did some running around. Up to Rike’s Art Dept. of course. Spoke to Elmer Walker’s [?] daughter [?] a very sweet girl. Saw Emma Paine and friend Mrs. Smith in Arcade for a few minutes. Worked on my library scarf all evening.

Sunday, Nov. 12, at Henry’s, Dayton

Wrote W.C., Edith Share and Kate Bunch this A.M. then wrote my diary up to date. We had a good chicken dinner. In the evening Belle and I took a walk up to Third St.

Monday, Nov. 13, at Henry’s, Dayton

A dark rainy day – too dark to work on my blouse so I worked on my library scarf, finished it up. Celia came in in afternoon and stayed for supper. About nine o’clock we were thinking of going to bed when Henry and Charles drove up from their trip to Cassius Jaqua. It rained nearly all the time while they were gone.

Tuesday, Nov. 14, at Henry’s, Dayton

Rained hard all day and far into the night. I cut my blouse out but it was too dark to see to work on it. Maud came and spent the day. I worked on the round center piece, the 19 ct. one. I finished embroidering it, and crocheted most of border. Dick [Homer Park Dickey165] was here for supper.

Wednesday, Nov 15, at Henry’s, Dayton

A bright sunshiny day and I worked on my blouse all day. Celia stitched the pleats and front for me and put the cord in front. She is just lovely to me and I like her so much. Dick brought us a rabbit this evening. He had been hunting all day. I finished my center piece tonight and tatted on the lavender tatting for Aunt Lib’s handkerchief.

Thursday, Nov 16, at Henry’s, Dayton

Worked on my blouse all A.M. Went down town and got Belle a teapot for her birthday. Belle Bolander gave me 50 cts. towards it before she left. I got it at Rike’s. Also got buttons for my blouse and several other little things. Spent the evening working on Aunt Lib’s handkerchief.

Friday, Nov. 17, at Henry’s, Dayton

Finished my blouse all but pressing and putting buttons on. We had a surprise on Belle but the folks did not get here until 11-30. They took a notion to go out after Elnora and by the time he went for Maud, Edna, Wealthy and Elsie it was late. Belle went out on the porch to see if Jack was coming and there they were coming down the street. Charlie was carrying the sewing cabinet Henry got for her. She was very much pleased over it and it is a beauty. We had a big spread and everyone seemed to have a fine time. Henry took them all home but Elnora and she is going to stay until Sunday. I worked on my pillow top all P.M. and evening.

Saturday, Nov. 18, at Henry’s, Dayton

I cleaned the house in the A.M. and took a bath. After dinner I pressed my dresses and blouse and sewed buttons and hooks and eyes on my blouse. In the evening I read as I did not feel like working.

Sunday, Nov. 19, at Henry’s, Dayton

I had a treat this A.M. as I went to hear Billy Sunday [William Ashley Sunday166]. He preached a fine sermon. Is a very rapid speaker and full of vim from start to finish. He isn’t at all like I thot he would be or as I had heard he was. It was his birthday and he had a big cake with candles given him, also a smaller one, baskets and vase of flowers, a pair of fine field glasses, a pin and tie and pair of patent leather shoes. Am sorry I did not go to hear him sooner as I want to go to hear him again but I expect to leave here next Thurs. and he does not hold services on Monday. Shall try to go Tues. P.M. if I get my clothes ready to leave on Thurs. before then. Am alone this P.M. for the first time since coming to Ohio. The folks had to take Elnora home and come back by way of Edna’s so had to start by 11-30 as it gets dark so early these days and I did not get home from Sunday’s meetings until 12-15. Would rather have missed the ride tho than Sunday’s sermon. The folks did not get home until dark.

Monday, Nov. 20, at Henry’s, Dayton

I did a big wash for myself this A.M. It was dark and cloudy and a lot of moisture in the air but the wind was high so the clothes dried enough to fold down. Henry and I drove up to a notary public and I had the deed to half the cemetery lot in Okla. City made over to Mr. and Mrs. Gonwell. We drove on up to P.O. and I mailed it then I came home and folded the clothes afterwhich I wrote a letter to W.C. Spent evening working on pillow top.

Tuesday, Nov. 21, at Henry’s, Dayton

Did a big ironing this A.M. Edna came for dinner and Maud a little while in P.M. I spent P.M. mending and getting my clothes ready to go out to Share’s for Aunt’s birthday. Spent evening finishing my pillow top and crocheting

Thursday, Nov. 23, at Share’s, Clay

A beautiful day and Henry, Belle and I motored out to Share’s for Aunt’s birthday. Found Minnie Taylor the only one there besides the family and Aunt. Later Cousin Charlie, Frank and Julia came. They brought Aunt a dozen beautiful chrysanthemums, a basket of fruit and candy. Julia and Edith flew around and soon had a big dinner ready and 12 of us sat down and ate heartily. Aunt was pleased with the linen handkerchief I made trimmed in lavender tatting and initial of lavender. Ida came and spent the P.M. Later Dan [Daniel C. Albert167] came for her. We all had a very pleasant day together. Minnie T. stayed all night and we slept together the first time since we were children.

Friday, Nov. 24, at Share’s, Clay

Today is a beautiful day, all sunshine but colder than it has been yet. They have an immense hard coal burner (the prettiest one and biggest one I ever saw) and keeps the rooms so nice and warm. In the P.M. we drove to Brookville to take Minnie to the car and spent the P.M. with Flora. Her arm is getting better but not so she can use it. It began snowing while we were there it being our first snow of the winter. Only a short distance home so we did not get cold.

Saturday, Nov. 25, at Share’s, Clay

Colder and snowing this A.M. Things begin to look white outside. We were at home all day. Ralph and wife and babe and George and boys [Richard Eugene Share168] [Harold Wellston “Mike” Share169] [Robert above] were down. His wife and little girl [Genevieve D. Share170] have gone to Michigan to visit Effie and family so George and the boys take most of their meals with us. He has such nice boys.

Sunday, Nov. 26, at Share’s, Clay

We had to hurry around so as to get off to Flora’s in time to drop Edith and Frank at the church for S.S. and church. We had a nice talk and visit with Flora. Herbert got the dinner and had a good one. He would not let any of us help him at all. After dinner Walter, wife and little girl came, also a Mrs. Rasor [Dora A. Heckman Rasor171] (cousin of Warren’s) came for dinner and spent the P.M. Edith Horner [Edith Horner] (Arnold Andy Horner’s [Arnold Andrew Horner] youngest child) came for a few minutes. When she found I was from Okla. City she asked me all about Rev. Royer [?] as he was their old pastor before going to O.C. It was pretty cold but we were all bundled up so good we did not get cold and then it is only a very short distance from Brookville to Shares.

Monday, Nov. 27, at Share’s, Clay

57 years old today, can’t realize I am that old. The ground was white with snow when we got up this A.M. Cousin Frank had paths swept every where by the time I got downstairs. Edith took their wash and went up to wash their clothes and George’s on their electric washer. Ella baked me a big birthday cake. The boys and George came down for supper as they do every evening as Rossella is visiting Effie’s.

Tuesday, Nov. 28, at Share’s, Clay

Edith and I ironed this A.M. Finished just before dinner time. Right after dinner Aunt, Ella, Frank and I drove over to Cassady’s [Daniel E. Cassady172][Lizzie Catherine Ozias Cassady173]. They seemed very glad to see us and we spent a very pleasant P.M. Marie [Marie V. Cassady174] had gone to Dayton and they were so sorry as she wanted to see me so much. They insisted I stay all night so as to see her but I promised to come back later. Harry McWhinney [Harry Ozias McWhinney175] and wife [Marie Longnecker McWhinney176] drove up while there and he seemed glad to see me. They live in Pasadena, Cal. I feel so sorry for Mrs. Cassady as she is almost helpless and it is difficult for her to talk. Herman’s wife [Anna Marie Penrod Cassady177] and child were there and later Herman [Herman Harold Cassady178] came. He has a very nice wife and little boy [Harold Penrod Cassady179]. The boys and George stayed and spent the evening and they popped a big pan of popcorn. I had a long letter from Hazel today.

Wednesday, Nov. 29, at Share’s, Clay

A beautiful day again, sun is shining bright. We stayed at home all day. I tried to sew and tatt some but my eyes hurt me so I had to quit. Have been hurting me for several days do not understand why. James Horner [James Oldfather Hoerner180] came just as Edith was getting supper. He travels out of Keokuk, Iowa and had been to Dayton on business so stopped to see the folks. He is so big and fat I did not know him. He will spend Thanksgiving with his father tomorrow.

Thanksgiving, Nov. 30, at Share’s, Clay

A beautiful day again, all sunshine. Edith has a big chicken and two rabbits in the oven. I picked out walnuts for the salad. We had a fine dinner, every thing tastes so good. I ate so much I could not eat any supper. George and the boys were here and seemed to enjoy their dinner as much as we did. Besides George and the boys, Edith, Ella, Frank, Aunt Lib and I were here. We spent most of the day looking at pictures Aunt had here and what Ella had. Went to bed rather early.

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