Nellie Marquardt Gaskill

Nellie (Marquardt) Gaskill

This is Nellie. Her photograph was taken in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On the back is written “Nellie Gaskill (Marquardt). For research purposes, Marquardt was assumed to be her maiden name. There are several Nellie Gaskill’s in the Fort Wayne, IN area – but only one with the maiden name Marquardt – and what a great name that is!

Nellie was born in Indiana about 1896. She married Ira C. Gaskill (his second wife) in February of 1918. Her parents were Jacob and Emma Barfeel Marquardt. The couple resided in Allen county (the same county as Fort Wayne) in the 1920 and 1940 census. They lived in Huntington, IN in 1930.

This is an absolutely beautiful picture. I found it on eBay and it can be purchased if anyone is interested – here’s the link.

Walter & May Ellis

Walter T. Ellis and wife May Holden Ellis

What a great photo! I’d like to do a recreation of this one. This is Walter T. Ellis and wife May Holden Ellis – according to the writing on the back. The photo was taken in Sioux City, Iowa. Click here to see the eBay sale of the picture by postype if you’d like to own it.

Here’s what I’ve been able to discover about the couple: Walter, whose middle initial is often F., was born about 1863. The couple were married in Chicago on November 22, 1894. In 1900, they lived in Des Moines, Iowa with son Harold who is 4. By 1910 they moved to Sioux City – still with only the one son. Walter was born in Iowa, May (or Mary as she is sometimes documented) in Massachusetts in 1867. They have a beautiful marriage license online at as well.

May died in Los Angeles, California in 1946; Walter had preceded her in death.

Reuel Keagy

This is Reuel Keagy, “about 6 mo’s”, according to the back of the photo. I just love the look on his

Reuel Keagy, about 6 mo’s

face. This photo was taken by Studeio Marquee in Decatur, Illinois – where I supposed the child was born given how young he is in the photo.

This is likely Abraham Reuel Keagy, born in 1893 in Illinois. His parents were Ira and Mary Keagy. There is another “Reul Keagy/Keaggy” born in Illinois in 1894 that lives in Arkansas in 1910 and in Michigan in 1920. I’m going with the person who has the exact spelling – but just wanted to let it be known that there is another possibility for identity.

Reuel lives in Illinois with is parents in 1920. There’s a great 1918 University of Illinois yearbook photo of Reuel – only a true professional would be able to tell if that 6 month old baby is the same as the 20 year old man! Reuel’s 1917 draft registration card says he was born in Decatur. There are a lot of families with little Reuel in their tree on Ancestry, so maybe one of them can confirm.

I own this photo, in case any family members want the original.

Wm. Litchfield

Wm. Litchfield, Stockton, CA

I admit, I’m a little stumped by Mr. Litchfield. While only his last name appears (several times) on the front of the picture, on the back “Wm. Litchfield” is scribbled. The photographer was in Stockton, CA. With a quick search there are two possible people this could be. 1) William Litchfield born 1881 in Canada, lived most of his life (1922-1940 at least) in Pasadena, CA. Mother was Jean M. Litchfield from Canada, father (unknown) was from England. 2) William Litchfield born 1874 in Minnesota. Son of C. L. Litchfield and Jennie Hanson. Resided in Oakland, CA during the 19-teens and into the 1920 census. However, he isn’t in California very long: 1880 in MN with family, 1900 in Alaska with brother Arnold, 1910 in Seattle, 1920 in Oakland, 1930 in Seattle, 1940 in Washington state.

I’m leaning toward the latter Mr. Litchfield as the one in the picture. Why? Because while he didn’t live in CA very long, when he did he lived much closer to Stanton where the photo was taken. Pasadena is 5 + hours away (even longer back then). That’s literally all I have to go on without more in depth research. I will contact family members of both Mr. Litchfield’s, maybe they know more. William Litchfield is for sale on eBay here.

Thomas P. Render

Thomas P. Render

“Thomas P. Render, Millerton, Kans.” is written on the back of this photo from postype on eBay. Millerton, Kansas is in Sumner county, which is where Mr. Render spent most of his (probably interesting) life. He was born in 1855 in Kentucky to C. J. Render and Lucinda Phipps – several people have noted the the middle initial P. stands for Phipps – likely. He lived with his parents and a few siblings in 1860 in Butler, KY. By 1870 he moved to Coffey, Kansas to live with older brother John. in 1880, he and probably a younger brother lived in Palo Pinto, TX where he worked as a stockraiser. 1900 found Thomas in Sumner again, a single man working as just a “laborer”. By 1910 he was a grain buyer – still living alone. He probably died before 1920, as I didn’t see him in another census record. No descendants I suppose, but a family none the less.