March 1923

Thursday, Mar. 1, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Spent the A.M. over at Charlie’s with Aunt Lib. Julia is teaching for Mrs. Cramer [?] and Mrs. Morrell [?] is looking after the house. Aunt still coughs. In P.M. I dressed and Julia and I went down to the Allie Yohe [?] sale. Mrs. Andrews sat there and cried, I felt so sorry for her. Every thing went so high. On the way home we stopped in at Mrs. Ozias. She had been sick but was about all right again. Stopped at Mrs. Ayers. Mr. Ayers was sick but better. Charlie Recker came while I was there, the first I had seen him. Went back by the store and I went thru it. The boys have a lot of stuff there. On way home Ed. Broughman’s [Edward Wesley Broughman280] funeral passed us. I went on over to Mrs. Luter’s to get my hem stitched bolster. Maud Neff was there and came home with me and stayed a while. In the evening I went down and spent the evening with Lora Barnhizer and Ben. They are just like they used to be.

Friday, March 2, at Frank’s , Lewisburg

A bright sunshiny day today, seems like spring. Frank does not feel well, has not slept much for the last few nights. Mrs. Ayers phoned this A.M. and wants me to come down so she can show me her tatting as she forgot it the other P.M. when I was down. I went after dinner. She tats beautifully and must have 50 yrs. or more of it. Showed me beautiful handkerchiefs she made. Draws colored threads in them and trims in tatting. She read me a beautiful letter from May Pruner in Chicago written after Mrs. Ayers had written her upon the death of her mother. She is a teacher in Chicago schools, Harry [?] is also there, has a government job. One of the girls is married to a doctor and lives in Chicago. Will [William Reist Pruner281] lives in Norfolk, Ohio, a lawyer there. One of the other girls lives on a ranch in Washington. Went on down to Elzina’s then on down to Mrs. Wood’s. She is better but still weak. When I got home Wilbur was there. Mrs. Smith and children came and stayed until 11 o’clock while her husband was taken in lodge. Took a bath this A.M.

Saturday, March 3, at Etta Sloan’s; Lewisburg

Got ready to go to Ettie Sloan’s this A.M. Put Julia’s collar together and sewed the inserts in my bolster slip. On way to Etta took Minnie Sheller’s letter for Mrs. Ayers to read. Saw Earl Wilson [Earl Wilson282] for first time. He said Myrtie Sheller was out so stopped in at Wilson to see her and Mrs. Wilson, Mr. W. did not know me. He talked to me about raising peafowl, wild geese and turkeys on the farm. Went on down to Etta and found Maud Rice already there. Elzina and Smith [?] came later. We had a good dinner and a fine social talk all P.M. Etta wanted me to stay all night and I did so. Enjoyed the evening so much. Mr. A. and Etta showed me cards and told me all about their Florida trip.

Sunday, March 4, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Etta went to S.S. and I stopped at Elzina’s. After dinner we went into her large front room and watched the big logs burn in fire place and talked. Mrs. Swihart came over. I stayed until about 8 o’clock, then came home. Robert Foster (Effie Smith’s son) came in and talked to Elzina a while. He seems so nice. I went to bed soon after getting home.

Monday, March 5, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Julia was up early this A.M. at her wash. Beth and I got breakfast and washed dishes. After Frank got up I got his breakfast and wrote up in my diary. In P.M. Etta came and we went up to see Tom [Thomas Edward Garreth283] and Fanny Garreth [Fannie B. Myers Garreth284]. They live very cosy. Have a beautiful corner cupboard. Went on down to Forest Kesler’s. Her mother [Laura Frances Foster Kesler285] is just getting over the flu. Her father [David Sylvester Kesler286] was struck by a tree he was felling and hurt pretty bad so Forest is kept pretty busy between them. Intended to stop at Snyder’s but Charlie said Bert and mother was sick so we thot it best not to go in. Stopped at Lutheran Church and went all thru it. They have a wonderful basement and kitchen fitted up. Also fine class rooms. Mrs. Ditmer [Mary May Umbaugh Dittmar] the minister’s wife, Belle Trumble and a Mrs. Kuntz were quilting on a quilt in one of the many S.S. rooms. I tatted most of the evening. Mrs. Bittle died last night.

Tuesday, March 6, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Julia and I ironed this A.M. I pressed my skirt to my suit and mended, also washed my hair. Jude called and wanted me to go with her to lodge this evening. I went over and had her instruct me a little so guess I shall try it. One of the worst winter nights of the year (rain, snow, sleet) but Jude and I went to lodge anyway. So many of the women I knew. Mrs. Rice and Maud Brown examined me and it wasn’t hard at all. So many of the girls had gone to school to me that took active part. Saw Edith Horn [Edith May Horn Pontius287] for the first time. Mrs. Singleton Overholser [?] was taken in. The team was at a disadvantage as the hall was small but their work was good. Am so glad I went. Was ten o’clock when I got back and the folks were in bed. Frank had a nervous spell again in the night. I am so worried about him and feel so very sorry for Julia, she is lovely.

Wednesday, March 7, at Ida Albert’s, Brookville

A bright day but cold. I packed this A.M. so as to be ready if I got a chance to go to Brookville. Julia and I went to Mrs. Bittle’s funeral. The house was pretty well filled, roads so bad it was hard for the farmers to get to town. Leo Shotterbeck [Leo Schlotterbeck288] read a biography or history of her life from the time she was born in Germany until her death. Prof. Bunger gave such a nice talk on his acquaintance with her. Said he had been writing her once a week for a long time. Rev. Mumma gave a short sermon. As the folks were going out I got to speak to Edith Turner [?]. She looked so badly. After the funeral Beth and Dick drove me to Brookville. Ida and Dan both as well as usual. Hope I shall get to go to Cora’s Sunday.

Thursday, March 8, at Ida’s, Brookville

A bright sunshiny day again, no doubt the snow will melt today. Ida and I did a great deal of talking and I tatted a great deal on Elzina’s tatting. I phoned to Maggie that we would come down the next P.M.

Friday, March 9, at Ida’s, Brookville

I tatted in A.M. also wrote W.C., also wrote Brown’s about coming up there. In the P.M. we went down to see Maggie Fowble. While there Flora Rasor came. Also Freda Fowble’s [Freda Blanche Fowble Apple289] little girl [Margaret Apple290]. She is quite nice. Stopped in at Flora’s for a minute on way home. Spent the evening tatting. Wrote Cora’s.

Saturday, March 10, at Ida’s, Brookville

I tatted some in A.M. Dan went to Dayton. Ida and I went down to Flora’s in P.M. Frank Share came for a time. We went over to see Herbert’s wife. She took us all over the house and it is beautiful. Her bed room furniture is old furniture and she has painted it beautifully. Has braided rag rugs her grandmother made that are works of art. She has her sitting room in gray with a little touch of old rose. Have all woodwork painted ivory with the window ledge, stair railing, etc. in mahogany. She is very friendly and I like her. Her mother was there. She is nice looking and pleasant. When we got home I had a letter from Cora saying Perry would come for me Sunday. Dan had a colored linen handkerchief with my name on lying on the library table. Ida also gave me a white linen handkerchief with narrow hem stitched hem, quite pretty. Julia Horner called up and wanted to know how to crochet edge on pillow cases, she and Etta A. wanted to know.

Sunday, March 11, at Cora’s, Clay

Ida had a fine dinner. While we were doing the work up Mrs. Phoebe Newsock [Phoebe Jane Albert Newsock291] who used to be an Albert came. In a little while Perry came and we started home. The roads were very bad in a couple of places. Began raining soon after we got here. Mrs. [Anna Margaret Kramer Althaus292] and Mr. Althaus [George O. Althaus293] one of their closest neighbors came down and spent the evening. Cora has been having a stitch in her back and isn’t very good yet.

Monday, March 12, at Cora’s, Clay

It rained hard all night. Still cloudy and wind very high. Perry wanted to know if it didn’t seem like home. We stayed at home all day and talked. Wrote W.C., Maggie Fowble. Tatted. Mr. [Clement Valandingham Heeter294] and Mrs. Heeter came for eggs.

Tuesday, March 13, at Cora’s, Clay

The folks are having electric light fixtures put in. Cora had such a good chicken dinner. I took off a quilt pattern this P.M. then tatted. Rained again.

Wednesday, March 14, at Cora’s, Clay

Colder this A.M. but cloudy. I wrote to Ida Albert and Juna this A.M. The men are still working at the lights. The sun finally came out bright.

Thursday, March 15, at Cora’s, Clay

An ugly day. The men finished the lights this A.M. I washed every thing this A.M. This P.M. Cora, Perry and I drove over to Mrs. Lynch’s [?] (Uncle Bill Wade’s [?] granddaughter Minnie) and spent the P.M. It rained and the wind was high. We had quite a good talk with Mrs. Lynch about the time she knew W.C. We went over to Wengerlawn and called on Mrs. Steck [Mary E. McNelly Steck295] (Effie Steck’s [Effie A. Steck TerVehn296] mother) then home thru the rain. I dampened my clothes and shall crochet this evening. Had a letter from Grandma Harp today, also one from Mabel Metzcar.

Friday, March 16, at Cora’s, Clay

It rained so very hard last night and this A.M. There was water standing all around. I ironed, pressed and mended this A.M. This P.M. Perry, Cora and I drove to West Sonora. Called on Lizzie Recker. She is the same Lizzie. She has such a nice home and lovely flowers. She wanted me to come and spend the day. We then went on down to Spitler’s where Ella Thompson boards. Mrs. Lizzie Spitler [Rachel Elizabeth Jones Spitler] looks much older. Ella came when school was out. She doesn’t look a day older except her hair is getting gray. We could only stay a little while as she was going to Dayton on the 4-24 train. She told me the Wisenbaugh girls [?] were all still living and would like to see me. I hope to go to New Paris for a little time at least while at Brown’s. We went to hunt Perry and found him at Charlie Hilleary’s [Charles Ephraim Hilleary297] store. He knew who I was and remembered his school days under me. The Roads were not as bad as we expected to find them so we got home early. I shall write W.C. a few lines this A.M. Had a letter from him and one from Ida Albert today. We went up to the neighbors and spent the evening. Their chimney caught fire while we were there but we thot it had gone out and came on home and were just getting ready for bed when Mrs. Althaus came running down and said Perry should come up as their chimney was just roaring. Perry took his ladder and ran up and they had a time getting it out.

Saturday, March 17, at Mary Brown’s, Harrison

A bright sunshiny day. I am glad as Cora and Perry are going to drive me up to Mary’s today. I took a bath by the side of a red hot hard coal burner and packed my suit cases. We had an early dinner and started before 12 o’clock. With the exception of a few places we found the roads much better than we expected. We stopped at New Madison graveyard for a time. It was such a lovely day we walked around a good bit. It is kept in fine shape and a very pretty place. So many monuments over graves of so many people I used to know among them was one for Dr. Thomas. My mother’s monument was in good shape only it needs to be cleaned. We got some English ivy off of a grave near my mother’s [Rachel Norris Hossafous298] grave and Cora is going to plant it for me until I go home then we will put it in one of the bureau drawers. We went on thru New Madison and saw the old home place. Going to Mary’s we did not turn off as soon as we should so went out of the way. Found the folks at home. Perry and Cora stayed for an hour or so then started home. Mary and I stayed up late and talked. Arthur and Hazel went to town.

Sunday, March 18, at Mary’s, Harrison

We hurried around after breakfast and went to S.S. and church. I met Mrs. Billman [Catherine Eubank Billman299]. They have a nice little church. I met the minister and wife and some other ladies. The minister’s wife is from Pennsylvania and related to the Harps. After dinner we read and talked. Mary phoned to Herschel [Herschel Thomas Brown300] and he is coming after us Tues. and will take us to Edgar’s [Edgar William Brown301] Wed. We went to bed early. A nice day.

Monday, March 19, at Mary’s, Harrison

A regular blizzard came in the night and it was so very cold, ice frozen in my room. I had such a warm bed and hated to get out of it in such a cold room this A.M. The wind was so cold and strong this A.M. and the snowfall of fine snowflakes. I hated to see little Harold start out to school this A.M. but he was bundled up good and did not seem to mind it. The folks are washing in the basement. Am afraid they will not get to hang them out. I tatted all evening and P. M. after writing W.C. a letter.

Tuesday, March 20, at Herschel Brown’s, Harrison

Another cold day altho 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. Herschel Brown came over for us to go over to their house about 7 miles from here. Drove thru Braffetsville. Some of the roads were bad especially their very long lane. They live in a big brick house off of the road. I would love to have that house to fix up as it could be made beautiful. They had it looking nice too but I would like to have it fixed my style. They have three nice looking children [Helen C. Brown302] [Mary Virginia Brown303] [Richard I. Brown304]. The wife [Adena B. Mutchner Brown305] had such a nice dinner for us. The wind was so high or I would have gone to N. Madison with Herschel in P.M. I tatted all P.M. We had a very nice visit with the family in the evening.

Wednesday, March 21, at Mary’s, Harrison

This A.M. we got up early so we could drive over to Edgar’s which is 8 miles south west of Eaton. The oldest little girl went to school and they took the baby over for Edina’s [Adena] mother [?] to keep and we took Mary Virginia along. We went thru New Paris and Mary and I visited the Wisenbarger girls while Edina did some shopping. Sue W. Judy [?] came to the door when I knocked and was so surprised when I told her who I was. She called Mollie [?] in and they seemed so glad that we came. Mary Brown used to go to school with both of them when she was a little girl. We all talked at once and they insisted we come back to spend the day. I did enjoy my visit with them so much and I believe they enjoyed ours as well. We drove on to Edgar’s thru Campbellstown (a lovely place). Edgars live on a big stock farm belonging to a Mrs. Price. The Price’s have a lovely big home and immense big barn. They had a big lot of steers they were fattening, a lot of sheep and 90 brood sows besides a big number of other hogs that weighed around 100 lbs. each. We went thru the big barn, they have an immense lot of feed. They put out 95 acres of corn last year that averaged 70 bushels to the acre. Edgars have a five room cottage. His wife [Hazel L. Roach Brown306] had a lovely dinner and made us so welcome. They have three children; Edgar Jr. [Edgar William Brown, Jr.307], Robert [Robert Ambrose Brown308], and little Aileen [Aileen H. Brown309]. We had to start home about 3 o’clock. The roads were bad and I know Edina got so tired driving for I was so tired riding. When I got home I found a letter from Juna. I called up Anna Templeton Wiley [Anna L. Templeton Wiley310] and talked to her.

Thursday, March 22, at Alice Hetzler’s, New Madison

Such a very hard rain last night. I pressed my skirt and did some mending this A.M. Also wrote to Mother Harp [Mary E. Samuels Harp311] and packed part of my clothes to go to Alice Hetzler’s. The weather was still ugly but Mary and I drove to Alice’s. Mary stayed and spent the P.M. I have not felt extra well all day as last night I was hungry and ate too much supper. Alice had a big supper and I just had to eat more than I should. Simon [Simon Eli Hetzler312] and family came over and spent the evening. Think I should like his wife [Lottie May Howell Hetzler313].

Friday, March 23, at Alice’s, New Madison

Another gloomy day. I have indigestion pretty bad today. Only ate a little breakfast as I could. I looked at Alice’s beautiful quilts that Allen’s [Allen Monroe Hetzler314] mother [Malinda Overpeck Hetzler315] gave her, they are the most beautiful ones I ever saw. She must have been a fine needle woman. I finished tatting Malinda’s collar. I only drank hot milk for dinner hoping it would make me feel better. We are to go over to Annie’s [Anna M. Hetzler Howell316] for supper tonight. We went and had a great big supper. Cliff [Joseph Clifford Howell317] came for us and brought us home. It was cold but when we got home we found a good fire. Anna has a nice home. Her daughter [Helen J. Howell318] is a nice looking girl. I like her also her husband. They have things looking well, farm in fine shape. I feel much better this evening, could not eat much of Anna’s good dinner as I was afraid it would make me sick again but feel no evil effects over what I did eat.

Saturday, March 24 at Alice’s, New Madison

The sun is shining bright this A.M. and I am glad as we have had such disagreeable weather. I called Gertrude Worch [Gertrude Worch319] up this morning and talked to her. She wanted me to come over but am afraid I can not. Alice sent 34 doz. eggs to Edwards [?] today, sent 39 doz. last week. They were paying 21 cts. yesterday. Allen, Alice and I went to Madison this P.M. We first stopped at Mrs. Grubbs’ [?] to look at her rugs. She had a very pretty one braided and one crocheted. The crocheted are nearly as heavy as the braided. Said when she widened she made to stitch at the side of round end and one in center. Also said when she washed them she starched them and tacked them down until dry. We went from there to Lucille Keithley Max [Lucille Keithley Max320]. She has a lovely home, Dutch colonial style. We went on up to Becca Biddle’s [Rebecca Biddle321]. Her sister Celia [Cecealia Biddle Brodrick322] is living with her. Just came to make her home with her. She is having the gas put in and making things more comfortable. Imagine she has more money than Becca. They seemed very glad to see me and asked me all about everybody. We went up to Jones’ and found Edna [Edna Sarah Jones323] at home. She is the same Edna. Seemed glad to see me. She teaches at Castine. Zetta [Gertrude Izetta Jones Smelker324] came before we left. They both are holding their own pretty well. We went to the post office and I got a letter from Cora Smyers, Aunt Alice Ayers, Maggie Fowble, Belle, and postal from Juna. We went on down to Jim Hagermann’s [James F. S. Hageman325] and talked to him awhile. He remembered me and also Aunt Lib. He said he was 89 and is quite feeble. We went on down to Emma Belot State’s [Emma Belott Staight326] to get Mrs. Carr’s [?] address. We found her at her daughter’s but she went down home. She lives in the old shop where my father and Mr. Jones used to have their shop, has it fixed up real nice. She remembered when she used to work at our house when my mother was ill. We went on up to the store run by Mr. Price [Ezra F. Price327] and his wife [Anna M. Price328], they used to know W______?. Met a Mrs. Hartman [Mary Broadstock Hartman329] that used to be a Broadstock that knew W.C. Also met Dr. Hecker’s [Edwin Augustas Hecker330] wife [Mary Jennie Koch Hecker331]. Also Mrs. Howell [Jennie Brown Howell332] who used to be Jennie Brown sister to Rilla Brown [Rilla Brown Fowble333]. Called on Allie Rhine [?], but did not find her at home. When we came home, Alice gave me a handkerchief and W.C. a tie. Allen gave me a thermometer and Emeline a quilt. Emeline isn’t felling at all well, has dizzy spells.

Sunday, March 25, at Malinda’s, near Palestine

Sun is out again but cold. I felt sick a couple of times again last night so did not eat much dinner today. Right after dinner Allen drove me over to Cousin Malinda’s. It was a nice day and I enjoyed the ride and did not get a bit cold. Alice had heated a couple of bricks for me to put to my feet. The folks were all alone and at dinner. After dinner their neighbors the Hoffmans [Herbert Albert Hoffman] [Bertha Isabel Puterbaugh Hoffman] came and spent P.M. Lottie’s husband and two little children also came. Virginia was sick so Lottie could not come. I was sleepy so went to bed early.

Monday, March 26, at Malinda’s, near Palestine

Another cloudy day and cold. Mabel and I went over to Palestine and called on Mrs. Hipes [Jane Louisa Thomas Hipes334] this P.M. She is such a dear lady and we stayed quite a while talking to her. She used to be Jane Thomas. We went over to see her sister Allie Monks [Alice G. Thomas Monks335]. She gave me a whole bag of gladiola bulbs, such nice ones. It was lovely of her. Went to the store then came on home.

Tuesday, March 27, at Malinda’s, near Palestine

Mabel, Linda and I drove over to Harter’s this P.M for Linda to try on her dress that Mrs. Harter [?] was making for her. We stayed quite a while and intended going on over to call on Clara Thomas Wilcox [Clara Thomas Wilcox336] but we could not get the car to go. Finally the school bus came along and Linda called the driver in to crank it for us, it was too late to go to Wilcox’ then so we came home. After supper we all drove over to Orla and spent the evening.

Wednesday, March 28, at Malinda’s, near Palestine

Had a letter from Belle this A.M., saying she and Henry would come for Linda and I Saturday if it did not rain. Am so glad as I did not like to go on train with all my baggage. I put Linda’s tatting collar together this A.M. Worked on Herschel Brown’s wife’s tatting this A.M. Three of the neighbors came in this P.M.: Bessie Rolfe [?], Mrs. Klase [?] and Mrs. Wagnor [?] and spent the P.M. I enjoyed their chatting. Mabel went up to Hoffmans to stay with the children all night while Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman went to Dayton, a neighbor hired hand came over and we played domino.

Thursday, March 29, at Malinda’s, near Palestine

A cloudy and windy day. Orla and family came over about eleven o’clock. Linda had a fine dinner for us. Orla’s have such a sweet little girl called Marian. They have the California fever and expect to go in the fall. In the evening Dorla [Dorland Homer Metzcar337], wife [Donna May Sawade Metzcar338] and three little girls [Francis Metzcar339] [Bernice Metzcar340] [Florence Metzcar341] came and spent the evening. They have nice looking children. It was quite cold today.

Friday, March 30, at Malinda’s, near Palestine

A cold disagreeable day again. I had a card from W.C. today saying he had arrived at the farm. This P.M. the wind was cold but in spite of it Mabel, Linda and I went out and dug up roses, lily bulbs, peonies, etc., to send home. We wanted to go to Harters, Bollingers and Hokes [?] to see my quilt but we could not get the machine to go. When Sam came he brought me some young sassafras trees so I packed my box. Linda had a long box she had gotten some window blinds from Sears and Roebucks and it was just the thing. I got so many things in, it weighed over 9 lbs. Linda and Sam drove over to Harters for her dress but was so cold I did not go.

Saturday, March 31, at Henry’s, Dayton

It is bright and sunny today but so very cold. I took my box out to the mail carrier this A.M. He did not know what zone Okla. was in but I gave him a dollar and he will give Mabel the change Monday. When I got back in Aunt Manday Penny [Barbara Amanda Metzcar Penny], husband [John Henry Penny] and a Mr. Brown [?] had come after while Bess [Bessie Mae Metzcar Carpenter342], husband [Chester Clifford Carpenter343], twins [Eunice Carpenter344] [Agnes Carpenter345] and Dr. Mary Cromer [Dr. Mary Ozias Cromer346] drove up. I was so surprised to see Dr. Mary as I thot she was in Martinsville. We had such a nice visit together. Bess seems to be a wonderful mother and her husband a very nice man. The twins are very cute. Malinda had a big dinner. We had to start home early. It had turned warmer and we had a nice trip home. Saw cousin Frank when we went thru Lewisburg. He came to the auto and said he was going to go after my bureau and crate it and the cupboard. We came home by W. Alex pike. Got home early and found Elnora waiting for us. Found a card from Minnie and Grant saying they were going to start home Sun. Also a letter from Julia Hoerner and papers from W.C. Elsie and Earl came a short time.

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