The Diary: May 1934 – May 1935

Beginning of Diary

May 10, 1934 – Thursday

We met at 9:00 am in Temple and were married at 10:00 by Rev. Gray at the Methodist parsonage with mama and Mirla present.

We came to Austin on the bus and stopped at the Driskill Hotel where this diary was started. We are going to check up on the saying that marriage liscenses will last a lifetime.

[Dollar bill stapled to this entry. Holly wrote on it “Found in Lobby of Driskill Hotel, Austin, Tex, May 10, 1934 – our wedding day.]

[Bottom of page has pre-printed special days in history. One of them has written: “1934 – Final steps in big consolidation taken – in other words, folks, we were married, now!]

May 11 – Friday

We ate breakfast at P.K.’s. Rented a Lightsey and went out to the campus. Saw Jettie and Julia at the cafeteria but didn’t eat dinner with them ‘cause we went on a “little ole” picnic in our park. Ate supper at the cafeteria and met Joe. Spent 10 cents street care-fare because they insisted on our going where we said we were.

May 12 – Saturday

Well, we finally ran into them! Who? Why, Sybil and Nelson. Loafed most of the day and after supper tonite we walked out to the campus and had started up to S. R. D. [Scottish Rite Dormitory] when our plans were suddenly interrupted when we were recognized by “Matilda” and “Minora”. So after a ride, home and to bed.

May 13 – Sunday

Ate breakfast with Sybil, Nelson, and Mildred. Came home on the train and arrived in Jacksonville after eating dinner on the diner. “Kinda” fixed up our “little ole” home and then swiped some roses from the Humble filling station. (Still up to old tricks) Just before bedtime Mrs. Dunaway* won a game of rummy from Mr. Dunaway*. First nite in our own home.

[written at bottom of page *Mr. and Mrs. James Howard Dunaway (that’s us)]

May 14 – Monday

Goodness! This was the first day in our “little old” home and we are just real happy. We almost killed our fool selves but we finally got everything fixed up – why we just couldn’t get anything more in the kitchen. You’d think we were expecting our kinspeople to visit us from the amount of groceries we bought.

May 15 – Tuesday

Well, we did manage to get up at 6:00am and cool breakfast (with biscuits too) in time to go to work. The very first day that “Pug” was home by herself she locked herself our of the house. Goodness we’ll have to have about 8 or 7 keys made. (one for each purse) It was “kinda” sweet to come home to supper cooked by “Pug.” We saw “Riptide” tonite.

May 16 – Wednesday

We had a “kinda” good breakfast this morning and it’s real nice to start to work after eating breakfast together. Pug played bridge this afternoon and met some more of the crew. We went to town after supper and made 55 cents and a pint of milk. How? Well, that’s our business. We ate some double-dips on the way home.

[written at bottom of page “1934 – “Pug” thinks James is “kinda” sweet.”]

May 17 – Thursday

I picked some blackberries for my “Pug” today and she’s going to make us a “cobbler” for supper tomorrow night. Aren’t you “Pug”? Not only that but I did too have strawberry shortcake for supper tonite. Now! So I guess that laugh is on that fool bunch. We wrote Lillian and Catherine tonite and we are just before going to bed. Are you ready “Pug”?

May 18 – Friday

“Pug” played tennis this morning with Mrs. Hallstein and played bridge this afternoon – why, I almost got home before she did. I picked “Pug” some more blackberries and she’s going to make us some jam. The “Baron” and Sam came over tonite and we played poker. And goodness, “Pug” won all the money. Honest! We had apple cider (not hard) with cheese sandwiches and they tasted right well. (good!)

May 19 – Saturday

We got our expense check (the first one) today and “Pug” sorted her “little ole” bank account and it’s all her own money. We had a real nice supper tonite with cornbread and buttermilk. Now! After supper we went to town and bought me some shoes and “Pug” thinks they are real pretty. We studied bridge after we came home. Mac and his wife took us riding and we had some beer. And so to bed.

May 20 – Sunday

We “kinda” loafed al morning and enjoyed it. We had waffles for breakfast and just took our time about eating. Had a real good dinner and then I took “Pug” to the show, bought her a “coke” and then went riding. “Pug” took me to church tonite ‘cause she put a nickel in the collection plate and I didn’t have any change. Ate up all the scraps for supper.

May 21 – Monday

I worked “kinda” hard today and got home real late. James Howard was just real tired tonite, so we just ate supper, and studied some bridge for awhile. And I think Howard is a real good pupil – why! He made 100 tonite. In fact, I think he knows more about it than I do. So he can just teach me. Now! Got two luncheon sets through the mail!

May 22 – Tuesday

Today was my day-off so “Pug” and I just prowled around town. We looked at some silver to complete our set. And while I was getting my hair cut “Pug” bought me a new bill-fold. Haynes and his red-headed woman took us riding and we had some beer at Rockwood Inn. Haynes brought us some bath towels for a wedding present.

May 23 – Wednesday

When i got home tonite “Pug” had a brand new electric percolator that San, Dick and Chatfield had given us. After supper we went to town and Dick and Sam followed us home so we played bridge and had coffee and pie. Naturally, “Pug” and the “Baron” beat Sam and I (me). Things can certainly change their aspect in a short time.

May 24 – Thursday

We had Holland and Gay to supper tonite and since it was Sam’s birthday “Pug” made a cake. Now! The supper was just real good. After supper we all went to the show with their mutual girl friend. the show wasn’t so good and being sleepy we immediately went to bed.

May 25 – Friday

“Pug” went to a bridge party today and won joint high score. She got some salad forks for our silver as a wedding present. Maybe someday we will have a complete set. At least we are going to try. We have socialized so much this week that we are just going to bed tonite even if the President should call! Now!

May 26 – Saturday

But we didn’t – we were highly entertained until 11:00pm (by Lottie) and I’m still sleepy. I hope we get to sleep some tonite. We “ducked” out and went to town right after supper tonite so we wouldn’t have to entertain anymore visitors. We even came in the back way. Can you imagine it – and in our own house too? We are getting to bed tonite at 10:10pm.

May 27 – Sunday

We got up “kinda” early, ate waffles and coffee and then went on a big fishing trip. We didn’t catch any fish but none-the-less it was too a big fishing trip. We ate supper, bathed and went to bed “kinda” early, but we didn’t go to sleep. We talked just a real long time, and then “Pug” had to doctor my “little old” cold.

May 28 – Monday

My cold was well this morning after just one application so I guess my little old “Pug” is just about the best* cold doctor there is. We had fried chicken for supper and it was just real good and it was a surprise too. Our “little ole”

[*Also about the sweetest too, I reckon.]

May 29 – Tuesday

This was James Howard’s day off and we just caught up with our sleep. We were “kinda” lazy all day, and didn’t get anything done but a lot of “courting”. Now! Late in the afternoon we went riding with Mr. and Mrs. Eperson. Then we looked all the shows over and none of them looked good, so we just came home and went to bed.

May 30 – Wednesday

James Howard got home early, and I just hadn’t done a thing all day. But we had a “kinda” good supper anyhow. I took “Spot” out to Lon Morris, and courted him some more. (he says I’m getting good.) We were tired when we got home, so I read “Uncle Wiggily” to “Spot”, and he went to bed. (Didn’t you, James Howard?)

May 31 – Thursday

I went swimming in the river before I came home an I was late for supper but “Pug” didn’t get sore at me. After supper I read to “Pug” from the “Time” until she almost went to sleep so I just up and put her to bed. But I “kinda” enjoyed it because she is my “little ole” baby. Now!

June 1 – Friday

“Pug” game me enough money to get me some gloves if I would go to the store for her this afternoon, so I went. We had Lottie and pat for supper tonite – I mean they ate supper with us. Sam brought his mother by to see “Pug” ‘cause she baked him a birthday cake. We “kinda” enjoyed meeting her.

June 2 – Saturday

Ate a light supper and then went to see the crowd downtown. We looked for me a new pipe but we couldn’t find one. We bought the groceries and carried them home. My “Pug” swiped the Dallas News out in the hall and read “Uncle Wigley” t me after we wen to bed. I read some poems to “Pug”.

June 3 – Sunday

Slept late and then had a “kinda good breakfast which also served as dinner. Went to the show this afternoon and saw “Secrets.” Had fried chicken for supper and we were both just real hungry. Read the Dallas News (no, we bought this one) and the time and then went to bed.

June 4 – Monday

“Pug” went to Tyler today and looked for a red belt for her new dress but couldn’t find one. I came home early today because of the rain. We went to the show tonite and enjoyed. We didn’t go to the Queen’s coronation because we figured it would be “kinda” silly. Made some lemonade when we got home and drank until after midnite.

June 5 – Tuesday

Slept late this morning and had breakfast real late. In fact, we didn’t even go to town until nearly 1:00pm. We sent some tomatoes to our mamas today. Wrote letters and cleaned the house this afternoon and had a cold supper tonite. It certainly is hot!! I’m going to put “Pug” to bed in about 8 or 7 minutes. Come on “Pug”!

[Seems to be Howard writing the first month.]

June 6 – Wednesday

Played tennis with Mrs. Hallstien this morning, and just “kinda” loafed until Howard came home. then we went out to Dialville with a bunch swimming. Had a big time, but my “little old” James Howard was just real hungry when we got home. He didn’t get much supper, but he still “kinda” loves me – Don’t you, James Howard?

June 7 – Thursday

Played tennis. Howard got home “kinda” late – had a good supper, and later walked to town. Dick, and the guy who is going to take Mr. Sam’s place, came home with us. We played bridge and ate ice cream. We were “kinda” tired, sow e went to bed just right soon.

June 8 – Friday

Played tennis again – Mrs. Hallstien, Mrs. Eperson, Mrs. MacReynolds, and Mrs. Patrick came over and played bridge. I was gone when James Howard came home, and I was just real glad to see him when I cam back. His little old feet were hurting, so we ate a cold supper, went to town, fixed his feet up, and went to bed.

June 9 – Saturday

Didn’t do much all day. It was just real hot! After James Howard came home, we just cleaned up, ate supper, and went to town. Met Sam and went riding with him for awhile. We ate some “double dips” when we came back, then we went to bed.

June 10 – Sunday

We have been married one month!! Now! It has seemed real short, and it was just the sweetest month in our lives. My “little old” James Howard had to work today, and he was “kinda” real tired tonite. We’re just going to be lazy tonite, and “kinda” rest a  whole lot.

June 11 – Monday

Mrs. Hallstein and Mrs. Eperson came by real early, and we decided to play bridge over at Mrs. Hallstein’s. We had a real nice time. Went to the show tonite with my James Howard. We saw “Viva Villa” – it was real good. Howard is off tomorrow, and we’re just going to catch up on our sleep.

June 12 – Tuesday

We slept real late and enjoyed it too. Then we had biscuits for breakfast. We didn’t write the letters we had planned to, but we didn’t much care. Chatfield and his girl Katherine Bohn, ate supper with us – then we played bridge and poker. Had a real nice time. Howard won most of the money –

June 13 – Wednesday

Played tennis with Mrs. Hallstein and Mrs. Eperson. then we all played bridge with Mrs. Mason in the afternoon. Had a real nice time. James Howard got home “kinda” early, and we went to town before supper after his shoes.  Mr. and Mrs. Eperson brought us home. We ate supper and sat on Mr. Mason’s porch (by ourselves) until bedtime.

June 14 – Thursday

Nothing unusual or exciting happened all day. Mr. and Mrs. Eperson came over tonite. Howard and L. J. listened to the fight and Ms. Eperson and I talked. Then we played bridge, and Mr. Eperson and James Howard beat us. Went to bed “kinda” early.

June 15 – Friday

I went to a bridge party at Mrs. McReynolds’. Had a good time. Howard got home “kinda” early. After supper we started to write some letters. Mrs. Patrick came in and talked – and talked. got disgusted. Wrote a little and went to bed.

June 16 – Saturday

Howard got home “kinda” late. We ate a cold supper and went to town for a while – then came home and read the cartoons and the short short story in Colliers. We went back to town about 11:00 and went to the mid-nite show “Moulin Rouge”, with Constance Bennett – not very good. We’re “kinda” sleepy.

June 17 – Sunday

We just slept real late this morning because James Howard didn’t have to work. Sam and Dick came in before we ate breakfast. They drank some coffee with us – we were just real lazy, all day, and we “kinda” enjoyed it. Dick and Sam ate supper with us, and we played some poker. We lost, but we had a big time.

June 18 – Monday

Cleaned all the house and cooked a “kinda” good supper for my James Howard. He was real tired when he came home ‘cause everything just went wrong all day. We walked to town after supper, then came home and went to bed “kinda” early to catch up on our sleep.

June 19 – Tuesday

Howard’s day off – so we just slept real late – Chatfield came over awhile in the afternoon to talk to Howard. I cooked a pie (coconut) for my “little old” James Howard, and we had pice and ice cream for supper. Just gave up looking for the twins today – Now!

June 20 – Wednesday

I went down to Mrs. Eperson’s awhile, but came home “kinda” early so I could cook supper for James Howard (I think that’s a real cute name.) We played bridge with the Epersons’ after supper, then drove around for a while. We’re “kinda” tired, so we are just going to bed – aren’t we, darling Howard?

June 21 – Thursday

Went to Tyler with Mrs. Eperson and Mrs. Hallstein. Bought Howard a road map and some beer for his supper. He enjoyed it just a whole lot, and I was “kinda” glad.

Went with Hallstien’s to see “Good Dame” – it was rotten. Good comedy. “Pat” ate breakfast with us. We’ve been married 7 weeks. So we just sat on the front steps and “courted” after we got home from the show. And the moon was pretty.

June 22 – Friday

Today was just real hot and I was real tired when I came in. After supper we sat in the backyard with the McGowans (we had started to the garage for a bottle to put our brandy in when we ran into them.) We wrote some letters and then “romped” and then went to bed.

June 23 – Saturday

Dick, Sam, and Charlie played poker with us tonite and “Pug” and I just lost 2 “bucks” but we didn’t mind ‘cause we had a good time. Dick told us that he was married and that his wife was coming down soon. Maybe we’ll have them for neighbors. We didn’t go to bed until two o’clock. That’s “kinda” like it was before we were married, isn’t it, baby dear? Uh-huh, it just is, sweetheart.

June 24 – Sunday

We had coffee in bed this morning and my “Pug” brought it to me. Now! We went to church and then had dinner. We had broiled chicken and it was real good. We went swimming this afternoon with Sam, Dick and Charlie and afterwards had sandwiches and beer for supper. Finally founded up the whole gang at the filling-station and had a first class bull-session. So home and to bed.

June 25 – Monday

Got 10 locations today but wasn’t so very tired when I got in. Had steak for supper and it was good. “Pug” and I prowled around town and then went to the show – “Sadie McKee”. We talked a long time before we went to bed. “Pug” got something in her eye and we had to work with it a long time before we got it out.

June 26 – Tuesday

Our day off!! Slept late and ate breakfast at noon. Went to town and looked at Chevrolets and then spent the rest of the day planning our trip this summer. Got everything all figured except how we are going to meet our current bills. Maybe we’ll find a five dollar bill before the first, “Pug”. Reckon? To bed early. you don’t have anything in your eye, do you “Pug”? NO.

June 27 – Wednesday

When Howard came home we ate supper and went over to see Mac awhile ‘cause he was sick. He was feeling a lot better, so we all went to see “Come on, Marines.” Ate some double dips after the show. Howard and I were just real tired when we got home so we went to bed.

June 28 – Thursday

Went to town with Mrs. Eperson – got home at 10:00 o’clock and James Howard was home!! and he did too have a $5.00 bill. Now! Well, it wasn’t exactly a $5 bill, but it was better ‘cause it was a five dollar check, and he got a $10 raise. Mr. and Mrs. Eperson, Mac, and Harry drank coffee with us. Howard ate lunch at home – it was sweet.

June 29 – Friday

Dick brought his wife over to see me. We sat on Mrs. Mason’s porch and talked to her awhile. Howard got home “kinda” early. We ate supper with the MacReynolds and later drove over to see Mac’s folks at Palestine. Had a real nice time. Howard and I are tired and sleepy.

June 30 – Saturday

All the ladies on the crew ate lunch with me – played bridge all afternoon – Howard got his pay check. He’s off until next Friday, and we are leaving at 3:30 in the morning for Midland. Howard is excited over going home – he has been away nearly two years. I think he’s just real sweet.

July 1 – Sunday

Caught the train at 3:30am and got to Ft. Worth at 9:00am. Couldn’t locate any of our kinfolk so we caught the “Sunshine Special” for Midland and got here at 10:30pm. Dad met us and we had to wake mother up when we got to the house. We were just real tired and sleepy when got here but we all had to set up and talk awhile. They were just real glad to see us and I was just real proud of my baby darling. I just “thinked” my “lille ole” James Howard is the sweetest thing in the world.


July 2 – Monday

Slept late and rested this morning and explored the house and yard. Catherine brought George Ralph over and introduced him. We played bridge this afternoon with Jenny and Catherine and started to go swimming but the pool was drained. Ate supper early and talked to mom and dad a long time. We still haven’t caught up with our sleep so we are off to bed early.

July 3 – Tuesday

Ralph and Catherine came over and we played bridge. James Howard bought his “Pug” a new dress. It’s real sweet. We all went out to see Bush after lunch. came back home with Jenny and drank some good wine. Went to see “The Thin Man” tonite. It was good. Played contract until after 2:00 still think James Howard is sweet.

July 4 – Wednesday

We slept real late because we were “kinda” tired. Catherine and Ralph talked to us while we ate breakfast. We drove Howard’s dad’s new Buick to Odessa. Went over and told the Blackmon’s good-bye. Ate supper with Mr. and Mrs. Dunaway. Then talked to the “Judge” until real late. Packed and finally got to bed.

July 5 – Thursday

Left Midland at 6:00 this morning and got into Ft. Worth at 6:00pm. It was “kinda” fun riding with my “Pug” and someday we are going somewhere in a Pullman, aren’t we “Pug”? Saw Lillian and Irvin and my grandmother. Dick picked us up at 5:00 and we came on to Dallas and go Sam. Got to Jacksonville at Midnite all tired and sleepy but we really had a big trip. And it was worth it, wasn’t it, “Pug” dear?

July 6 – Friday

James Howard had to get his breakfast down town because there wasn’t anything in the house to eat. We’re “kinda” glad to be home again and get everything cleaned up. I “kinda” missed my “little ole” James Howard today while hew as working. We studied some Contract tonite and just talked some, and now we are going to bed. Goodnite, Howard.

July 7 – Saturday

Goodness, we overslept this morning and I almost had to go to work without any breakfast. But it didn’t make any difference if was late because “Uncle Homer” was in Houston. I got home “kinda” early this afternoon and surprised my baby “Pug.” We went to town after and then studied some more contract. We are going to bed and sleep just as late as we want to, aren’t we sweetheart?

July 8 – Sunday

We slept until about 11:00 o’clock then had a “kinda” good breakfast. We just loafed and rested all day. Dick and Gay came in and invited is to drink with them, but we didn’t want anything. “Pat” came in and talked awhile, ate supper with us, and we all rode around awhile. Wrote to mama and Sybil. Went in to see Dick’s and Erma’s apartment.

July 9 – Monday

Worked “kinda” hard today and was tired when I got home but my “Pug” just had a real good supper fixed for me. Didn’t you “Pug?” We went riding with the Epperson’s and they played bridge with us. We are just going to set up and talk tonight because I don’t have to work tomorrow. Now! We are not even going to wind the clock when we go to bed.

July 10 – Tuesday

We have been married two months today and it was my day off, too. We just had a big time today because we didn’t even get up until 3:00pm. We just stayed in bed and talked and “singed” songs. It was just real sweet, too. We are going to read in bed tonite until we get sleepy. (I still think my James howard is just the sweetest person in the world. “Pug”)

July 11 – Wednesday

Howard got home “kinda” early and I was gone – to a bridge party at Mrs. Gates! I won high score and got a linen table cloth. After supper James Howard and I studied bridge – and we “romped” some too. Howard washed all the dishes for me and it was just real sweet of him, too.

July 12 – Thursday

We had just a light supper tonite and then just talked a long time – until after ten without realizing how late it was. We discussed everything from our respective grandmas to all the fights we have figured in – just in, not between ourselves.

July 13 – Friday

We went to the show with Chatfield and Catherine Bone. Saw “Melody in Spring”. Walked home, and were “kinda” tired and sleepy. We talked awhile and were just going to bed aren’t we James Howard, dear? (I just “kinda” love my “little ole” James Howard a whole lots, but he doesn’t know it, now!

July 14 – Saturday

I went to town early, and when I got back James Howard had already been home. He doesn’t have to work anymore today. Went swimming with the MacReynolds, Ray, and Charlie. I blistered. Ray took all of us to lunch at the Elite Hotel. I baked some cookies while my James Howard slept, and then we went to town.

July 15 – Sunday

Howard had to work all day, and I was just real lonesome for him. He brought me a bottle of “Evening in Paris” perfume when he came home. I think it was real sweet of him, and I like the perfume a lot. We went to see Bing Crosby in “We’re not Dressing” (I “kinda” love my Howard.)

July 16 – Monday

It was real late when my James Howard got home, and now he’s got to go back to old Kiesow’s garage and work tonite. I just worked while my Howard was gone and when he came back we fixed our peach brandy up. We are going to bed because it is already late. Good-nite James Howard.

July 17 – Tuesday

We gave Erma and Dick a party at Mrs. Epperson’s. All the crew (except Pat & Lottie) were there. They seemed to have a good time – playing bridge. Gave Dick and Erma some wine glasses. Got home late and my James Howard was real sleepy. Good-nite James Howard, dear.

July 18 – Wednesday

I helped Mrs. Epperson clean up and return everything we had borrowed for the party. James Howard was real tired when he got home. We ate supper and started to read, but we went to sleep. Woke up at 10:00 o’clock and now are going to bed and sleep some more.

July 19 – Thursday

Didn’t do much all day – felt “kinda” lazy because we slept so much. When Howard came home we ate supper and went by the hospital to see Ray. Went on to the show and saw “The Black Cat.” It didn’t even scare me.

July 20 – Friday

We stayed home tonite and read some. I played tennis this morning and don’t feel so good over it. (Mr. Dunaway thinks I’m going to kill my fool self.) Anyway it’s real sweet some time just to be home with my “little ole” “Howardy” and I “kinda” love him. I just love my “little ole Pugsy.” Now!

July 21 – Saturday

Found a real nice apartment over on North Bolton St. and Howard and I are going to look at it tonite. Howard took his first shot of Typhoid serum and his arm is already getting sore. I’m going to take mine in the morning. Looked at the apartment and it was swell. Going to move Tuesday if we can get a rebate from “ole” Kiesow.

July 22 – Sunday

Got up at 9:30 and went to take the serum. Met Elmer – He’s going to eat dinner with us. We got home just as Alton was driving up to see us. Howard was “kinda” glad to see him, and I think he is real nice. He looks like Howard but isn’t as tall. “Howardy” has fever and I’m going to put him to bed. Now!

July 23 – Monday

Felt bad all day and had to work hard too. Went to see about our apartment and found the old fool had rented it to some “oil people” – and after we had arranged for a rebate, too. Can you beat that. Drank some beer with the Hallsteins in an attempt to drown our sorrows and then came on home. But anyway, I still have my “Pug” Don’t I “Pug”?

And I’ll always have my “little ole” “Howardy” too. Now!

July 24 – Tuesday

Slept late today and then went to town for a while. Went to Athens this afternoon in the salesman’s Chevrolet and when we got back we just up and bought one of our own*. Honest! A four-door sport sedan and are we proud of it? Why, its the first car my “Pug” and I ever had. Now! I still loved my “Pug” the best, tho.

[bottom of page] *I think it was real sweet of my James Howard to buy us a new chevrolet, and i loved him a whole lots.

July 25 – Wednesday

Played tennis – went down after my “Howardy” in our new car, but missed him somewhere. We went driving after supper and put 100 miles on the car before we came home. It’s just real nice and we enjoy it so much. but I still like my “Howardy” best. Now!

July 26 – Thursday

Went riding after supper – picked up Sam, Charlie, and a Shell guy and drove down to Rusk. Came home and ate a watermelon and worked on a crossword puzzle. Went to Tyler in the morning and took Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Hallstein. “Howardy” and I are just real sleepy.

July 27 – Friday

Howard got home “kinda” early and I was real glad to see him. We ate supper and went driving for a little while – Dick and Erma went with us. We came back and played poker with them, and Sam, Charlie, and Griffin. We quit early and we’re going to bed.

July 28 – Saturday

“Pug” came out to the field this morning and watching us work. It was just real sweet to have my “Pugsdy” come out ‘cause it didn’t seem so long ‘til I saw her when I came in. We went driving and “Pug” got a blister on her eye. I fixed it for her. We are going to bed early ‘cause we are going to Gilmer in the morning.

July 29 – Sunday

Our arms were real sore this morning but we went on to Gilmer. Met Alton in Gladwater and he drove us around East Texas oil field. It certainly is a large place. Took some fried chicken, a watermellon and our wine and had a real picnic. We were real tired coming back and my “Pug” drove while I slept with my head in her lap. I think my “Pug” is just real sweet. Now!

July 30 – Monday

Took our “little ole” car down to the chevrolet garage and got it checked after the first 500 miles. “Howardy” and I went riding awhile after supper, and it’s jut real sweet ‘cause we can just leave whenever we want to now.

July 31 – Tuesday

This was Howard’s day off and we slept “kinda” late. Charlie’s girl, Lucy Forguson, came over and spent the day with us. She’s real nice. James Howard washed and greased our car and we helped him polish it. It looks real nice. Howardy and I played “rummy” tonite and he beat me.

August 1 – Wednesday

I went to a bridge party at Bill’s for Theresa Donesey, Reynold’s girl from Kansas city. She’s real nice. Met my Howardy at five o’clock and we came home and had supper. Rode over to Frankston after supper and drank a root beer.

August 2 – Thursday

Nothing unusual or exciting happened. Howard and I went riding and had our first flat on our new car. Must have picked up a nail – Howard’s going to fix it. Came home and read for a little while, and we’re going to bed “kinda” early tonite.

August 3 – Friday

Mr. and Mrs. Hallstein came over and we played bridge until about ten o’clock – we “kinda” enjoyed playing, and I thing my James Howard is just about the best player. We were tired and sleepy, so we are going to bed right soon now. Good-nitie, James Howard.

August 4 – Saturday

“Howardy” and I got up – “Howardy” and I ate breakfast – “Howardy” went to work. I stayed home and tweedled my thumbs. And all the time I “thinked” my “Pug” was a cleaning the house and there she was a “tweedling” her thumbs. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

We took our last typhoid shots. Went over and drank a cocktail with Mac.

August 5 – Sunday

James Howard was real sick this morning, and had fever from his arm. We just stayed in bed nearly all day. Mac and Ray came in for a few minutes. I made my Howardy some soup and hot tea, and he liked it. We dressed about six o’clock and went driving.

August 6 – Monday

Mrs. Hallstein, Mrs. Epperson and I went out where this crew is working and watched them for awhile. It was a lot of fun, and I saw my James Howard. We went riding for a while tonite, and we are going to bed “kinda” early.

August 7 – Tuesday

Slept late and Howard went down and got a haircut after breakfast. We ate a light lunch and drove over to Tyler. We bought seven bottles of beer and just drove around Tyler the rest of the time. We’re going to see Dick and Erma off tonite.

August 8 – Wednesday

Didn’t play tennis, because I didn’t feel so well. Howardy got home “kinda” late because he had to work on the truck. Mr. and Mrs. Epperson came over and played bridge. My James Howard bid a grand slam and made it. Now! (Doubled, too!)

August 9 – Thursday

We moved! Back into Dick and Erma’s apartment. We went down to see Mr. Kiesow and got a week’s rent back, too. We don’t have every thing very straight yet, but we don’t care ‘cause we’re leaving here in about a week. Aren’t we, Howardy?

August 10 – Friday

Went riding after supper and enjoyed it just a whole lot. Had saurkraut for supper (even if the people in the other apartments didn’t like it.)

August 11 – Saturday

I had everything ready when my Howardy got home and he took me out to Ruggles Park. We had a picnic supper and then he showed me the place. It was real pretty – on a little hill – Terraced all around with sandstones – rock walks – rock benches, ‘n everything. (Ideal place to court.)

August 12 – Sunday

We slept late this morning and when we woke up we talked a long time. We started to go to church but we couldn’t get dressed in time so we went tonite. We went to the Central Baptist and we swiped a song book, too. Now! We tried to get some fresh orangeades out at Grande Courts but they persisted in giving us canned orange juice.

August 13 – Monday

The drill broke down today and we didn’t “shoot” but two locations. However, they brought another drill over from Mineola so they ought to catch up tomorrow. “Pug” and I went riding tonite and same a long time. I “kinda” like to sing with my “Pug” ‘cause I love her. Now!

August 14 – Tuesday

We washed, polished and waxed our car today and it was quite a job but it certainly does look nice. A negro was supposed to help me but he never did show-up so “Pug” helped me and it didn’t take us long to wax it. We went riding but “Pug” was real tired so she went to sleep before we got home.

August 15 – Wednesday

My “Pug” went to “Lottie’s” birthday parth today at “Bill’s”. Met me at the Garage when I got in from work. We had a “kinda” good supper and then went riding. We are going to bed tonite real early. Aren’t we “Pug”? Yes, we are, too – and I “kinda” love  my James Howard just a whole lot.

August 16 – Thursday

Mrs. Epperson and Mrs. Hallstein both came over awhile this morning and just talked. I haven’t felt good, and I was real glad to see my “little ole” Howardy when he came home. We drove around awhile and we’re going to bed “kinda” early tonite.

August 17 – Friday

Ate lunch with Ann – we played bridge with Edwind and Ivy this afternoon. James Howard went to a poker party at Mr. Epperson’s tonite. He had a big time and we don’t care if he did lose some money. I had to play bridge with Lottie, Bill, Inez, and Mrs. Epperson.

August 18 – Saturday

My James Howard got a “special delivery” letter, but he knew who* it as from just as soon as he saw it. We asked the Felton’s to go driving and we all went down to Rusk. Had a nice time. We talked a long, long time before going to sleep. It was real sweet.

*It was from my “Pugsdy” and I think it is the sweetest letter I ever got from her and I have gotten nearly a million. Now!

August 19 – Sunday

We slept late and were real lazy today. Went driving after supper and our “little ole” moon was pretty. We cam home and got ready to go to bed and my “Pug” got hungry for some “picktles”. We didn’t have any so “Pug” just ate the left-over hash with “picktle” vinegar on it. And it was good, wasn’t it, “Pugsdy”?

August 20 – Monday

I ate lunch with Mrs. Epperson, and we talked for a long time. My Howardy was “kinda” late getting home, and we were both real tired. We talked for a long, long time before we finally decided to put out the lights and go to sleep. It was just real sweet too.

August 21 – Tuesday

We slept real late today and had breakfast at 11:30 am (Why, the idea!!) Packed most of our stuff today and then ate supper the the Feltons at 6:00pm. Went to Pat’s birthday party and ate chop suey on top of all the supper. The crew gave Pat a big ring that Lottie and Bill selected. We came home early because I had rather be with my “Pugsdy” than at that fool party. I was with her right now.

August 22 – Wednesday

Nothing very unusual happened. Howardy and I made some more plans for our trip. Its going to be just a whole lot of fun together. Went driving for awhile.

August 23 – Thursday

Went upto Ruggles Park with Ann and Harold and had a picnic supper. Had a real good time. went driving and sang some. Drank some beer. (My Howardy drank six bottles this afternoon – sakes alive!!

August 24 – Friday

Took our radio down to the Eppersons to use while we are gone on our vacation. Packed every thing up, and we are going to move them over to Mrs. Mason’s tonite. we are all excited over our trip – aren’t we, James Howard?

August 25 – Saturday

We finally got off on our vacation. Got in kinda early and left Jacksonville with everything but our maps. We ran into a real hard rain between Henderson and Marshall and it kinda scared my “Pug” so she “scrootched” up real close to me. Got to Texarkana late and found a nice tourist camp. We are going to bed right now!

August 26 – Sunday

Left Texarkana after cooking our breakfast and making sandwiches for lunch. Ate lunch in Hot Springs, Ark. and bought some beer. Drove thru Little Rock and on to Memphis. Ate supper in Memphis and drove on the Blytheville, Ark. tonight. Had our first accident when a rock cracked our windshield. We are having a big time and I love to go with my “Pug” to new places.

August 27 – Monday

Drove from Blytheville to St. Louis. Ate lunch and fooled around for a while in Cape Giradeau. Drove around Saint Louis until late, and spent the nite at a Night club out about 10 miles. Yes sir, we did, too – didn’t we, Howardy?

August 28 – Tuesday

Drove on into Chicago. Stopped in Springfield for about an hour. Made some pictures and ate lunch. Also bought a quart of wine. got to Chicago at 4:00pm. This is some town! got a nice apartment and are going to see the Austin’s tonite.

August 29 – Wednesday

We went to the fair today, but didn’t see nearly all of it. Had a big time and think it’s real interesting. Drank some wine and ate supper about eight-thirty – tasted good. It was cold here today and we’re going to wear all the clothes we have tomorrow.

August 30 – Thursday

Went to the fair again and had a big time. It wasn’t so cold today. Ran into Ada Mae, Melba, and Mrs. Gilbert in the G. M. building – went thru the Field Museum. Met the Gilberts at seven o’clock and took them driving – Mrs. G. bought our supper.

August 31 – Friday

Went thru Marshall Field’s store and my “Pugsdy” got to see the style show while we ate lunch in the Walnut Grill. Went home and packed up and then had to see about getting a new tire, which took some time. Didn’t get out of Chicago until late. Ate supper in Peoria and then spent the nite somewhere in Illinois between Bloomington and Lincoln.

September 1 – Saturday

Drove thru Hannibal Mo. on our way to Kansas City and drove in the rain most of the way. Got to K.C. late and found Teresa. She took us around K.C. tonite and we went to four different bars. I didn’t feel so good buy my Pugsdy just drank like an old trooper. Now! But I love my baby “Pug”.

September 2 – Sunday

We had breakfast this morning with Theresa, and left K.C. about eleven o’clock. We have been driving in the rain most of the day, but we had a big time. We couldn’t find any chili in Kansas – Now! We are spending the nite in Oakley, Kansas.

September 3 – Monday (Labor Day)

Drove to Denver, Colo. by 2:30 this afternoon. We fooled around awhile and made some pictures of the capitol. Drove on to Estes Park via Boulder. We enjoyed the drive thru the Rokies. Got a real cute log cabin in Estes Park, and it is real cold tonite.

September 4 – Tuesday

Drove thru the Rocky Mountain National Park. Saw the Moffet Tunnel  crossed the Continental Divide at Fall River Pass and at Berthoud Pass coming back. Drove around in Colo. Springs, and drove on to Trinidad, Colo. tonite.

September 5 – Wednesday

Left Trinidad “kinda” late – crossed Raton Pass thru Vaughn and Roswell to Carlsbad. We got a real nice tourist cabin and we are going to rest tonite so we can go thru Carlsbad Cavern tomorrow.

September 6 – Thursday

My “Pug” and I went thru the Cavern today. We bought our lunch in the lunch room at the bottom and it surely did taste good. The temperature int he cavern was 56 degrees. We walked six miles and went down 750’ below the surface. got out at 4pm and drove to Midland tonite. It is certainly a relief to get home and my “Pug” and I are going to rest tomorrow.

September 7 – Friday

We washed and polished our car this morning and it looks like new even if the windshield is broken. Dad took mother and “Pug” and I down to the Scharbeur Hotel for supper tonite and we certainly did enjoy it. We are going on to Mullin in the morning so we are going to bed early. We took Dad to the train as he is going to Ft. Worth.

September 8 – Saturday

Left Midland about noon today and go to Mullin late this afternoon. Were real glad to see “Pug”s mother and dad. We talked a real long time but we are tired so we are going to bed pretty soon. Tonite will be the first time my “Pug” and I have slept together here. We used to tell each other good nite about 3 or 2 am. Didn’t we, “Pugsdy”?

September 9 – Sunday

We slept “kinda” late this morning – went to B.wood after some radio tubes but couldn’t find them. Howard’s mother called him about 4:00 o’clock that his dad was dead. Surely a terrible shock to everyone – we drove back to Midland tonite. It doesn’t seem possible that Howard’s dad isn’t here.

September 10 – Monday

Lillian and Alton cam this morning – all the children are with their mother now. It doesn’t seem so terrible when they are all together like this – but no one can ever take their dad’s place. Funeral services at home this pm.  He looks so natural – and we’ve never seen so many flowers. A real pretty ceremony.

September 11 – Tuesday

We all enjoyed being with Howardy’s mother. Howard and Alton worked in their dad’s office getting everything straightened up. Alton showed me his pictures tonite and I enjoyed seeing them.

September 12 – Wednesday

Howard and Alton worked some more down at the office. Catherine and I got some water and shampooed our hair. When Howard came home we took his mother driving. She is feeling lots better today.

September 13 – Thursday

Catherine and Ralph and George Ralph left about noon, and Howardy and I left Midland about six o’clock. We drove to Mullin. Got there about midnite and had to wake Sybil up to find a place to sleep. We are real tired.

September 14 – Friday

Took Sybil to the school house this morning – ate lunch at home and started for Jacksonville about 2:00 o’clock. Ate the lunch that mama fixed for us in Waco with some beer. got here about 9:00 o’clock. Saw Mrs. Mason and the Hallsteins. We are staying at the E-tex hotel tonite.

September 15 – Saturday

Howardy went to work at six o’clock this morning – and I slept until Bill called me. Ate breakfast with her. Saw all the bunch. Paid some bills and got us a room at the Elite hotel – Met my James Howard when he got in from work. We place bridge with the Hallsteins tonite.

September 16 – Sunday

We slept real late, then went down and had some coffee. Ate lunch with Ann and Harold – Drove over to Palestine to look over the apartment situation. Took some pictures going over. The Feltons ate supper with use – then we played some bridge with them.

September 17 – Monday

I wrote to both our mamas this morning and paid some more bills. I was just real glad to see my James Howardy when he got home. We ate supper and drove around for a while.

September 18 – Tuesday

My Howardy doesn’t have any day off until “Mac” gets back, and I “kinda” missed him a whole lot today. I went to a party at Erma’s this morning at 10:00 o’clock. we had breakfast and played some games. Had a nice time. Howard and I played bridge with Ann and Harold tonite.

September 19 – Wednesday

Ann and I went to Palestine to look for apartments – we are going to move Saturday. I found a real nice one. James Howard and I went over to see it tonite. We are both just real anxious to move. Ate a double-dip and came home.

September 20 – Thursday

Howard go in “kinda” late today – we ate supper and went over to the Epperson’s to play bridge. Ivy and I played L. J. and Howard and we “kinda” beat them too. We came home early because we are both tired and sleepy.

September 21 – Friday

Mr. and Mrs. Epperson ate supper with us over at the hotel. We went driving for a while, and later went over to Erma and Dick’s to get our trunk. Howard packed our things that were at Mrs. Mason’s too. Talked to the Felton’s awhile.

September 22 – Saturday

I brought some of our stuff over to Palestine this morning and unpacked it. Went back to Jacksonville, and when Howard got in we came over and brought the rest of our things. We ate soup for supper, and we are going to bed real early because we are real tired.

September 23 – Sunday

We slept real ate this morning – got up and finished unpacking. Went out to the Blue Moon for lunch with Harold and Ann. Came home and played bridge awhile. Went driving – home and to bed early.

September 24 – Monday

We like our new apartment just a whole lot. Also think Mr. and Mrs. Crawford are real nice. I went over to see Edwina and Freddie’s house – it’s nice. Cooked supper and went to meet my Howardy.

September 25 – Tuesday

Played bridge this afternoon with Mrs. Gates, Mrs. Hallstein, and Mrs. Epperson. Howard had to work on the truck until “kinda” late. We drove down town awhile after supper, and are just about ready for bed.

September 26 – Wednesday

Mr. and Mrs. Epperson came over and played bridge tonite. Howard and L. J. beat us just a whole lot. And I think my Howardy is just a real good player, too.

September 27 – Thursday

Howard got home “kinda” early. We ate supper and went over to see Dick and Erma and their new apartment. Had a nice time. I went to see Lottie awhile this afternoon.

September 28 – Friday

I finished making some pajamas for my James Howard today, and worked the button holes in them. They are real nice, and he likes them a whole lot, too.

September 29 – Saturday

Erma came by for a while this morning – I didn’t do much all day – read some. Howard got home early, and I wasn’t there to meet him – but he found me tho – over to Erma’s (I “kinda” love my “little ole” Howardy.)

September 30 – Sunday

“Howardy” worked on our “little ole” radio all day, and got it all fixed up. I’m real glad because I get “kinda” lonesome without it. We went driving a while tonite – drove out across the Trinity river and drank some beer.

October 1 – Monday

“Howardy” went to work at 6:30am and I cam just “kinda” real lonesome for him too. It is getting “sorta” cold here. Mr. Crawford fixed our stoves today.

October 2 – Tuesday

We went out the Rusk highway and picked some persimmons that my James Howard found one day when they were working there. They are real good and we had a big time picking them. We’re going to make some brandy of them.

October 3 – Wednesday

Got a telegram from Howard’s mother. Left Palestine about 9:00 o’clock tonite to go out there. Got to Ft. Worth as 12:00 midnite. Spent the night with Howard’s grandmother, but she wasn’t home.

October 4 – Thursday

Ate breakfast with Lillian and Ervin – started to Midland about 9:00 o’clock – got here at seven tonite. Lillian came with us. Howard’s mother was real glad to see them. We are real tired and sleepy.

October 5 – Friday

Howard worked all day and I stayed home with his mother and Lillian. Jenny came over tonite and we played bridge a while. Howard and I took Jenny home.

October 6 – Saturday

Had my hair fixed this afternoon – I feel better today. Catherine and Ralph are coming some time tonite. Bush and Jenny came over tonite and we all talked for a long time.

October 7 – Sunday

We left Midland about 11:00 AM. Lillian went with us to Cisco and caught the train. Stopped in Dothan for awhile. Got to Mullin about 7:00 pm. Tom and Mildred came over tonite. I’m tired and sleepy.

October 8 – Monday

Left Mullin about 10:00 am. Mama came home with us. I’m real glad because I’ve been lonesome for her. got to Palestine “kinda” early this afternoon – ate supper and are ready for bed.

October 9 – Tuesday

Howardy went back to work today. Mama and I didn’t do much today. Just enjoyed resting and talking. Went driving after supper.

October 10 – Wednesday

Started crocheting a red collar and cuff set for my black dress. Bill and Edwina came over. Mama, Howardy, and I went driving for a while tonite.

October 11 – Thursday

Crocheted some more today. I’m learning to crochet so I can make a bed spread this winter. We went to town this afternoon and looked for thread but didn’t find any.

October 12 – Friday

Mama and I went to Grosbeck to see aunt Pet. Had a real good time. Mama stayed for awhile. I got home in time to meet my “little ole” James Howard and I was just real glad to see him too.

October 13 – Saturday

“Howardy” got home “kinda” early tonite. We ate supper and went to town for Howard to get a hair cut. Drove around for awhile – home and to bed.

October 14 – Sunday

Howard and I got up about 9:00 o’clock. Ate breakfast and went over to Grosbeck. Got there just in time for lunch. Had a pretty nice time. Alton came to see us. Sorry we weren’t home. Mama came back with us.

October 15 – Monday

We went to see will Rodgers in “Judge Priest” tonight. It was pretty good. Mama and I sewed some ager we got home even it it was “kinda” late.

October 16 – Tuesday

I washed and polished our “little ole” Chevrolet today, and ti looks “kinda” nice. After supper mama and Howard and I went out to the Anderson county fair.

October 17 – Wednesday

Mama and I went over to Athens this afternoon – saw Willie Bell and talked with her a few minutes. Howardy had to work “kinda” late tonite.

October 18 – Thursday

Mama and I drove to Jacksonville this afternoon. Howard was home when we got back so we all went over to Love’s Lookout and cooked our super. We enjoyed it just a whole lot.

October 19 – Friday

Howardy got home early again and we went fishing ‘way down past slocum. I enjoyed it a whole lot – even if we didn’t catch any fish. Howardy made some ‘eel good coffee.

October 20 – Saturday

Howard didn’t have to work today. We went to Grosbeck to see aunt Pet and Uncle Ferrill. Had a big lunch and drove around some this afternoon. We are going to spend the night.

October 21 – Sunday

Spent the day in Grosbeck and took Mama to Waco to catch the bus this p.m. I “kinda” hate to see her leave ‘cause I’ll be lonesome when Howard is working.

October 22 – Monday

I crocheted nearly all day on my bedspread. I was “kinda” lonesome and I was real glad to see my James Howard when he got home. We went to see Mae West in “Belle of the Nineties” tonite.

October 23 – Tuesday

Howardy has to work today for Charlie. I crocheted some more. Ivy and Edwina came by this morning.

October 24 – Wednesday

Bill gave a party this afternoon. Inez’s sister was there – also, Mrs. Feather, the new party chief’s wife. She seems real nice and so interesting.

October 25 – Thursday

Edwina, Ivy and L. J. ate waffles with me at lunch and we played bridge all afternoon. My James Howardy and I went driving tonite – and we drove over a “courtin’ road” too, didn’t we, ‘Howardy’?

October 26 – Friday

Bill came over this afternoon and we crocheted awhile. Harry and Dick ate supper with us tonite and we had a “kinda” good supper – Didn’t we “Babdy Howardy”? Howard and I worked a cross word puzzle tonite.

October 27 – Saturday

I crocheted some on my bed spread today. I cleaned all the house real good too. We went to town tonite.

October 28 – Sunday

Howardy had to work today and I just got real lonesome for him. Went to see Mrs. Gates and also Mrs. Feather. Howard and I went to see “The Barretts of Wimpole Street” tonite. It was good.

October 29 – Monday

Mrs. Feather ate lunch with me – we had waffles – she had never eaten any. Bill and Mac came over tonite and we played bridge. Howard and Mac won.

October 30 – Tuesday

My “Howardy” was off to day, and we just enjoyed being lazy. This afternoon Howard washed and polished our car, and I went to a party for Mrs. Feather at Edwina’s. It was real nice but I wanted to help my “Babdy” polish our car.

October 31 – Wednesday

I went by to see Mrs. Feather this morning and helped her cook a chocolate pie. Howardy got home before 3:00 o’clock and I was just real glad. We read and worked crossword puzzles tonite.

November 1 – Thursday

I stayed home today and cleaned the house real good – then I crocheted some. Went down to meet Howard, and I was just real glad to see him too. We are going to a show tonite.

November 2 – Friday

Edwina, Mrs. Dew, and I ate lunch with Ivy today. We had fried oysters and coffee. Was real good. We played bridge a while. I’m “kinda” anxious for my “Howardy” to come home.

November 3 – Saturday

“Foots” and Margareretta gave a cocktail dinner tonite for all the crew. Everybody had a big time. Howard and I drove around for awhile before we came home.

November 4 – Sunday

We drove up to Gladwater today to see Alton and enjoyed talking to him. We went to Mt. Pleasant for dinner and then spent the afternoon drinking with the R.R. Commission bunch there. Came back to Tyler and ate supper with Ann and Harold.

November 5 – Monday

We went by and took the Eppersons to the show tonite. We saw “The Count of Monte Cristo.” I enjoyed it a lot. Howard got some medicine that L. J.’s dad had fixed for him.

November 6 – Tuesday

Howard was off today and we enjoyed staying home. He worked on the car some, and I cooked a cake. We played some rummy tonite, and Howard beat me just a whole lot.

November 7 – Wednesday

Charlie and Romberg cam home with us from town tonite, and we played bridge. Then we had some coffee and upside down cake. I was good, and we enjoyed having them over.

November 8 – Thursday

Ann and Harold came over tonite in the car they have just bought. It is a Ford Coupe. We all went riding, and I left my purse in their car. Don’t know what we’re going to do.

November 9 – Friday

Inez and her sister, Mrs. Edmonds came over this afternoon for a while. Howardy got home “kinda” early, and we’re just going to stay home tonite with each other. We “kinda” like to do that any how, don’t we James Howard?

November 10 – Saturday

We had planned to have all the single boys over to dinner, but Theresa came in so we didn’t have them. Theresa and Willie came over this afternoon and I went to see Tessie’s and Ray’s apartment. It is real nice.

November 11 – Sunday

Willie and Gay came over this afternoon. We didn’t do anything but listen to the radio and read the papers all day. The Eppersons came by tonite and played bridge a while.

November 12 – Monday

We slept real late – the purse still hasn’t come! Our tickets to win the car are in it, too. Ate lunch at the “Old Mill.” Gay, Willie, George Martin and his girl came by this afternoon, and brought some drinks. We went to an armistice program tonite.

November 13 – Tuesday

Howard has had three days off in a row, and I’m going to miss him when he goes back to work. We went to Ray and Theresa’s wedding at the Catholic Church this a.m. It was real nice – Theresa looked so pretty. It is real cold today_

November 14 – Wednesday

Howardy went back to work today and I’m lonesome. L. J. and Ivy came by tonite and told us that this crew was moving to Opelousas, Louisiana. We started packing.

November 15 – Thursday

Everyone is all excited over moving, and trying to get bills paid and deposits back. We went driving for a while tonite. I got a telegram from Theresa tonite asking me to meet her at the hotel for lunch tomorrow.

November 16 – Friday

We just about finished packing today.

All the woman went over to Erma’s this A.M. for breakfast, and discussed moving. I had lunch with Ray and Theresa at the Oniell Hotel. Theresa and I went driving this afternoon.

November 17 – Saturday

Howard got in real late tonite as they were finishing up. We took Theresa and Ray to dinner at the Blue Moon tonite. We all had a big time and Ray brought along some wine.

November 18 – Sunday

We left Palestine about eleven o’clock this morning and ate lunch in Huntsville. Got into Houston about three o’clock and got a room at the Ben Milam hotel. Ate dinner with Theresa, Ray, “Foots”, and Margueretta – went to a show later.

November 19 – Monday

We shopped some in Houston this morning, and left abut noon. Stopped in Beaumont and saw Oscar and Mrs. Buck. Shopped in Beaumont. Finally got to Lake Charles, La. after drinking beer all the way. Are staying at the Charleston Hotel. Howardy gave me a real pretty nightgown for my birthday. I’m 23.

November 20 – Tuesday

We left Lake Charles about nine o’clock _ Ate lunch in Crowley, La., and got into Opelousas about two this afternoon _ it’s raining, and the place looks “sorta” dreary. We couldn’t find an apartment, so we got a room at Mrs. LaSalle’s on Belvue St.

November 21 – Wednesday

Howard worked today but got in “kinda” early. I went to see Theresa and had the first good cup of coffee I’ve had since I’ve been in Louisiana. Howard and I ate supper at the De Luxe Cafe, drove around awhile, and are ready for bed.

November 22 – Thursday

Ivy came over this morning. We looked for apartments, but didn’t find any. Howard and I played “Anagrams” with Theresa and Ray tonite. It’s lots of fun.

November 23 – Friday

We finally found an apartment that we can move into Monday. Ivy and Theresa came over and we made coffee here in our room. Howard and I had some coffee tonite after supper, too.

November 24 – Saturday

I went out to where they are working this morning with Ivy and L. J. Howard got in kinda early, and we just fooled around tonite. We’ll be glad to get moved into an apartment.

November 25 – Sunday

We slept real late this morning, and explored the town this afternoon. Had supper with Dick and Erma, and is surely did taste good. Came home early, and are going to bed right soon.

November 26 – Monday

I made some coffee for Howard this morning before he went to work. Got a negro to help, and moved our things over to the apartment. I’m going to cook supper for my Howard tonite, and we are not either going to eat at that De Luxe Cafe. Now!

November 27 – Tuesday

We finished fixing up the apartment today, and it looks real nice. Howardy was home, and we had a lot of fun together. Mac and Bill came in for a while tonite and talked.

November 28 – Wednesday

I ate lunch with Theresa and Ray today. Howard and I walked down town tonite and drank some hot chocolate. We worked a cross word puzzle when we came home, and are ready for bed now.

November 29 – Thursday

Howard was off today and we had a big Thanksgiving dinner. We invited Sam, Charlie, and Romberg over. They brought some champagne. We had roast duck, cranberries, baked apples, potatoes, peas, gravy, cake, and coffee. We played anagrams this evening.

November 30 – Friday

Ivy came over and ate breakfast with me this morning. Inez, Bill, Margareta, Ivy, and Theresa all came over this afternoon and we had coffee and cake. Howardy got home kinda early.

December 1 – Saturday

Bill invited all the ladies over for coffee in her apartment this afternoon _ we had a nice time. Howard and I had supper early and drove around for a “kinda” long time – read some tonite.

December 2 – Sunday

Howard and I invited Theresa and Ray down for breakfast. We had waffles. We all drove to Baton Rouge this afternoon. We had a big time. Ate supper with Theresa and Ray after we got back.

December 3 – Monday

We went down to get Howard’s check cashed tonite _ Drank some wine at the James Bar. Also tasted some Absinth. We are going to stay up “kinda” late cause Howardy is off tomorrow.

December 4 – Tuesday

We went down to the James Hotel for a free supper tonite. It was real good. Came home, and Howard wrote some letters and I read a book. We are going to bed “kinda” early tonite.

December 5 – Wednesday

Most of the crew went out to Cedar Lane for a free duck dinner, but we ate dinner at home, and wrote some letters late. They came back and sang to us for a while before going on up to Theresa and Ray’s apartment.

December 6 – Thursday

We had just gotten settled to read after supper, and I was in bed, when Sam and Charlie came in. They didn’t stay very long, we are going to bed early tonite.

December 7 – Friday

Margaretta gave a party this afternoon for Mrs. Bob Duty, of Houston. We had a real nice time. I came home and fixed supper for my Howardy we ate early and read some tonite. Romberg came in and practiced the code with Howard for awhile.

December 8 – Saturday

Charlie cam over tonite and brought a big box of shelled pecans. Howard made some real good divinily and I roasted some pecans. We ate candy and then made some coffee. Howard dried the dishes for me before we got ready for bed.

December 9 – Sunday

Howard worked today. And it seemed real lonesome without him. Bill and Theresa came in. We went driving with Ivy and Erma. Howard got home early. Ray and Theresa ate supper with us. We had baked ham.

December 10 – Monday

I went down to meet Howard this afternoon. There were “kinda” late because they got stuck in the mud. Bill and Mac and Verla B. cam in and talked tonite. All the men are leaving for Sherburne tomorrow.

December 11 – Tuesday

Howard left this morning for Sherborne where they will work until the Christmas holidays. This is the first nite we have been away from each other since we were married, and I’m just real blue tonite. I don’t even like to stay in the apartment. Teresa and I are going to sleep together.

December 12 – Wednesday

Ivy, Theresa and I had breakfast together this morning in my room. Howard called me tonite. It was real sweet to talk to him, but I’m just real lonesome for him anyway. Sam Teasley had supper with us. He brought some wine over.

December 13 – Thursday

Erma, Inez, Margaretta, and Theresa were all down in my room this afternoon. I made some coffee, and Theresa brought some cake. Howard called me tonite, and I enjoyed talking to him. I wrote to him after I finished talking to him.

December 14 – Friday

I bought some Christmas cards today, and Theresa and I just fooled around town all afternoon. Wrote some letters – to my mother and Howardy’s mother this afternoon. Got a letter from Howard and talk to him tonite.

December 15 – Saturday

Theresa, Erma, and I went to Sherburne this afternoon and I got to see James  Howard. I’ll be so glad when he gets home again. Ray and Dick came back with us. I was real lonesome for Howard all the way back, and I still am.

December 16 – Sunday

I ate lunch with Ray and Theresa and we went to see “College Rythm” this afternoon – went to Sherburn and Howardy came back with us to spend the nite. My! I’ts real sweet for Howard to be home again.

December 17 – Monday

We got up at 4:45 for Howard to get back to Sherburne, but he came home again tonite, even it if was late when he got here. Howard had a real bad spell of indigestion after supper but he feels lots better now.

December 18 – Tuesday

Goodness, I was real glad to have my Howardy home today, only, the day passed too quickly. Theresa ate lunch with us. We took Howard back to the detour at Krotz Springs, and Ray and Dick came back with us. Howard called me after we got back.

December 19 – Wednesday

I mailed some packages to our families today. Went to Sherborne this afternoon and saw Howard awhile. He wasn’t feeling so good. We got back late, and I’m real tired. Elmer came with us.

December 20 – Thursday

Elmer ate breakfast with Theresa and me. Then he took us to lunch at the De Luxe. I got our Christmas tree all fixed up tonite, and it looks real pretty. I called Howard tonite, and it was real sweet to talk to him. He’ll be home day after tomorrow nite, and I’ll be real glad.

December 21 – Friday

Theresa and I ate breakfast together. Howard called from Sherburn and said that he was coming in on the train _ He’s sick. Theresa and I met him. Tonite Howard and I went out to see Dr. Pavy – gave Howard some medicine and he feels better. We ate some ice cream, and are going to bed.

December 22 – Saturday

We gave up our apartment this morning and packed up all our stuff. We left Opelousas about noon and ate dinner in Crowley. Ate supper in Liberty and got into Houston about 7:00 pm. We are staying at a tourist camp tonite and are going to look for a room in the morning so we can fix up our Xmas tree. We brought it with us so my “dabdy” and I could have our first Xmas together.

December 23 – Sunday

We found a room this morning and are getting board and room for $2.00 a day. We fixed up our tree and it is real pretty. Went out to see Lottie and Pat and see Marybelle and Gerald. Saw her off on the train to Mullin and then came home and are going to bed.

December 24 – Monday

Couldn’t see Dr. Aves until Wed. So my “Pug” and I shopped all day day. Came home early to get our tree ready. We stayed up late and opened our presents. “Pug” gave me some silk pajamas and I certainly do like them and I love the key too. We had a big time with our tree and I’m glad we brought it, aren’t you, “Pugsdy”?

December 25 – Tuesday

We slept late this morning and after breakfast we went out to Pat’s for egg-nog. Mac and Bill were there and we had a nice time. Went riding with Ted and Opal and then went to the show with them. Came home and mixed up some cocktails and are going to bed “kinda” tired from a full day.

December 26 – Wednesday

Saw Dr. Aves this morning and he sent me to Dr. Lummis. He’ll know more tomorrow about what’s wrong with my stomach. We had to move out of our room tonite because the people came back from there vacation too soon. However, we found another and we are just as satisfied. My “Pugsdy” beat me every game we played tonite – didn’t you, sudgar?

December 27 – Thursday

My Howardy had to go down to see the doctor this morning without any breakfast so he could x-ray his “little ole” stomache. We ate lunch together about four o’clock. Mailed a letter to “Foots” tonite and drove around some. I made a cross word puzzle tonite and Howard worked it – we’re really “obsleepty.”*

[at bottom of page] * meaning, we need some sleep.

December 28 – Friday

We had dinner with Terry Russell, his girl, his mother and dad, and another couple. Had some wine and egg nog after supper. Howard and I came by the Lamar hotel and wrote to our mama’s tonite.

December 29 – Saturday

We slept late this morning and ate breakfast and lunch all in one. Went to the midnite matinee tonite and saw “the Gay Divorcee.” It was good. Drank a coke and come home about 2:00 A.M. o’clock.

December 30 – Sunday

We slept until 12:00 o’clock this morning, and went down to a Walgreen drugstore and ate. Drove to Galveston this afternoon. Had a big time driving around there. Had supper and came home about 7:00 o’clock. Read some tonite.

December 31 – Monday

Howard went down to the Ben Milam and worked with Robert Suggs. We ate lunch at a Pig Stand. We drove around a while _ saw “The House of Rothchild” this afternoon. Went down town and watched the new year celebrating tonite.

January 1, 1935 – Tuesday

Saw Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, and Robert Montgomery in “Forsaking All Others.” Howard went to see Dr. Aves, and he is sending him to Baytown to the hospital tomorrow. We sat up and drank highballs tonite. They were real good.

January 2, – Wednesday

Got to Baytown about  noon, and I got a room at the Tyree hotel. Howard went on out to the hospital and I stayed with him until 4:00 o’clock. Went back to see him tonight.

January 3, – Thursday

Met a Mrs. Gray from Andrews. Her husband is in the Humble Hospital with a broken leg. She is staying here at the hotel, too. We ate supper and went out to the hospital together.

January 4, – Friday

Went to the hospital to see Howard at 9:30 this morning. He’s feeling fine. Went back at 2:00 this p.m. and the doctor let him go riding with me. We drove to Pelly and Goose Creek. Went back to see him tonite. We played some Rummy.

January 5, – Saturday

Went to see Howardy this morning – then this afternoon we went riding together. Mrs. Gray and I went over to Goose Creek and ate lunch. Got a letter from Theresa today – went back to see Howard tonight and he “ob”-beat me playing checkers.

January 6, – Sunday

I almost didn’t wake up this morning, but I got over to the hospital in time to see my Howardy any way – we went driving in the rain this afternoon and it was real sweet just to be with ‘ny “dabdy.”

January 7, – Monday

Howard got to go riding again this afternoon – we got some films in Goose Creek and drove over to Morgan’s Point and made some pictures. Robert Suggs and Wiggins came to see Howard tonite.

January 8 – Tuesday

Dr. Aves operated on Howard this morning at 11:00 o’clock. I stayed with my Howardy all day. He is real sick from the ether. Ted, Opal, Mary B. & Gerald came down tonite but Howard was too sick to talk. I called Howard’s mother tonite to tell her how he is.

January 9 – Wednesday

I took Howardy some roses this morning. He’s feeling lots better than he did last nite, but is still pretty sick. We got a letter from his mother this morning. Went back to the hospital this afternoon and again tonite – Howard slept most of the time. Drove to Goose Creek tonite.

January 10 – Thursday

Went to see Howardy every time I could today. He was sleeping tonite and I didn’t get to see him long. Got my suit today – it’s real nice. I feel terrible tonite – and I’m tired of this silly old place. I’ll be so glad when my Howardy is well again.

January 11 – Friday

Went over to Pasadena today and fixed by skirt and had lunch with Mary Belle. Enjoyed it a lot. Went to see Howardy this p.m. and tonight. He seems to be feeling lots better and I’m real glad. Wore my suit to the hospital tonite so my James Howard could see it. He likes it.

January 12 – Saturday

Howard is feeling lots better today, andI’m just real happy because he is. We played some ‘rummy’ and ‘pitch’ at the hospital and worked crossword puzzles. I’m going to read some and go to bed tonite.

January 13 – Sunday

I took my “dabdy” some roses to the hospital this afternoon, and he thought they were just real pretty. Tonite we ate some ice cream and strawberries at the hospital, and it tasted good because I was eating with James Howardy.

January 14 – Monday

Went to see my James Howardy this morning, and he was feeling “ob” – pretty good. Took him some hot chocolate this afternoon, and he liked it. Went to Goose Creek this afternoon and ate supper. Went back to see Howard tonite.

January 15 – Tuesday

Went to the hospital at 9:30. Took James Howardy some hot chocolate this afternoon and he liked it. He’s feeling lots better now, and I hope he will be able to get out real soon. Back to the hospital tonite.

January 16 – Wednesday

Helen and I went to Goose Creek this afternoon. I bought Howard a Book of Poems and an “Esquire” magazine. We ate supper in Goose Creek. Took Howard some ice cream this afternoon. I’ll be real glad when my Howardy gets up.

January 17 – Thursday

Howardy was up in a wheel chair this morning when I got to the hospital!! and he was up this afternoon too. Helen left for Andrews tonite and it seems real lonesome here at the hotel. But my Howardy will soon be well now, and we can leave this place.

January 18 – Friday

James Howardy is getting out of the hospital in the morning and I’m just real glad. We are going into Houston. I took Howard some milkshake this afternoon, and tonite we had some buttermilk and cookies. It was all the supper I had, and it tasted real good.

January 19 – Saturday

I went to the hospital abut nine o’clock after my Howardy, and we came into Houston. Got a support for Howard’s side, ate lunch, and found a room at Mrs. Davis’. I brought Howardy’s supper to him, and it is just real sweet to be together again.

January 20 – Sunday

It is real cold today – everything all covered with ice and snow. We just stayed by the fire and tried to keep warm. Went out to see Lottie and Pat for awhile tonite.

January 21 – Monday

We went down town in all the cold – It was a lot of fun. Howard went up to see Dr. Aves, and got his side dressed. We ate lunch at the Forum – came home and played “rummy” tonite, and are ready for bed.

January 22 – Tuesday

We left Houston about 2:30 this afternoon. Ate lunch in Taylor and drove on to Mullin. Got there about 9:00 p.m. Went up to Sybil’s first, then came on out home about 11:00 and woke every body up.

January 23 – Wednesday

We just stayed home today. Played bridge awhile with Mama and Dad. Went over to Sybil’s for supper but came home “kinda” early and are going to bed.

January 24 – Thursday

I went to town this morning and went to see Mrs. Herrington – she is real sick. Sybil and the kids came home tonite for supper. Drove to Goldthwaite for awhile.

January 25 – Friday

Left Mullin about 11:00 this morning. Mama went to Brownwood with us. Saw Nell and Paul – Ate lunch in Coleman and got to Midland about 5:00 p.m. They were all “kinda” surprised to see us. Played bridge tonite with Catherine and Ralph.

January 26 – Saturday

We spent most of the day playing bridge with Catherine and Ralph. Had a big time. We kept George Ralph while they went visiting tonite, but had to call them because he cried.

January 27 – Sunday

Played bridge all day again – Went over to see Bush and Mrs. Elkin tonite. Had some good wine and fruit cake. Talked to Alton awhile when we got home. He has the flu –

January 28 – Monday

I went downtown with Howard and talked to Ruby and Helen while he was seeing Mr. Kimbrough. We took Howard’s mother driving with afternoon – Played bridge again tonite.

January 29 – Tuesday

Left Midland about 10:00 this morning – Ate lunch in Colorado – Stopped in Abiline and in Brownwood for a while. Got home about 5:00 o’clock. Howard fixed the radio and it is working real good.

January 30 – Wednesday

Left Mullin about 10:00 for Houston. Ate lunch in Taylor, and ate several more times before we got here. Got a room at a tourist camp where we stayed before, and we are going to bed right now.

January 31 – Thursday

We left Houston after Howard had seen Dr. Aves and Dr. Lummis. We got to Beaumont and are spending the night here. We got a real nice place to stay, and are going to cook our breakfast on our new electric stove in the morning –

February 1 – Friday

We had a real good breakfast – saw Oscar and left Beaumont about 9:30 – Got to Eunice about noon – saw Theresa and she helped us locate an apartment, but we can’t move in until in the morning. It’s real good to be back.

February 2 – Saturday

We got all settled today, and bought us a load of wood. Howard went down to the office awhile this afternoon, and I went around to see all these women. Ivy and L. J. came over and played bridge awhile tonite.

February 3 – Sunday (“Nell’s birthday” written above date)

We slept late and had a real good breakfast. Drove over to Opelousas this afternoon with Ray and Theresa – Going to bed early tonite.

February 4 – Monday

Howard is working in the office for awhile and it is real sweet to eat lunch together every day. We always cook it on our electric stove.

February 5 – Tuesday

We went to the show tonite with the Reynolds. Saw “The Case of the Howling Dog” and had a big time discussing it afterward. Read awhile after we got home and are about ready for bed.

February 6 – Wednesday

Inez and Margaretta and Peggy came over awhile this afternoon. Theresa came over and took a bath with our hot water. We had a time keeping Mrs. Andrews from finding out. Met Howardy at 5:00 o’clock.

February 7 – Thursday

Margaretta gave a bridge party this afternoon for Johnnie Crowder. It was real nice, and we all had a big time. Howard got home “kinda” late, and we are going to stay home tonite.

February 8 – Friday

“Rommy” came over tonite to practice the code with Howard. I crocheted awhile – we had some coffee and cookies. Howard has gone to take Rommie home now.

February 9 – Saturday

Mr. and Mrs. Crowder gave a big party tonite for all the crew. We had a nice time. Howardy and I left about 11:00 and came home. Every one was getting pretty drunk by then.

February 10 – Sunday

Theresa and Ray ate breakfast with us this morning – we played bridge until about 2:30 – ate some toast and apples then went to opelousas to see “The Lives of a Bengal Lancer.” It was good. Ate supper with the Reynolds and played some more bridge.

February 11 – Monday

Margaretta gave a party for Lottie this afternoon. We went by for Theresa and Ray tonite, and went to see “The Man from India.” Wasn’t very good.

February 12 – Tuesday

One of these highway partrolmen jumped us about our Texas license today, but he didn’t make us buy LA liscense. Been raining all day, and I’ll be glad when it stops. Howard started working in the field again today.

February 13 – Wednesday

Dr. Dulencheiu started working on my teeth today. He has filled five. I ate lunch with Theresa and we drove around awhile this afternoon. Went down to met Ray and Howard when they got in from work.

February 14 – Thursday

Ivy came over this afternoon and gave me four real pretty handkerchiefs because we are leaving. She also invited us to have dinner with them tomorrow nite.

February 15 – Friday

I had two wisdom teeth pulled this afternoon, and the Dr. made me come home and go to bed. Howardy cooked supper tonite and it was real good.

February 16 – Saturday

We are beginning to pack today to move again. Howardy is getting an operator’s job on another crew. The Feathers and Gates came over tonite, and we saw all the rest of the bunch – gave them a drink and told them goodbye.

February 17 – Sunday

We ate breakfast with Theresa and Ray this morning, then played bridge awhile. Went home and packed – ate lunch and played bridge with them some more. Left Eunice about 2:00 pm and got into Houston at 6:00. Went out to the Patricks but they weren’t home. Tired and sleepy.

February 18 – Monday

Got to Angleton this afternoon and finally found a room. We have a real nice place at Mrs. Munson’s and she’s a good cook. Mr. and Mrs. Wigley came by and we went over and met the Snyders.

February 19 – Tuesday

Howard went to work this morning as operator on the crew. I got my hair fixed this afternoon. We drove around awhile after supper and played some “Russian bank” before getting ready for bed.

February 20 – Wednesday

I went by to see Mrs. Snyder this morning and met Mrs. Harris. Howard worked on his truck awhile this afternoon. He called his mother tonite, and I know that she was real glad to talk to him.

February 21 – Thursday

Lois and Mrs. Chambers came by this morning. I got a lot of crocheting done this afternoon. Went down to meet my Howardy and we drank a coke together. Had a real good supper tonite.

February 22 – Friday

I played tennis this morning with Elizabeth Munson – I enjoyed it a lot. I crocheted along time this afternoon, and read some. Went over to see Wig and his wife tonite, and played “Hearts” with them and Charlotte and Jack Harris.

February 23 – Saturday

Elizabeth and I played tennis again – enjoyed it a lot. Howardy and I went driving tonite – drove over to West Columbia – not much excitement in Angleton – even on a Saturday nite.

February 24 – Sunday

Howardy was off and we slept “kinda” late this morning. Went to see Wig and Lois this afternoon. Played “Pegity” and bridge all afternoon. Almost missed supper at the Munson’s.

February 25 – Monday

Real cold today! I’m real glad Howard didn’t have to work, because it’s his birthday too. Mrs. Munson cooked him a cake, and he’s been breaking in his pipe that his “Pug” gave him for his birthday.

[Pug is Holly]

February 26 – Tuesday

It’s still cold, and Howard wore everything he could find to work today. We went to a Benifit Bridge at the community club house tonite – Had a big time playing bridge.

February 27 – Wednesday

Wig and Lois came over tonite and we played bridge in Mrs. Munson’s living room while they were gone. Howardy hasn’t felt so well today and we are going to bed real soon.

February 28 – Thursday

I got up “kinda” late and crocheted all morning. Washed my hair and got it set this afternoon. Howardy got home about 5:30. We ate supper and went over and played bridge with Miss Stephens and Edwin. We enjoyed playing just a whole lot.

March 1 – Friday

Got a card from Mama this morning saying that Hoyt Williams died Sunday morning at 3:30. I’m so sorry. Can’t seem to realize it. Howard went down to see about a bill at the garage after supper, and I went with him. We are going to bed early tonite.

March 2 – Saturday

I got up and ate breakfast with Howard, then took him to work. Came back and crocheted some. Went down to meet Howard this afternoon. We ate supper, then went down town for awhile. Listened to the radio awhile, and are just about ready to go to bed.

March 3 – Sunday

Howard painted the truck today down at the filling station, and I crocheted some this morning. Slept some this afternoon after eating a big dinner – we drove down to Freeport tonite.

March 4 – Monday

We just fooled around this morning because it’s Howardy’s day off. Went to Houston this afternoon, and I got some crochet thread out of Sear’s Robuck’s. We went to see “Vanessa”, then went by to see some people that Howard used to know. Got home about 8:30.

March 5 – Tuesday

Wig came by for Howard this morning, and I slept until about 10:00 o’clock. Howard’s check came today and we paid Mrs. Munson. Went down to meet Howard and he was there “kinda” early.

March 6 – Wednesday

Took Howard down to work – came back and read some, then went to sleep again. crocheted a lot today. Got a letter from Howard’s mother today. Howard got in early, but worked on the shooting truck instruments for a while.

March 7 – Thursday

Lois came by, and we went down to the inn this morning. I crocheted a lot this afternoon. Howardy got in early this afternoon. We had a big time playing “Rummy” tonite.

March 8 – Friday

Didn’t do much today but crochet. Tonite, Howard, Elizabeth and I went to see Will Rogers in “the County Chairman” – it was real good, and I enjoyed it. Got home early, and we are going to bed.

March 9 – Saturday

Howard painted the inside of the truck this afternoon and got home real late. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks came by tonight and took us to the show. We met Wig and Lois downtown. Had a nice time.

March 10 – Sunday (“Mary Belle’s birthday” written above date)

Slept late – ate breakfast and read the funnies. Ate lunch – then went driving for awhile. We drove out to the state prison farm near here. A guy ran into our car and bent the back left fender some – stayed home tonite.

March 11 – Monday

We went to Houston to get our fender fixed, but didn’t get it done. Went to see “Follies Bergere de Paris” – it was good. Got home “kinda” early. Played some “rummy” and “Russian bank” tonite.

March 12 – Tuesday

Martha and Shelly came by early this morning, and I went down to Bradford Inn with them. We all knitted and crocheted. Came home at lunch with Lois. She came over this afternoon. Howardy got in “kinda” early.

March 13 – Wednesday

Lois and I went up to the school house, and I played tennis awhile with Elizabeth Munson. We came back and worked crossword puzzles until Howard and Wig got in.

March 14 – Thursday

Went riding with Lois, Martha, and Rosie Holland this afternoon. Lois and I worked crossword puzzles again. Howard and I played bridge with Lydia Stephens and Edwin tonite. We enjoyed it a whole lot.

March 15 – Friday

Pay Day! But Howard’s check didn’t come today. I went down to the Inn this afternoon with Lois. Howardy and I just stayed home tonite and listened to the radio.

March 16 – Saturday

Howard got in “kinda” early. Meant to go fishing, but it is too windy. Played bridge with Edwin and Lydia Stephens tonite. Had a big time. Saw Mr. Stephen’s boat he is working on. Got home at 1:30.

March 17 – Sunday

Slept late. Howard polished the car the morning – it looks real nice. Went to Houston this p.m. with Lydia, Edwin, Lois, and Wig. We saw “Roberta” – it was real good. Came home and ate supper with Lydia at her house.

March 18 – Monday

Slept late again and Mrs. Munson fixed breakfast for us when we got up. Howard worked on the car some this afternoon. We went up and played bridge with Lois and Wig for awhile. Went to see “Hell in the Heavens” tonite. It was rotten.

March 19 – Tuesday (“Mirla’s birthday” written above date)

Washed my hair and got it set this afternoon. Lois and I went to see Mrs. Schneider. The crew got in late, and Howard just had time to get dressed before dinner. Got a letter from Mama.

March 20 – Wednesday

George McCawley got the horses, and Lois and I went riding this morning. Played bridge with Mrs. Conn and Mrs. Chambers when we got back. Howard and I played “Rummy” tonite.

March 21 – Thursday

Crocheted to-day – moved the furniture all around in our room. Howardy got home “kinda” early. We worked crossword puzzles tonite.

March 22 – Friday

Lois and Martha came by this morning. We went over to the Inn this p.m. Howard and I played bridge with Lydia and Edwin tonite, and we planned our “floundering” trip.

March 23 – Saturday

We went “floundering” with Lydia and Edwin this afternoon late. Cooked our supper on the beach, then went boat riding. Caught two big flounders. Got home at 3:30 a.m. – all wet and tired.

March 24 – Sunday

Slept until 12:00 o’clock. Then I got us some coffee and we drank it in bed. Howard worked on his truck awhile after lunch. Lois and Wig came over and we played bridge. They came back after supper and we played until real late.

March 25 – Monday

Howard tightened our car this morning. We wanted to ride horse-back this afternoon, but couldn’t catch the horses. Went to choir practice tonite with Mrs. Munson at the Methodist Church.

March 26 – Tuesday

Mrs. Munson was gone all day, and I stayed by myself and crocheted. Howard, Edwin, and I went over to the Stephens and played bridge with Lydia. Howardy and I seemed to get all the good hands.

March 27 – Wednesday

I washed and ironed some things this afternoon. Elizabeth and I played tennis for a while. Had a letter from Lucy inviting us to her and Charlie’s wedding, Sunday 9:30, April 14th. We want to go. Howardy played poker down at the office tonite.

March 28 – Thursday

Washed my hair and got it set today. Went riding awhile before Howard got in. We aren’t going to do anything tonite but go to bed early because we are both sleepy.

March 29 – Friday (“Shirley’s birthday” written above date)

Mrs. Munson and I crocheted on our bed spreads this morning – then I set her hair. Spent the afternoon with Martha Brooks. Wig came over after supper to see Howard. He is being transferred and is leaving tomorrow.

March 30 – Saturday

Went down to the Inn to see Mrs. Schneider this morning. Martha and O.D. started eating out here at Mrs. Munson’s tonite. They stayed and played bridge tonite after supper. Martha an dI beat the men. Went to bed “kinda” early.

March 31 – Sunday

Howard and I went to church at the Methodist church this morning. Ate dinner with Lydia Stephens. Then Edwin, Lydia, Howard and I went to Houston to see Will Rogers in “Life Begins at 40” it was real good.

April 1 – Monday

Howardy’s day off. He washed the car this morning. Mrs. Munson, Elizabeth, and Mrs. Stephens all went to Houston with us after lunch. I bought myself a hat. Howard and I went to see Wallace Beery in “West Point of the Air.”

April 2 – Tuesday

I started putting my bed spread together today. Robbie came by tonite and wanted Howard to go down and play poker at the office. I went down the Inn and talked to Martha and Lola. We came home about 9:00 o’clock.

April 3 – Wednesday

Martha stayed awhile with me this afternoon, and we sewed. Howard and I went to the show tonite. We saw “Car 99” – it was pretty good. It was Bank nite, but no one got the money – $90.00 next week. We came home and worked crossword puzzles.

April 4 – Thursday

I went down to the hotel to see Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Schneider. Crocheted this afternoon. Howard and I went over and payed bridge with Edwin and Lydia tonite. We enjoyed it a lot.

April 5 – Friday

Charlotte and Martha spent the afternoon with me. I got some roses down at the Humble Filling station this afternoon. Howardy and I went to see janet Gaynor and Warner Baxter in “One More Spring” – it wasn’t good.

April 6 – Saturday

Went over to the Stephen’s with Elizabeth and got some tennis rackets. We played tennis up at the high school for a long time. Howard got in “kinda” late, and we stayed home tonite.

April 7 – Sunday

We slept late and didn’t go to church this morning. Howard fixed up an old Kodak and his field glasses this afternoon. We stayed home tonite and played Rummy for awhile.

April 8 – Monday

We went to Houston early this morning. Went out to the oil show – it wasn’t very good. Went to see “Naughty Marietta” with Janette McDonald. It was cute. Played bridge tonite with Lydia and Edwin.

April 9 – Tuesday

Played Hearts tonite – we didn’t go anywhere ‘cause we just wanted to stay home with each other. We read some, and are going to bed early.

April 10 – Wednesday

We went to the show tonite with Mr. and Mrs. Munson and Elizabeth. The show wasn’t any good, but we just went because it was bank nite. Got home early, and are going to bed early.

April 11 – Thursday

Martha and I went riding this morning, then went out to her house and knitted for awhile. Ate lunch and she stayed awhile with me – Met Howardy and come home to supper.

April 12 – Friday

We played bridge tonite after the show. Didn’t stay to see the Baby show. Sara Moore Munson won a prize for her picture in the Baby show.

April 13 – Saturday

Lydia and I went to Houston today. I bout a hat and some shoes and a tie for Howard. We brought Howard and Edwin some chocolate Easter rabbits. Played bridge tonite over at Lydia’s house. Tired and sleepy.

April 14 – Sunday

Got up at 6:30 and drove to Wharton. Went to Lucy and Charlie’s wedding at the Presbyterian church – it was real pretty. Drove on over to Glidden and ate lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Adams. They were real glad to see Howard. Played “anagrams” with the Brooks tonite.

April 15 – Monday

Howard worked on Mrs. Munson’s radio today. Lottie was down, and all the gals went down to the inn to visit with her. We stayed home tonite, and read and played some “Russian Bank.”

April 16 – Tuesday

Crocheted most of the day. Edwin and Lydia came out and we played bridge tonite. I played bridge down at the hotel this afternoon with Charlotte, Lola, and Robbie. Lost 20 cents.

April 17 – Wednesday

Charlotte, Jack, Ruby Duty, and two ladies from Houston came out to Mrs. Munson’s for lunch today. Martha and I were late getting here. Howard and I went to the show tonite, but didn’t win the money.

April 18 – Thursday

Martha stayed awhile with me this morning. I cleaned the room real good this afternoon and then put some blocks of my bedspread together. Howard and I stayed home tonite, and Howard worked on Mrs. Munson’s radio.

April 19 – Friday

Mrs. Bradford and Mrs. Gale gave a bridge party for Lola Schneider. We had a real nice time. Howard went down to the office and played poker tonite. Shelly came out and stayed with me awhile.

April 20 – Saturday

I went over to see Charlotte, and we sewed. Went to town this afternoon. Tonite we went over and played “Hearts” and “Anagrams” with the Brooks’ and Harris. Had a good time.

April 21 – Sunday

We slept late, and read the funnies after breakfast. Howard and Logan worked on the truck this afternoon and Elizabeth and I went to see Mrs. Robinson who was once a missionary to Africa. I enjoyed hearing her talk and seeing the things they brought back.

April 22 – Monday

Howard is off today. He washed our car this morning and had it greased. He and Edwin worked on Mrs. Munson’s radio this afternoon. We played bridge tonite with Edwin and Lydia.

April 23 – Tuesday

I finished crocheting my shopping bag today. It’s real pretty. Howard worked on the truck tonite, and I went down to the garage and waited for him. We read the paper and worked the crossword puzzle tonite.

April 24 – Wednesday

I went to the show tonite, and Howard went up to the office awhile and played poker. Met Shelly at the show, and we had something to drink afterwards. Got home pretty early.

April 25 – Thursday

Played bridge over at Charlotte’s with her and Flato and Robbie. Met Howardy about five o’clock. We stayed home tonite and played “rummy”. Read some and are going to bed.

April 26 – Friday

Martha and Deryl ate lunch at Mrs. Munion’s. Howard got in “kinda” early. We played bridge tonite in our room with Lydia and Edwin. Played four rubbers – we are just real tired and sleepy.

April 27 – Saturday

We came down to the beach late this afternoon with Lydia an dEdwin. cooked our supper on a campfire – came back to the Stephen’s beach house and played bridge and ate some more.

April 28 – Sunday

Went to bed at 4:00 o’clock this morning – after playing bridge until then. Got up at 12:00 – ate breakfast. Missed the boat races to play bridge some more. Howard and Edwin went swimming this afternoon.

April 29 – Monday

We went to Houston today to see all the bunch from Eunice – They are moving to West Texas. I bought a dress at Levy’s. We enjoyed seeing everybody again and talking to them. Had lunch at Ruby Duty’s.

April 30 – Tuesday

Charlotte and Martha came out here today. Charlotte and I tried on some dresses that she had sent out from Beaumont – she kept one, and I kept one. Mine is brown & white dotted voil.

May 1 – Wednesday

I got my hair washed and set today. Went by to see Martha awhile this afternoon. Howardy got in “kinda” late tonite. We helped Elizabeth make a Home Economics poster tonite. Drove down town awhile.

May 2 – Thursday

Rained real hard all day. Martha, Charlotte, Shelly, and I all had lunch here at Mrs. Munson’s. Howard got stuck in the mud today, and didn’t get home until about 6:30. He was all muddy and tired.

May 3 – Friday

Rained all day. Charlotte and I sewed this afternoon. Martha went into Houston to stay until she has to go to the hospital. Played bridge tonite with Edwin and Lydia.

May 4 – Saturday

Rained again today. Went to town with Mrs. Munson this afternoon. We didn’t win the $15.00. Howardy and I stayed home tonite. It is getting “kinda” cold here.

May 5 – Sunday

We went to church this morning – the Methodist church. It was “kinda” cold this afternoon, and we just stayed home and read and slept. Worked on a problem tonite that Mr. Munson gave us.

May 6 – Monday

Drove over to East Columbia to see the Brazos river. It is rising real fast. Went riding and ate some ice cream this afternoon. Started to the show tonite, but decided it wasn’t any good.

May 7 – Tuesday

Howardy was just real tired tonite when he got home. They got all 16 locations. We played bridge for awhile tonite with Lydia and Edwin. Got home about 11:00pm and we are ready to go to bed.

May 8 – Wednesday

I played bridge most all day with Flato, Robbie, and Charlotte. Howardy and I went to the show tonite with Charlotte and Jack. It was bank nite but we didn’t win the money.

May 9 – Thursday

I went to Houston with Mrs. Munson and George McCauley. Got home “kinda” late and in the rain. Howardy and I played bridge with Edwin and Lydia tonite. Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary, and the year we’ve been married seems just real short.

The End

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