Uncle Wallie’s Wife

Mary Lee Clement, Wife of Wallace Clement (“Uncle Wallie”)

Another wonderful portrait, I love the flowers on her dress. The caption on the photo is exactly what’s written on the back. There was only one Mary Lee and Wallace Clement couple that popped out of the searchable documents. I believe this is Mary Lee Simmons Clement, born in 1867. She and Wallace P. Clement lived in Edna, Jackson, Texas where she passed away in 1941. She was the daughter of M. T. Simmons and Lee Staples based on her death certificate.

I am curious if she is related to Rowena Clement from the previous post. More research to do there!

Rowena and Sylvia

Rowena Clement (right) and Sylvia Fitzsimmons Hopkins (left)


I do love the poses of women together for some reason, probably the hair. These two ladies according to the back of the photo are Rowena Clement and Sylvia Hopkins. Thankfully the inscriber included Sylvia’s maiden name Fitzsimmons, which was incredibly helpful in finding her in the archives.

Sylvia Fitzsimmons (with various spellings) was born on October 29, 1878 in Texas to James S. Fitzsimons and Kate French – See death certificate. She married Frank E. Hopkins sometime between 1900-1910. Sylvia grew up in Gonzalez but moved to Kerr, Texas with her husband later. They did not appear to have any children. But several Fitzsimmons nieces and nephews lived with her and Frank throughout the early 1/2 of the century (also aiding in her identification.) Sylvia died on November 10, 1952.

I have not yet discovered who Rowena Clement is or how she is connected to Sylvia. They don’t appear to be siblings. But the research has just started so hopefully there will be more to add.

John Maks of Illinois

John Maks of Illinois


A wonderful picture. I was hoping the name and place stamp would lead me to an identity. Unfortunately there are far too many John Makes in Illinois to have any hope of narrowing in on which one this man might be.