1934/35 – The Dunaway Diary

Howard & Holly Dunaway, May 10th 1934 - wedding day!

Howard & Holly Dunaway, May 10th 1934 – wedding day!

This is a transcription of the diary that my grandparents, James Howard Dunaway and Holly Guthrie Dunaway, kept during the first year of their marriage. May 10, 1934 – May 9, 1935. It’s a wonderful portrayal of what it was like for at least one young couple, in their mid 20’s, who moved constantly around TX and LA as part of the oil business.

They wrote everyday – sometimes Howard’s words, but mostly Holly’s. Priceless for me, and hopefully helpful to others. There is a list on another page of the people: friends, family members, doctors, etc., mentioned in the diary.

Words in quotation marks, apparent misspellings, or odd grammar are usually an attempt to transcribe the diary exactly as it appears. For an easier time searching for names, request a PDF version of the diary by contacting me: jodi@familyatyourfingertips.com.

If you have a diary that you want others to enjoy and learn from, I’m very happy to host it on Unclaimed Ancestors so you can share it with the world! Just contact me (jodi@familyatyourfingertips.com).


LIST OF NAMES in the Dunaway Diary

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