February 1923

Thursday, Feb. 1, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

It rained all night and is still at it this A.M. But in spite of the rain we are going out to Juna Horn’s for the day. We had a lovely day at Juna’s. She had a big dinner. They have a lovely country home. No one at home but Juna, Frank [Levi Franklin Horn236] and Russel [Russel Robert Horn237]. Elizabeth [Elizabeth Sarah Horn238] is at Oxford at school and Mary [Mary Catherine Horn239] at this country consolidated school. They have a wonderful school, have 17 teachers. The roads were bad and hard for Julia to drive. Frank took a heavy cold and was feeling quite bad by the time we got home. Went to doctor later. I had a letter from Mrs. McCormick [?] this evening.

Friday, Feb. 2, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

A bad rainy day. Went over to Charlie’s and talked to Aunt and Jude awhile. In P.M. went to call on Grace [Emma Grace Neff240] and Maud Neff. Found no one at home. Came back and went down to Elnora’s for a short time. She had had a letter from Belle and all were well. Went on down to Elizina’s. She said if I would stay until after supper she would go calling with me. I went down to Mrs. Wood’s and stayed until nearly supper time. On back to Elizina. She had a fine supper after which we went to call on Effie Smith Foster. Then on down to Andrews’. Mary [Mary C. Luick Andrews241] looks natural but Dan [Daniel James Andrews242] is a gray haired man and the last I saw him he was a young man. Found out he was a year older than myself and I always thot him much younger. They seemed quite glad to see us. They were very much worried over Emma Paine suing them for share in property. I feel so sorry for them and can not understand what Emma means. Cousin Frank has a heavy cold and stayed in bed all day. Was raining quite hard when we left Andrews.

Saturday, Feb. 3, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Frank is better and up for breakfast. Seemed better all day but had a nervous spell in evening and hasn’t been so well since. I went to see Grace and Maud in P.M. They seemed very much pleased and wanted me to stay. I had a lovely afternoon with them and they made me promise to come next week. Maud said she would like to have me for a month could I stay so long. It was so cold going home I think I caught cold.

Sunday, Feb. 4 at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Frank is not well this A.M., so very nervous. Horns are not coming on account of Frank not so well. Wilbur [Wilbur F. Hoerner243] came and seems so nice. Aunt, Lib and Dick were here for dinner also and Julia had such a nice dinner. Wilbur and I did the dishes while Beth and Julia put things away. Beth and Dick drove Wilbur to W. Alexandria to take the traction. Julia and I walked Aunt home and I stayed awhile. Charlie was telling me about Grandpa Norris [Samuel Edward Norris244]. He came with his father and family from Canada to Cincinnati. He and his father made the brick the Cin. Court House was made of. His father also made the brick in a number of big buildings there. My cold was getting so bad I greased myself good and put flannel on before going to bed.

Monday, Feb. 5, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

I certainly had a cold today, seems to be in my head. Julia took a notion to wash this P.M. as the sun is out bright. She and Olive [Olive Gertrude Bunger Moots245] wash together. They put their clothes to soak this A.M. and it only took about one and one half hours for them to get thru on the motor washer, Julia insisted I let her wash my things and I did. I wrote Juna this A.M.

Tuesday, Feb. 6, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

I went up to Sallie Hottes Unger’s today. Elzina and Mrs. Eberle went along. It was late when we got up there and had to come home early but we had a fine time while there. Charles [Charles H. Unger246] and Anna [Anna Unger247] are so nice. Sallie had such a good dinner, such delicious chicken pot pie and every thing else. Charles took me all thru the poultry plant and it is some plant. Incubator holds over 5000 eggs. Sallie is as lovely as ever. My cold seems much better. I was afraid to go out but bundled up so good and got there so quickly we did not get cold. Julia’s niece Mrs. Smith came before I left and began ironing and ironed for Julia and myself. They were still there when I left. They own the old John Bunger home on National Road. Have it looking so nice. Julia, Beth and I went to the Parent Teacher’s Association this evening. Mrs. Wood presided. Mr. Huffman gave a paper on Jazz Literature which was very good and the discussion that followed was good. Beth played for the entertainment that was given by Mrs. Blake’s [?] and Leon Disher’s [Leon Gray Disher248] rooms.

Wednesday, Feb. 7, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Stayed at home all A.M. In P.M. Grace Neff came for a short visit then after she left Julia and I went calling. We first stopped at Shively’s. Mrs. Shively [Emma M. Gangwer Shively249] was gone but Jake [Jacob W. Shively250] was there sick and seemed glad to have company. Stopped next at Ellen Horn Fultz’s [Mary Ellen Horn Fultz251], she has only been back from the Cin. Hospital a few weeks. Looks pale but getting along nicely. Stopped at Mrs. Bunger’s [Mary Jane Kelly Bunger252] (Juna’s mother) for a while. They have a nice home. She has the most beautiful corner cupboard I ever saw. Also saw a doily with square medallions like Mary [Mary M. Hossafous253] used to make. We then went to Ruth Barnhiser Hapner’s [Ruth M. Bernheisel Hapner254]. She seemed so glad I came and told me so several times. Said she often told her husband and son if I was teaching arithmetic these days the children would know more. We went on down to Ayer’s store where I got my quilt lining and some crochet cotton. I saw Mrs. Siler [?] there and she talked about Ralph [?] to me. Said he would not have gotten very far in college if it had not been for me. Went to store and looked at the $600 dining room suit for Dr. Cosmos [?] at Dayton. It is of Italian walnut, solid. I went over to Cousin Charlie’s and spent evening with Aunt Lib and Jude.

Thursday, Feb. 8, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Went up to spend the day with Maud and Grace. Ettie, Mr. Albert and Elzina were also there. We had a lovely day together and Maud had a fine dinner. We went over to Mrs. Aikman’s [?] next door to see Frieda’s [?] children [?] before we started home. Wasn’t home very long until Frank Horn’s came and stayed for supper and spent the evening. First time I had seen Mary. Had a nice evening together.

Friday, Feb. 9, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Snowing hard this A.M. wrote to Mabel and sent the quilt. Put a dollar inside for cotton and thread. Sent dues to Eastern Star. Wrote Kate Frantz. Went to office and mailed box & letters. Came back and stopped at store and Charlie showed me the Red Star oil stove. One with lower oven is $64, one with elevated oven is $78. Thinks he can order one for me at warehouse at Kansas City or Okla. City. In P.M. I called on Barnhiser’s. Lora [Lora Bittle Bernheisel255] was not at home but got to see Ben [Benjamin Bernheisel256] . He is the same Ben of old. Went on down to see Mrs. Bittle and Goldie Kramer. Seemed quite glad to see me. Went on down to Mrs. Derr’s. She seemed more cheerful than the last time I saw her, more like her old self. Bly [Nellie Bly Derr O’Connell257] was at home cleaning house. They want me to come and spend the day Tues. with them. Went on down to see Mr. Hilleary [James Edward Hilleary258] and Mrs. Hilleary [Victoria Deborah Hilleary259]. He is quite poorly. While there Mrs. Siler came and we went on down to Mary Bittle McNutt [Mary Bittle McNutt260] where Mrs. Bittle is staying now. She knew me and talked a long time about Willie [?]. I stopped on way back at Mrs. Siler’s for a visit with her. They have a lovely home and she showed me Ralph’s [?] wife [?] and baby’s [?] pictures. Went on home and got ready to go to the social given by the women in Mrs. Ozias’ class to their husbands in basement of U.B. Church. It was a Valentine affair and every thing was decorated with red hearts big and little. Little ones strung on strings across room and big ones tacked to posts and wall. The guests were served at little tables covered with luncheon clothes. Napkins of paper had red hearts on them. Place cards were two fold valentines sitting beside plates and the names written with the letters mixed all up. They served creamed chicken, hot rolls, coffee, cream slaw, pickles and apple pie with whipped cream and red heart by the side of the pie on plate. Walter Cahill [Walter Emerson Cahill261] and wife [Dessie Corine Schlientz Cahill262] ate with Julia and I. Frank did not feel like going so I went in his place. We had a good talk together and he seemed so nice. The toastmistress after the eats (Mrs. Mumma) read a poem she had written with all in class brought in very clever. Three men then gave short talks after which Mrs. Ozias gave a very interesting talk about the ship they went to Europe on and some interesting things about England, France and Belgium. I enjoyed the evening so much. Met so many of my old pupils.

Saturday, Feb. 10, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Dyed the knit jacket Julia gave me this A.M. Took the hem out of skirt to my suit and pressed it. Julia is not feeling well this P.M. Marie Cassady phoned for us to come out there tomorrow and we are going. Took my bath in P.M. Mrs. Hoffman [?] called. Was in bath tub when Mrs. Wood called to know if I would go to Minerva Club Tues. They are going to entertain the W. Alex. Club (Round Table). I went down later to tell Mrs. Wood I would go with her. Went home and went to bed.

Sunday, Feb. 11, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

A beautiful winter day with snow on ground and bushes. We drove out to Cassady’s about eleven o’clock. Dinner was soon announced and a good one. Mrs. Cassady seemed better than when I last saw her, was able to get around by aid of cane. We had a good visit in P.M. Marie showed kodak pictures of the hospital and work in hospital while in Cincinnati. Later Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ozias [Ezra John Ozias263] [Leora Wheatley Ozias] and Cliff [Clifford Wheatley Ozias264] and wife came. We had a good visit together. After we came home I went down to Mrs. Derr’s to change my date with her to Thurs. as Tues. I wanted to go to Club.

Monday, Feb. 12, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

I washed my hair this A.M. Julia and Ed washed. I did some crocheting. In the evening we went out to hear “The Hipple Co.” The last of the lecture course. It was quite good. Every thing was music but every thing so different and quite fine. Mr. Hipple [?] played on a dozen different instruments. Lora Barnhizer sat next to me and we had a good talk. It was a very rainy evening but a large crowd was out.

Tuesday, Feb. 13, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

I ironed and mended some this A.M. This P.M. I went to the Minerva Club. They entertained the W. Alexandria Club called “The Round Table.” Mrs. Wood asked me to go; lovely of her. They entertained at Mrs. Lutz’ (Lois Banta) [Lois Ruth Banta Lutz265] new home. Among the W. Alex ladies were Eva Horn Smith [Eva Magdelene Horn Smith266] and Mrs. Dr. Fritz (Nettie Thomas) [Lennett Thomas Fritz267] she and I had a good talk together of the times we used to play together when children at New. Madison. Mrs. Ozias gave a talk on her European trip that I enjoyed very much. They gave us as souvenirs a card with the picture of Milton and Shakespeare’s home taken by Mrs. Ozias. They served tea, sandwiches, olives, nuts, cakes. Two ladies poured tea and we helped ourselves to the other things. I enjoyed the P.M. so much. In the evening I went over and spent the evening with Aunt Lib and Charlie’s family.

Wednesday, Feb. 14, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Julia and I went down to the Farmer’s Institute for the A.M. Went to the IOOF Hall to a chicken dinner served by Grange ladies. It was very good. Met Mrs. Mat Lease Snyder [?]. She seemed so glad to see me and insisted I come out. In P.M. I went to call on Mrs. Leiter and Rodger [Roger M. Leiter268]. She seemed glad I came and wanted me to come back. Went from there over to John Paulus and stayed for supper and spent evening. It had turned cold and the wind was raging terrible. The lights were out on the streets and it was so dark coming home I almost fell a couple of times. I like John’s wife.

Thursday, Feb. 15, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

This P.M. Julia and I went down to the institute and I stayed until 11 o’clock then I went down to Derr’s for the day. Mrs. Derr had the house all open and three stoves going. She had such a big dinner just as she always has. After dinner she showed me pictures and we had a good talk. Bly came home early and we had a good visit. I stayed for supper and until 8 o’clock. Came home and Dick was here and he and Beth studying French. Found letters awaiting me from Clara Cope [?] and Mrs. Emma Shultz [?] telling me of grandpa Shultz’ death.

Friday, Feb. 16, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Did a little sweeping this A.M. for Julia. Wrote to Clara Cope. Soaked my feet good and trimmed my bunions good as they were hurting me terrible. Lay down until 3 o’clock then got up and went down to Elzina’s. Stayed until suppertime. She wanted me to stay for supper said they were going to have fried chicken for supper but I refused as Julia had had such a big dinner the thots of eating more made me sick. I went on up to Maud’s and Grace’s and stayed until nearly 8 o’clock then went home and tatted the rest of evening.

Saturday, Feb. 17, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Helped with dishes this A.M. then ran sweeper over dining and sitting room. Dusted stair way, sitting room, and dining room then took my bath. Julia had to go down to I.O.O.F. hall to help with Rebeccah market so Beth and I are alone. Beth is baking a cake. In P.M. altho it was snowing and disagreeable I went up to Euphemia calling. Called on Belle Gates [Belle S. Gates269] first and had a good talk with her. She showed me pictures of Malissa’s [?] two boys and girl and seems so proud of them. Went from there to Mrs. Keselrings for a call. Then went to see Mrs. Anchin [?]. She seemed glad to see me and I was so glad I went. She is confined to her bed and such a cripple in her hands and limbs. Stopped at Cousin Charlie’s on way home. Aunt was taking a nap and only the girls at home. Stayed at home all evening as my throat was sore and such a bad evening I stayed at home and tatted.

Sunday, Feb. 18, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Julia is quite sick this A.M. I went to church and S.S. at Reformed Church. They had to have church first as the preacher had to preach at W. Alex. At 10-30. The same old number were there. When I got home Julia felt so bad I took over the dinner and as soon as Beth came we finished it up. We had a splendid chicken dinner. In the P.M. I wrote W.C. and read.

Monday, Feb. 19, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Pressed and brushed and mended things this A.M. then went over to see Aunt Lib for a couple of hours. This P.M. I went to Maud and Grace’s for a little while then on out to Depot to get rate on the bureaus then stopped at Ada Keithley’s for a call. She asked me to come spend the day with her. Freda’s little girl [Phoebe Mae Bauman270] came while I was there. Saw Joe [Joseph Wilson Keithley271] as he was ill and could not go to school. I went on to Josie Markey’s [Josie M. Markey Murray272] and Mrs. House’s but did not find them at home. Went on down to Elzina’s. Imo was there. Then on down to Mrs. Wood’s. She had taught for Mrs. Geeting [?] who was sick. So many people are ill. Met Blanche Moore [?] on way home, first I had seen her. Came home and tatted and later in evening we played Rook. Then all had a lemon stew before going to bed.

Tuesday, Feb. 20, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Up early this morning as Julia is washing and I got ready to go to Dayton. Snowing and my bunions hurt something awful. We had a very good ride over. I went to see about my glasses and had a corset fitted on, then went on out to Henry’s. Stopped at Charles’ on way from street car and found Charles sick with flu. Stopped at Myrtie Sheller’s and gave her her tatting for her collar. On down to Henry’s and found Belle, Nora and Henry at home. Henry had been sick so had Wealthy, Roy [Leroy Franklin Alter273] and Maud. So very much illness every where. Schools will close today on account of flu. I got some things I wanted at Belle’s, then rested until after 4 o’clock then went down town again. Waited at bus station until car came, saved a seat for Elzina and Maud. Was pitch dark when we got home. Found Julia with a cold and headache. Had a letter from Clara Cope saying she was coming Saturday. Was tired and went to bed early.

Wednesday, Feb. 21, at Maud Rice’s, Lewisburg

A bright sunshiny day today. Julia feels better but Beth is ill. Wrote Clara, Juna and W.C. this A.M. Went over to see Aunt a while. In P.M. Maud Rice phoned and wanted me to come up for supper and stay all night. Went up about four o’clock. We talked until after 11 o’clock.

Thursday, Feb. 22, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Maud and I stayed in bed and talked until after 9 o’clock. A 10 o’clock breakfast after which I went home. Julia said Aunt wasn’t well so I went over to see her awhile. Julia’s sister Mrs. Fisher [Anna Laura Oldfather Fisher274] from Eaton was there. After dinner I crocheted all P.M. on medallions like I got of Cora’s. Maud Neff came and visited for a couple of hours. Later Rev. Mumma called, also Mrs. Hoffman from Euphemia. Maud and I went down to Elzina’s and spent the evening. Elzina had not gone to Dayton as she expected to do.

Friday, Feb. 23, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Did some pressing this A.M. and cleaned my room. In the evening I went over and spent the evening with Aunt Lib, Dick and the girls. Julia had gone to lodge.

Saturday, Feb. 24, at Ettie Sloan’s, Lewisburg

We did some cleaning this A.M. and I took a bath. Started for Ettie’s after dinner. Was snowing so hard I stopped in at Elzina’s a half hour or so then went on down to Ettie’s. We went up to the bus at 4 o’clock to meet Clara but no Clara. I went on up home to get my overshoes and gown which I had forgotten then we went on over to see Mrs. Parmerlee. Paul and Mame were there also Russell Gay [Russell M. Gay275] and wife [Nina M. Smith Gay276]. Mrs. Parmerlee looked so nice, much better than she did when I last saw her alive. They had a beautiful casket and Mame told me all about her death and that she just slept away. As I was going by Gay’s on the way down to Ettie’s, Russell Gay and wife drove up and Russell said Hello there Wealthy Hossafous I have been wanting to see you. So when I met them up at Parmerlee’s we all four had a good chat. We went back to meet Clara at 7 o’clock and were glad when she stepped from the bus. She looks fine. We all spent a very pleasant evening talking.

Sunday, Feb. 25, at Ettie Sloan’s, Lewisburg

Forest Kesler [Forest M. Kesler277] came down and spent the day with us. We had a fine dinner and a fine visit. In the evening we we a pieces????? with Forest and stopped in at Charles’ to see Aunt, Charlie and family. Frank was there and later we went home with Frank to see Julia and Beth. Then on home and to bed as we were all tired.

Monday, Feb. 26, at Ettie Sloan’s, Lewisburg

Raining hard this A.M. when we went to the bus with Clara. Saw on the way up Maud Brown. Orange Greer [Orange Wesley Greer278] talked to us a long time while we were waiting for the bus. Clara and I went over to furniture store to see Charlie Horner a while. Met and talked to Dan Andrews, also saw Allen Floyd [Allen Willard Floyd279] for the first time. Ettie went on home so as not to leave her father alone. I went up to Charlie’s to see Aunt a little while, then on over to Frank’s to get some things, then on down to the office (still raining). Got a letter from Minnie Sheller. Went on down to Etta’s. Crocheted until 5 o’clock then we went down to Evelyn Singer Zeller’s to see her feed over a thousand white leghorns. Also saw her incubator of over 8000 eggs. It was full of little chicks about half were hatched out and the other half just hatching. Never saw so many baby chicks at one time before. Evelyn said she still had the plates I gave her and thot of me every time she used them. Etta and I spent the evening talking and I crocheting.

Tuesday, Feb. 27, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

After breakfast at Etta Sloane’s I went on up to the furniture store to get my mail. Elnora Emens was there getting Frank to sharpen her scissors. Went up to Frank’s to get some money and went back to get beef steak to soak in vinegar to put on my bunions. Did up Mabel’s wash cloth to send her. They are having everyone send her one for a joke. Also wrote to Edith Share. After dinner Julia went down to the store to stay with Frank as he is there alone and I finished ironing, mended my clothes and put them away. Bound some vinegar soaked beef on my bunions. Spent the evening crocheting. Wrote W.C.

Wednesday, Feb. 28, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

I have been doctoring my feet this A.M. Wrote Minnie Sheller, Aunt Alice, Grandma Shultz [?], Ida Albert, Grandma Harp [?] and Mrs. Smith this A.M. Julia and Beth went to Dayton so I got dinner and supper. Spent the P.M. crocheting. Mrs. Huffman came for a little while. Julia and Beth did not get home until late.

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