August 1922

*All names in brackets [] reference the footnotes of the original PDF. These names can be found in the Index of Individuals page for more information.

Friday, Aug. 18, 1922, on Train

This A.M. about 8 o’clock I started from Ponca City to Dayton, Ohio. W.C. [William Colfax Harp1]*, Norris [Norris Gough Harp2], Hazel [Hazel Myrtice Bever Harp3] and little Pattie Ann [Patricia Ann Harp4] were at the depot to see me off. The night before Norris and Hazel had gone to the river with a big crowd of C.E’s from the Presbyterian Church. A couple were drown and their bodies only recovered a short time before my train came. A sister and friends of the girl got off of the train as I got on. I felt so sorry for them. There were three sisters of them that worked in the Western Union and this one that was drowned was head operator. All such nice girls. Had a very pleasant trip to Kansas City. Went into the dining room and ate a lunch. Afterwards went to waiting room and met such a pleasant lady and daughter that were returning from a long trip thru the western coast. Took my train for St. Louis at 10 o’clock.

Saturday, Aug. 19, at Henry’s, Dayton, Ohio

We were expected to get in S.L. at 7-40 but it was nearer 10 o’clock so consequently I missed the first train into Dayton and could not get another until 1-40. I sent Henry a telegram that I could not get into Dayton until late at night. I went into Harvey House and had a good breakfast but the wait was a tedious one. The depot is not nearly so nice as Kansas City one. As we came thru Brazil, Ind the soldiers were lined up on each side of track. I intended starting for Ohio but on account of coal and railroad strike I was afraid to start but had no trouble but saw more or less soldiers on guard all thru Kansas etc. Our train was so late into Dayton I did not look for the folks to meet me but as soon as I got off I saw Henry [Henry Clay Hossafous5] and Belle [Belle C. Emens Hossafous6] thru the gates. They seemed so glad to see me. Belle’s hair is entirely white and Henry has aged quite a bit in the 12 yrs. since they were to visit us in Okla.

Sunday, Aug. 20, at Henry’s, Dayton

I rested up this A.M. and after a good chicken dinner we drove out to Edna’s [Edna Mae Hossafous Downs7]. Henry owns the 8 acres they live on. It is a little house of 4 rooms above and two in the basement with a porch in front and rear. Faces the east and has lots of trees every where and a very nice summer home. They have loads of bricks of all kinds and a lot of flowers. Edna knew I was coming but was glad to see me. Forest [Forest Arthur Downs8] is as big as his father.

Monday, Aug. 21, at Henry’s, Dayton

I wrote some letters home this A.M. In the P.M. we drove out to Lewisburg. Stopped at Shares. No one home but Edith [Edith Anna Share9] the rest of the folks had gone up to see Effie [Mary Effie Share Pitman10] and family. Edith was so surprised to see and overjoyed. No one knew I was coming except Henry and Belle got a card from me saying I would be in at 5 P.M. We went to P.O. first for my mail and Miss Albert [Edith Lorene Albert] knew me. Went on up to Aunt Nora’s [Elnora Emens11] to leave some things we had taken to her. I slipped in and when she saw me she said “Why, Wealthy Hossafous where did you come from?” Went up to Cousin Charlie Horner’s [Charles Hoerner12] where Aunt Lib [Elizabeth Norris Hoerner13] was. Carolyn [?] came to the door and knew me. I saw Aunt in the adjoining room and flew for her. She knew me and seemed to be overjoyed. She looked so well and I couldn’t see that she had aged a great deal since I had seen her 15 yrs. before. Julia [Julia A. Oldfather Hoerner14] seemed so glad to see me too and when I left she followed me out and said I should come at any time and stay as long as I wanted to and they would be glad to have me which was lovely of her. Aunt didn’t want me to leave at all but I told her I would come again and stay longer.

I ran over to Cousin Frank’s [Franklin Early Hoerner15] and found him sick in bed. When Julia [Julia Frances Bunger Hoerner16] came to the door she tore her eyes open wide and grabbed me and kissed me good. Frank was so glad he had to cry and when I left he said my coming had made him feel so much better. Julia asked me to bring my trunk and make that my stopping place. She is such a dear good woman. We went on down the street and stopped at Mrs. Parmerlee’s [Joan F. Emens Parmerlee17]. She did not know me and had to be told who I was. Paul’s wife [?] was there and knew me. Mrs. P. looks so frail. While there I ran over to Maud Brown’s [Maud Spitler Brown18]. I saw Anna [Anna M. Brown19] thru their summer sitting room so went right in. She said “Why, how do you do” and seemed so surprised. Maud was in the other room so I went out and said “How do you do Maud” and held out my hand. She took it and said “How do you do” I saw she did not know me so I said “Don’t you know me” and she said “I don’t believe I do.” Anna said “Why mother don’t you know her.” When I said “It is Wealthy” and then she grabbed me and hugged me good. I went on down to Mrs. Wood [Anna Elizabeth Gay Wood20]. Walter [Walter Perry Wood21] was in the yard and knew me and when I went in Mary [Mary Ellen Gay22] knew me right away. Mrs. W. was lying down. They called her and when she came in I had to tell her who I was. She was overjoyed and couldn’t get thru saying how glad she was to see me. I went from there down to Wilson. No one at home except Mr. Wilson [Flavious Josephus Wilson23] and I had to tell him who I was. He hasn’t changed much in the 15 yrs. On down to Etta’s [Etta Albert Sloan24] and she was so surprised but knew me. Her father [Charles William Albert25] did not. Fox [Oscar Fox Sloan26] was so poorly and mind so weak I doubt if he knew me. I feel so sorry for Etta as he has to be waited on like a child, sometimes the bed has to be changed every 15 min. or so. She also asked me to come there but I could not think of going there or at Cousin Frank when there is sickness. As we drove thru Brookville we stopped at Cousin Maggie’s [Margaret M. Sheller Fowble27]. She has changed a whole lot.

Tuesday, Aug. 22, at Henry’s, Dayton

We drove out to Maud’s [Maude C Hossafous Dickey28] today which is near West Milton 18 miles from Dayton. She did not know I was in the country and tore her eyes open when she saw me. She seemed so glad to see me. They have a very nice home and three acres on a fine road and the traction runs right by her door. She is much heavier than when I saw her last but the same Maud of old. She has four children, Mary Louisa [Marabelle Dickey29], Charles [Charles Clayton Dickey30], Mildred [Mildred Irene Dickey31] and Paul [Paul Lester Dickey32]. On the way back we stopped at Wealthy’s [Wealthy Ann Hossafous Alter33]. They live on a 160 A. just outside of Dayton belonging to a Mr. Smith. Edna had told her I was there so she wasn’t surprised but her face shone with a welcome. She seems to be a very good mother. Has a little boy [Harry Albert Alter34] and a girl [Mae Louise Alter35] older.

Wednesday, Aug. 23, at Henry’s, Dayton
Went up to Charlie’s [Charles E. Hossafous36] and spent the P.M. He had come down to see me right away but I did not meet his wife [Cecelia L. Gruhler Hossafous37] until today. She is lovely. I think of German decent and a fine housekeeper. Good looking and a worker. Think Charles did exceedingly well to get her.

Thursday, Aug. 24, at Henry’s, Dayton

Did not see Elsie [Elsie Hossafous Barnes38] until today. I would never had known her as she has changed so. We drove by that way and took little Jack [John Henry Barnes39] out to the cemetery with us. He is such a bright little fellow and asked me all about my journey. Margaret [Margaret E. Hossafous40] is buried in a lovely place, a large tree shades the grave.

Friday, Aug. 25, at Henry’s, Dayton

Forgot to say that on Sunday the next day after I got here I called up Grant [Samuel Grant Sheller41] and he was so surprised and pleased. Said Minnie [Minnie Surface Sheller42] was in bed with a sick head ache or they would come over that evening on Monday evening they were to have company but would be out Tues. evening sure. They came early and stayed late. Grant just went on how well I looked, said I looked younger than when he saw me last. When he shook hands he said I had a notion to kiss you and when I said it is not too late yet he grabbed me and did so. He looks well and Minnie looks much better than I expected to see her. They insisted I come over often. After I phoned Grant Sunday that I was here he phoned Paines. Emma [Emma Johe Paine43] phoned me Monday A.M. saying they would be out with Grants Tues. evening but Monday evening right after supper we heard a knock and in stepped Emma and Blanche [Blanche Paine Elliott44] (Emma said she couldn’t wait). Blanche looked at me so odd and after I had greeted Emma, Blanche said “Is this Abbie?” Then how Emma did laugh. She had told Blanche she wanted her to go with her to see a dressmaker and hadn’t said a word about me being here. Lurten [Lurten M. Paine45] then came in and had such a jolly evening. Before Emma left we planned a trip over to Mrs. Wood’s and Kate Frantz’s [Kate C. Frantz Bunch46].

Saturday, Aug. 26, at Malinda’s, Near Palestine

We drove up to Cousin Malinda’s [Malinda Bolinger Metzcar47] near Palestine this A.M. Stopped in Lewisburg to leave some things for Elnora. The folks are so good to her, go over every week and take her a big basket of every thing. I enjoyed the ride to Malinda’s so much thru a country I knew so well in my childhood. Stopped at the Wilt home and found Anna [Anna M. Caldwell Wilt] lived there. She said we had passed the place where the other folks lived two houses east. When we got to Malinda’s she was not surprised to see me as Belle had written her we were coming and she was going to bring a cousin she had not seen for a long time and she guessed it was I. We had a lovely time with her. In the P.M. we drove over to the store in Palestine and while Sam [Samuel Franklin Metzcar48] did the trading we went down to see a Mrs. Akins [?] that used to be a Thomas, one of Dr. Thomas’ [Dr. Isaac Thomas49] daughters. I knew she and her sisters so well when I was a little girl. She was so glad to see me, she had tears in her eyes and we are to go to see her and her two sisters when I go to stay awhile with Malinda. She had given pictures of my mother and Aunt Mag Sheller [Margaret Norris Sheller50] that had been taken when they were quite young to Malinda some little time before and she gave them to me. I was so glad to get them.

Sunday, Aug. 27, at Henry’s, Dayton

Sunday Doyle [?] and wife and cute little girl came over and later Lottie [Charlotte Dean Metzcar Pendlum51] and three little girls [Florence Virginia Pendlum52] [Elizabeth Pendlum53] [Jean A. Pendlum54] from Greenville came down and we had a fine time. A great big dinner but the good old apple butter was best of all. Coming home Sunday P.M. we came by the lake only now it is a cornfield. The country and homes look much like it did when I was a child. We drove down to the old home in Madison and looked at it but did not get out of the machine. Madison has changed very little as I can see. Stopped where Anna said the folks lived but found no one at home.

Monday, Aug. 28, at Henry’s, Dayton

Washed today and got things ready to go to Lewisburg with Emma.

Tuesday, Aug. 29, at Emma Paine’s, Dayton

It began raining this A.M. so we did not get to start at 8 A.M. as planned but got off at 10. Went thru W. Alex. Is a concrete road all the way to W.A. and a good gravel road to Lewisburg. I enjoyed the ride so much. Emma had a Dodge Sedan and very comfortable. It is town nearly all the way from Dayton to W.A. So many small tracks with lovely homes. We stopped in Lexington a little while to talk to Elmer Hoffman [?] and wife. He looks natural, is still teaching school. We stopped at Mrs. Wood’s and left our things then went up to cemetery and left flowers on the ___ grave and Currence’s [Currence M. Hossafous Harp55]. Came to Dr. Brown’s [Dr. William Gustin Brown56] for dinner. Had such a nice dinner and social P.M. Drove home later and phoned Belle I would stay at Emma’s for the night. Went down town for supper and to a show.

Wednesday, Aug. 30, at Henry’s, Dayton

After breakfast the next day we drove down to Blanche’s and took her up to book store as she is working for her father. She took us all over the establishment then we went shopping, to the League for lunch and then Emma took me home. I spent most of P.M. in bed resting.

Thursday, Aug. 31, at Henry’s, Dayton

We went out to Maud’s and spent P.M. Found her busy making jell and getting tomatoes ready for catsup. Came back by Edna’s and Wealthy’s for a few minutes and back by Frank Horner’s to see how he was and over to Aunt Lib’s a minute. When we got back to Mrs. Wood’s Dr. Brown and Maud were there and we soon had a fine dinner, the table was loaded. In the P.M. Orion Burns [?] came and spent the afternoon and we had such a good time talking over old times. We walked up street with Maud when she went home and had a good talk with Charlie Horner and Jerrold [Jerold Kiser Hoerner57] and Dick [Richard Norris Hoerner58]. Jerrold was to leave that night for his Sr. year in John Hopkins. They are wonderful boys. That evening we went to Mrs. Wood’s class social. I knew all the ladies but two ____________ day we went.

*All names in brackets [] reference the footnotes of the original PDF. These names can be found in the Index of Individuals page for more information.

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