October 1922

Sunday, Oct. 1, at Henry’s, Dayton

Henry drove me over to Blanche’s this A.M. I enjoyed my visit with her so much. She had such a good dinner so well cooked and nicely served. I like her husband fine [Paul Carlton Elliott109] and they seem very happy together. Has very cosy rooms in an apartment house. Belle and Henry came after me. We had a good long talk of olden times.

Monday, Oct. 2, at Henry’s, Dayton

Cleaned a big fish Henry caught at lake and fried it for our dinner and it was fine. Cut out rest of quilt pieces this A.M. In P.M. Henry, Belle, Celia, Myrtie S. and myself drove to Lewisburg. Stopped at Shares to see when Cousin Daisy Fox [Daisy L. Bunting Fox110] and husband were coming. Had had a postal from Edith Share on morning mail saying they were coming. Also had a long letter from W.C. and one from Aunt Alice. We stopped at Cousin Chas Horner’s place of business to tell him about Daisy coming then went on up to cemetery to put some flowers on Currence’s grave. Went to Elnora’s and brushed up, then went on down to Mrs. Derr’s [Sarah E. Wolf Derr111] and spent P.M. She told me all about Mr. D’s [Fredrick Agustus Derr112] and Edward’s [Edward Meise Derr113] death. Felt so sorry for her. She has such a nice home. Drove home by way of Edna’s. A lovely day and I enjoyed the ride so much. Pieced at my quilt all evening.

Tuesday, Oct. 3, at Henry’s, Dayton

Up and had breakfast and ready to go out to cemetery to take flowers to Margaret’s grave then we are going up to Maud’s for the day. Went to cemetery and every thing looks beautiful, so many flowers. A lovely day, so late and no frosts yet. Maud had a fine dinner and I enjoyed it so much after our long ride. Came back by Edna’s. Spent evening on quilt patches.

Wednesday, Oct. 4, at Henry’s, Dayton

Made my outing gown this A.M. In P.M. we drove to wholesale house and got our powder puffs (only 75 cts per doz) and rings. Went on down town met Ada Keithley [Adakile Wilson Keithley114] on street, the first I had seen her. Bought me a fancy hair pin for my hair. Came home and worked button holes in my gown and put trimming on. Cousin Minnie Taylor called up and said Cousin Daisy Fox and husband were to be at her house tomorrow and the whole bunch to be there and they wanted me to come too, so I am going.

Thursday, Oct. 5, at Henry’s, Dayton

This A.M. Henry drove me over to Carmonte to Cousin Minnie Taylor’s. Daisy Fox and husband came just before dinner. Daisy is so nice looking and Mr. Fox [William F. Fox115] is so jolly. I enjoyed them so much. drove to Frank’s where Daisy and Mr. Fox were to stay all night. Minnie and Grant walked home with me on the way to their car.

Friday, Oct. 6, at Malinda’s, Near Palestine

We started for Cousin Malinda’s early this A.M. Stopped at Alice’s [Alice Lucia Wilt Hetzler116] and Emeline’s [Emeline Wilt117] the first I had seen them. Alice has aged so much more than Emeline I think. I phoned from there to Mary Brown [Mary Virginia Harp Brown118] and told her we would be over the next day. She was so surprised. They seemed glad to see me. We went on to Malinda’s in time for dinner. Stopped along the lake road to pick some bitter sweet. In the P.M. we drove over to a neighbors where they were going to have a sale on Monday to see if they had any old furniture I wanted. They had a chest of drawers I would like to have but nothing else. We went on over to Orley’s [Orlando Vernon Metzcar119] and saw him and his family for the first time. They have three little girls [Marian B. Metzcar120] [?] [?] and a nice wife [Ada Marie Hill Metzcar121].

Saturday, Oct. 7, at Henry’s, Dayton

We started to Mary’s about 9 o’clock. Was misting when we started. Mabel [Mabel Edna Metzcar122] went home with us. Mary seemed glad to see me also Hazel [Hazel M. Brown Brown123]. Little Harold [Harold Brown124] has grown so much and so bright. Almost the first thing he said was that he was going to school. Mary had such a good dinner for us. Henry and little Harold spent the time until the men came picking up hickory nuts. They are so plentiful this year. Billy [William S. Brown125] and Arthur [Arthur Ray Brown126] were over at the old Jaqua farm helping build a new house as the old house had burned down. Every thing looked so nice, beautiful flowers, so many dahlia’s. They have a nice home and every thing so clean and comfortable. We had to start home early as it was still misting and raining and would get dark early. Stopped at Elnora’s only for a few minutes but didn’t get out of car. Rained quite hard for a short time but we were very comfortable in the sedan. Came home by W. Alexandria. Found two letters awaiting me from W.C., one from Cisco and the other from Breckenridge. Wealthy and family were in for a short time tonight. I wrote W.C. and wrote my diary up.

Sunday, Oct. 8, at Henry’s, Dayton

Gloomy this A.M. and some rain but after breakfast I dressed to go to Emma Paine’s. Henry took me up in car about eleven o’clock. I was the first to arrive but Grant and Minnie soon came. The other folks from Lewisburg didn’t come until after 12 o’clock. Mary Gay, Mrs. Wood, Walter and Ohio Gray [Ohio May Gray Disher127] came in one car and Dr. Brown and Maud in another car. Dinner was soon served after which we all had a good long talk. Everyone seemed in a lively mood. First I had seen Ohio Gray. She has beautiful gray hair and is much better looking than in her younger days, quite handsome. Emma had her house decorated in beautiful flowers. Had some of the most beautiful flowers of the dahlia variety I ever saw. They were grown by a neighbor. Some of them did not look like dahlia’s at all. Henry came for me about 4-30 ending one more very pleasant day among old friends. Celia and Charles came down and spent the evening.

Monday, Oct. 9, at Henry’s, Dayton

Mabel and I began Belle’s house cleaning this A.M. I cleaned my ward robe and room good from top to bottom. Mabel cleaned bath-room and stair way and swept and dusted front bed room in the A.M. In the P.M. I worked on my gown and quilt. A very rainy and gloomy day.

Tuesday, Oct. 10, at Henry’s, Dayton

Finished my gown that I made out of old gown and new top. Put it together with insertion and used same on sleeves. Belle gave me the insertion. Myrtie, Jeannette [Jeanette Sheller Williams128] and little Jr. [Alvin B. Williams Jr.129] came in a short time, also Celia. In P.M. I worked on our dust caps. In the evening we all went up to Charlie’s and spent the evening. I crocheted on the edge on dust cap. Rained most of day.

Wednesday, Oct. 11, at Henry’s, Dayton

The man came to do Belle’s papering today. After we got every thing out of the rooms I crocheted on the caps and finished them. Then we cleaned the kitchen and got the stove and things back in it. Alma Eikenberry called me up and wanted me to go with her to the Victory to a show Sat. P.M. then out to her house for supper. I am going.

Thursday, Oct. 12, at Henry’s, Dayton

We cleaned sitting room and dining room today and every thing looks so nice and clean. I am ready to write W.C. and Juna. Wrote them both and took them up to mail box. This has been a very nice day. Spent the evening reading the last Ladies Home Journal.

Friday, Oct. 13, at Henry’s, Dayton

A beautiful day but cool enough for a little fire. Mabel and I cleaned Belle’s bed room then I cleaned the parlor while Mabel cleaned the back porch. We are going for a drive this P.M. Drove to Maud’s and spent a couple of hours then back by Edna’s for a short stay. A beautiful Autumn day and I enjoyed the ride so much.

Saturday, Oct. 14, at Henry’s, Dayton

Washed and ironed my blouse, also washed Belle’s table throw. Got ready to go to Alma’s. Belle, Henry and Mabel were going to drive down to an apple orchard near Waynesville so wanted to start early so drove me to Rike’s and they went on. While wandering around in Rike’s, a gentleman came up and called me Mrs. Harp. I did not know him and he said he was Harry Gay [Harry G. Gay130]. Said Delpha [Delpha Margaret Curtin Gay131] was just outside so I went out and had a long talk with Delpha and her mother [Elizabeth MacDonald Curtin132]. Went on down to the Victory and met Alma. Enjoyed the play, was dark when we left the theater. Went out with Alma for supper and met her sister-in-law and two younger daughters. They seem so nice and I like them fine. After supper Alma and I had a good long talk. Left at 9 o’clock and reached home at 25 until 10 and found Henry out on porch waiting for me.

Sunday, Oct 15, at Henry’s, Dayton

We got up rather late this A.M. Wrote W.C. and finished Aunt Alice’s letter. Had a good chicken dinner early then drove to Lewisburg and had a good visit with Elnora. She showed me two silk quilts she is making. Lovely pieces in them. Drove by way of National Road to Edna’s, no one at home, then on to Wealthy’s for a short visit. Enjoyed the ride so much.

Monday, Oct. 16, at Henry’s, Dayton

Getting things ready to go to town this P.M. Want to do a lot of shopping. Went down in the rain and it rained so hard we could only go to Rike’s and stay there. I bought a black and white percale for 10 cts per yard and a challis for $1 per yard. Want to make them for cold weather. Raining hard when we started home and rained all evening. I began to crochet corners for my napkins.

Tuesday, Oct. 17, at Henry’s, Dayton

I cut out my black and white dress and worked on it all A.M. It was a beautiful day and in the P.M. we drove down to see the electrical home. It isn’t large (7 rooms and bath) but every thing is run by electricity even a “doings” to dry your hair and mayonaise mixer. Furnished beautifully. They are advertising it for sale, want $30,000. Worked on my crochet in the evening.

Wednesday, Oct. 18, at Henry’s, Dayton

Mabel, Belle, Henry and I drove to Edna’s to spend the day as it was her birthday, but did not find her at home. Henry had stopped and got bread, fresh ribs and sauer kraut but we took every thing and drove to Wealthy’s. Edna and Maud were both there also Mrs. Garst [?] and 5-wks. old baby [?]. We had a fine time. I began on my round blue luncheon cloth. Finished the big corner for my lunch cloth in the evening.

Thursday, Oct. 19, at Henry’s, Dayton

Road to Maud’s over Covington Pike thru Shiloh, Englewood and Union over paved highway and along traction line. We all went to Maud’s for the day. She had such a fine dinner. It was such a beautiful day that in the P.M. Maud went with us and we drove up to Mrs. Garst’s. She lives on the place Wealthy owned and where Henry put the ram in. Henry and I walked down where the spring was and to where the ram was, the water running all the time. It is a beautiful place and am sorry Wealthy ever sold it. The water runs in the kitchen all the time. Coming home we stopped at Edna’s. She has a very bad cold. We came home early to get ready to go to Cincinnati tomorrow. Found a letter from W.C. written on his way to Mexia.

Friday, Oct. 20, at Henry’s, Dayton

We got up early this A.M. and started for Cincinnati quite early, was in the city and parked by 9-45. First went to Shillito’s, looked things over and Belle and I got us each black earrings and Mabel got her beads to match the trimming on her brown silk dress. We then went across the street to two art stores. Got us a stamped apron to work. From there went down to The Fair. They had shoddy goods. Went on down to some ten cent stores where I bought some braid then we went up where the car was parked and had a good lunch of fried chicken sandwiches, boiled eggs, cake and fruit. From there we went to Alms and Doepke’s. They have a fine store and was sorry we had such little time to see it. I bought me some more braid. We started home at 1-30 and I enjoyed the ride so much. We went all the way on paved roads and by such lovely homes. Going down it was foggy and we could not see far away. I enjoyed the ride so much as it turned out to be such a lovely day. We stopped at W. Carrolton to find Aunt Clara [?]. I went in a grocery and a lady told me just where to find her. No one at home but little John [?]and he said his grandmother was in Miamisburg helping Reba [?] move. He went with us to a garage to get a flat tire fixed. He seemed like a nice boy. We passed thru Morain City (One of U.S.’s war town built during war), West Carrolton, Miamisburg, Franklin, Middletown, Carthage and other small places. We were detained on account of flat tire but got home before dark.

Saturday, Oct. 21, at Henry’s, Dayton

Mabel and I cleaned up the house then I worked on my black and white dress. Henry took Mabel up to see her friends by the name of Schaffer. In the P.M. Belle and I went up town to do some shopping. I got me three suits of underwear for $1 each. Also some little red buttons for my challis and silk to line the tabs and beads to put with my garnets. In the evening I worked on my quilt.

Sunday, Oct. 22, at Henry’s, Dayton

Got up with a headache this A.M. but by drinking hot water and careful what I ate I feel better. After taking a good bath I took a ride down town with Henry for his Sunday papers. We had a splendid dinner of roast pork, dressing, gravy, apple sauce, apple pie, stewed prunes, coffee, mashed potatoes, cake, jelly, etc. While at the table Clara Swain [?] called and said she was coming up to spend the P.M. In a little while the phone rang and Elzina Sloan called to tell me of Oscar’s death on Friday and funeral to be tomorrow P.M. I phoned Emma Paine and she said we would drive over. Clara came and we had a very nice time together. Belle and Henry drove up to Edna’s to take the wash up but I stayed with Clara. She did not go until nearly dark.

Monday, Oct. 23, at Henry’s, Dayton

Raining so Emma was afraid to drive to Lewisburg to Oscar’s funeral so Belle and Henry took me. So glad I went as Etta seemed so glad. Etta looks badly. Saw Ida [Ida Jane Unger Albert133] and Andy [Andrew Henry Albert134] and had a talk with them also Elzina and Maud Neff Rice [Maud Neff Rice135]. Also Saw Bessie Minnich [Bessie A. Minnich Leas136]. She said so many times she was so glad she got to see me. We rode to church together and sat together. I sat in almost the same place I sat at Etta’s and Fox’s wedding more than 30 yrs. ago. Met Della Harp’s [Leona Della Kimmel Harp137] sister [Mattie Kimmel McKee138] and family, the McKee’s. Also a Mrs. House [?] that is a sister of Raymond Kouks [?] and she spoke of the time I visited them. Saw Nellie House Gregg [Nellie M. House Gregg139] and her mother [Clara Belle Phares House140]. Saw Mrs. Eberle [?], Juna Horn [Juna Etta Bunger Horn141] and daughter [?] and Bert Snyder [?] but did not get to talk to them as I could not go to the cemetery as we had to start home early so I went from the church direct to Elnora’s and we came on home and got here about dark.

Tuesday, Oct. 24, at Henry’s, Dayton

We went to Edna’s for the day and had a nice time. I made me a corset cover ready to stitch. Mabel spent the day Monday with Celia but went with us to Edna’s. In the evening she had a call from Greenville saying Lottie was ill and they wanted her to come.

Wednesday, Oct. 25, at Henry’s, Dayton

I did a big wash in the A.M. and in the P.M. sewed. Mabel left on the 10 o’clock traction. Belle and Henry went out to the cemetery.

Thursday, Oct. 26, at Henry’s, Dayton

I cut out Belle’s black and white dress and my challis then ironed until dinner. Maud came for dinner. While I was dressing to go down town after dinner, Maud ironed the remaining four pieces. We drove down town to do some shopping then on out to Maud’s. Brought Mildred back with us and left her at Wealthy’s for a visit as they will not have school tomorrow. Also stopped at Edna’s for a short time. A lively day. While at the supper table we decided to go to Cousin Malinda’s tomorrow then on to Indianapolis.

Friday, Oct. 27, at Malinda’s, Near Palestine

We drove to Cousin Malinda’s this morning in two hours after leaving Dayton. Beautiful weather and I enjoyed the ride so much. Stopped in Lewisburg for mail and got the veil and box of berries from Juna. Mabel came from Lottie’s in the evening. She and Jean stayed by Ed [Joseph Edward Pendlum142] and his mother and two children went back home.

Saturday, Oct 28. at Jesse’s, Oaklandon, Ind.

We started for Indianapolis this morning at 8 o’clock. Stopped in Richmond and went to a ten cent store. Got postals and wrote Juna and W.C. and Belle wrote Elnora. Had a blow out before we got to Oaklandon and spent one and one half hours on it. Got into Jesse Bolander’s [Jesse Sherman Bolander143] about three o’clock. Belle [Isabelle Hausafus Bolander144], Lester [Lester Bolander145], Jesse and his wife Ruby [Ruby Byers Bolander146] and little daughter [Elaine Bolander147] were there. We had a very nice visit with them. The little girl has big black eyes and only a little past two but talks so plain.

Sunday, Oct. 29, at Ben’s, Indianapolis, Ind.

This A.M. Belle, Henry and I drove to Indianapolis to Rose [Rosanna Baker Ralph148] and Lizzie’s [Elizabeth Baker Sherman149]. They seemed so glad to see us. In a little while Alice Jerrell [Nancy Alice Klepfer Jarrell150] came then later Bess [Mary Elizabeth Klepfer Simms151], Tom Shields [Thomas C. Shields152], Edgar Shields [Edgar Connaughton Shields153], and a couple of other ladies. Cousin Henry Baker’s [Henry A. Baker154] son Glenn [Glenn Russell Baker155] and wife Bettie [?] came also. Henry, Edgar, and Glenn went to hunt a place for Henry to buy a new tire and as soon as they got back Bess, Tom and Edgar and other ladies went home, could not stay as Bess had something on. The rest of us then sat down to the biggest meal I have had yet and everyone seemed to enjoy it so much. After dinner Ed Birch [?] came. Later we all went out to Cousin Ben Hossafous’ [Walter Benton Hausafus156]. Alice went with Ed Birch, Rose and Mr. Ralph [Thomas S. Ralph157] with us, and Lizzie with Glenn and Bettie. After we were there a while Jesse’s wife, Belle and Earl’s [Lewis Earl Hausafus158] wife [Beatrice Leon Apple Hausafus159] and little babe [Clestiabelle Hausafus160] came. We all had such a nice time together. They left about 9-30 for the city. We stayed all night at Ben’s.

Monday, Oct. 30, at Malinda’s, Near Palestine

Belle phoned over she was going with us so we drove over after her and stopped at Earl’s to give them good byes. Myrtle [Myrtle Alice Heiney Hausafus161] put us up a nice lunch. A lovely day and we all enjoyed the ride. We stopped at Richmond for quite a while. Stopped outside of Richmond and ate our lunch. Got at Cousin Malinda’s about 3 o’clock.

Tuesday, Oct. 31, at Malinda’s, Near Palestine

Belle and Henry drove to Winchester to see the Jaqua’s about the Gray estate then on to Dessie Shreve’s [Ladessa Snodgrass Sheeve] and got home about dark. I made Belle Bollander a bonnet like Malinda’s and out of goods she furnished.

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