September 1922

Friday, Sept. 1, at Henry’s, Dayton

Charles has been taking his meals with us all week as Celia and mother have gone to Detroit to visit her brother.

Saturday, Sept. 2, at Henry’s, Dayton

Drove out to Lewisburg this P.M. Got letters from W.C. Juna [Juna M. Harp Hooks59] and Hazel. Drove up to cemetery with flowers for Currence’s grave. Came back and read letters at Elnora’s then went to Elzina’s [Elzina Sloan Smith60] and spent P.M. Found her busy sewing as usual. On the way over we stopped at Shares and when Edith came to the door she said “Oh I am so glad you have come. Cousin Mother Clue Alters [?] just came. She heard you were here and supposing you were at our house she came here. She came in the room and seemed very glad to see me. We talked of the times she and Laura Kelsoe [?] used to visit us when my mother was alive and I a little girl. We planned to be at Shares together this winter when Aunt Lib was and have a good visit together. I had not seen Ella [Lydia Ellen Hoerner Share61] and Frank [Ephriam Franklin Share62] and we were very glad to see each other again.

Sunday, Sept. 3, at Henry’s, Dayton

After breakfast this A.M. I wrote a long letter to W.C. asking him to let Hazel and Norris read it then send it on to Juna. Wrote Hazel and Juna shorter letters in answer to ones I had received from them. After a good dinner Belle, Henry, Charles and I started on a long drive thru Tippecanoe, Vandalia and New Carlisle to Silver Lake. Passed thru a beautiful country of hills and dales. Had forgotten that the country was as rolling as it is. Beautiful valleys and comfortable farm homes. Silver Lake is quite large but the cottages were few and accommodations not any too good I should judge. Is owned by one man. We also passed thru Phoneton where all the long distant [sic] messages from north, south, east and west pass. From N. York to San Francisco, Florida to Chicago etc. It is only a small hamlet where the operators live but such a mass of wires.

Monday, Sept. 4, at Henry’s, Dayton

Sewed all day today on articles I did not get finished before coming here.

Tuesday, Sept. 5, at Henry’s, Dayton

Belle isn’t feeling well so we stayed at home and I finished the articles I began yesterday.

Wednesday, Sept. 6, at Henry’s, Dayton

I washed every thing I had soiled today. Edna came in and stayed to dinner. Had a good old chicken dinner. Belle has such good meals I am afraid I shall get so fat my clothes will be uncomfortable. Drove out to Wealthy’s this P.M. and stayed for supper. Her mother-in-law [Emma Mathilda Ellen Ogle Alter63], father-in-law [Harry Alfred Alter64] and 16 yr old sister-in-law [Lelah Victoria Alter65] were there. Like them so much especially Mother Alters, seems like such a fine lady. Glad I met them.

Thursday, Sept. 7, at Henry’s, Dayton

Ironed this A.M. Just as I got thru Maud came and we went
down town shopping until noon. Intended going out to the fair but it has been so hot (94 in shade) all week we gave it up. I came home and gave the upstairs a good clean up and took a bath.

Friday, Sept. 8, at Henry’s, Dayton

I gave the house down stairs a good going over. Just got thru in time to take a bath before dinner. Belle is feeling worse and not able to do sweeping or do heavy work and I wanted to leave things in good shape before leaving for Shares tomorrow. This P.M. we went out to Edna’s and spent the afternoon. Found her making chilli-sauce and catsup. It was so cool out there under the trees and on the porch. Went with Henry to see the little cottage they have back among the trees. It could be made quite cosy and I suggested they fix it up for their summer home.

Saturday, Sept. 9, at Ella Share’s, Clay

I helped straighten up the house this A.M. then finished writing in my diary and packed my clothes to go to Shares. Belle and Henry drove out to the cemetery with flowers for Margaret’s grave. As soon as we had dinner we drove up for Myrtie Sheller [Myrtle Wilson Sheller66] and drove to Lewisburg. Russell Ruff’s [Russell Ruff67] wife [Marie Grace Smail Ruff68] died at Union City and Myrtie wanted to go to Lewisburg with us so she could go with her people to the funeral. On the way to Lewisburg we stopped at Shares and left my suit case and clothes then drove on to Lewisburg. Got my mail first then drove up to cemetery with flowers for Currence’s grave and on way back stopped at Cousin Frank’s. Found him much better, Edna Taylor [Edna M. Taylor69] was there nursing him. He was so glad to see me and said he was looking forward to the time when I would visit them. When I went to leave he caught hold of my hand and kissed and kissed it. From there I went to see Mrs. Smith [Anna Mary Ruff Smith70]. She was glad to see me but looked so badly. Wanted me to come again and she would show me the house. They have a beautiful home. I am to see Pearl [Pearl C. Smith Brinkman71] at Thanksgiving time. I then went over to Cousin Charlie’s and found Aunt and little Eola alone. They were on the side porch and I spent a couple of hours very pleasantly with them.

Little Eola [Eola Georgia Hoerner72] is so sweet. She said Grandma your hair doesn’t look very nice so I guess I had better comb it so she did and fussed with it for a long time. Henry’s came for me. Elnora was with them, was going to stay a week. Stopped at Shares. John [John Edward Share73] came over in the evening, being the first one of the children I had seen except Edith. We sat up quite late talking.

Sunday, Sept. 10, at Ella’s, Clay

Sunday John and family came. They have two very bright little little boys [Marion E Share74] [John Share Jr.75] and such a pretty little brown-eyed girl [Evelyn M. Share76] the youngest. In the P.M. we all went up to Cousin Cora’s [Cora Lillie Hoerner Smyer77] and had such a nice time. She has a very cosy little home, only 14 acres but quite comfortable. She looks so bad and has poor health. Perry [Perry Smyer78] looks thin but natural. Paul [Eugene Paul Smyer79] and wife [Clara M. Hardeman Smyer80] and two children [Thurston P. Smyer81] [Emil Smyer82] were there. He has a lovely family. I saw the old bureau and it is looking fine but Cora sold hers so she could keep this one so I am afraid I shall not get to take it back with me. Cora has so many nice chickens, buff rocks. Coming home we stopped at John’s and had ice cream.

Monday, Sept. 11, at Ella’s, Clay

It rained all night last night and is still at it this A.M. Edith is ironing. The day was rainy and dark all day. We tatted, crocheted and talked all day. Ella gave me enough wide lace for pillow slips shall think of her every time I see it.

Tuesday, Sept. 12, at Ella’s, Clay

It is quite cool this A.M. A fire and a shawl feels good but the sun is out bright and likely to warm up before noon. After dinner we drove over to Brookville to Flora’s [Florence O. Hoerner Rasor83]. She is full of face and much heavier than I ever saw her. Looks well but isn’t well at all. Had a good talk with her about her stay in San Antonio also about Herbert’s experience in France. Warren [Warren Rasor84] came in and had a chat, can not see a great deal of change in him. Later Herbert [Herbert Hoerner Rasor85] came in, he is a fine appearing young man. From there we went up to Ida’s [Ida May Hoerner Albert86]. Found her all alone. Her hair is white but she seems well and was very jolly, much more so than when I last saw her. Showed us Grace’s [Grace C. Albert Schoneman87] husband’s [Frederick Wilheim Schoneman88] picture, he is a fine looking man. Also saw Riley’s [Warren Riley Albert89] picture taken with his wife [Effie Coppock Albert90], she is nice looking too. Stopped at Cousin Maggie’s for a few minutes. Saw her daughter Mary [Mary Elizabeth Fowble91] for the first time. She was dressed in the camp-fire girl’s suits ready to go on a hike. She is quite pretty. Came on home and after supper chatted a while then went to bed.

Wednesday, Sept. 13, at Ella’s, Clay

A beautiful day again, cool but the sun is shining brightly and every thing green and flowers in bloom. Edith never eats breakfast so while we ate she churned. I am to have some of the butter milk and I know how I shall enjoy it as it has been a long time since I had butter milk like that. Edith had a good chicken dinner and all that goes with it. After dinner we drove over to Walter’s [Walter Share92] [Grace Mae Heeter Share93]. He lives on the old Share farm. His father and mother in law were there helping can peaches. They have two boys [Glenn D. Share94] [Oscar Earl Share95] and a little girl [Ellen Beatrice Share96]. We spent the P.M. then stopped at George’s [George Ephraim Share97] on the way home. They were all out at the tobacco shed except Robert [Robert Dale Share98] and he called and said if we wanted to see the cook he was in the house. George has a nice looking family. I know I shall like his wife [Rosella E. Corner Share99]. We only stayed a few minutes as they had a lot of tobacco cut down and wanted to get it in before dark.

Thursday, Sept. 14, at Ella’s, Clay

We spent the day at John’s. Mae [May M. Thomas Share100] had a lovely dinner for us. In the P.M. we all went over to Ralph’s [Ralph Hoerner Share101]. I like Ralph’s wife [Verta Walker Share102] so much and he has a very sweet little baby boy [Edwin Share103]. Before we came away Verta served pumpkin pie and cake. I think Ella is very fortunate in having such nice daughters-in-law, I like every one of them.

Friday, Sept. 15, at Henry’s, Dayton

I wrote W.C. a long letter this A.M. just got it in the box when the mail carrier came. We had an early dinner expecting to go to see Mrs. Cassady and Marie. Before I got my dress changed I heard Henry talking down stairs. They were taking Aunt Nora home and wanted me to go back home with them. Charlie and Celia wanted him to go with them on a fishing trip to Houghton Lake in Michigan and they wanted me to stay with Belle. I was glad to do so. They took Nora on home and got my mail (three letters from Juna and two from W.C.). Were soon back and we drove on to Dayton as Henry wanted to help Charlie pack. He did not get back from Charlie’s until late. I was just in bed when Charlie came down to bid Belle goodbye as they wanted to start by 3 A.M. He called a greeting to me upstairs. Charlie is so nice to me.

Saturday, Sept. 16, at Henry’s, Dayton

Belle got up and made Henry some sandwiches and they got off by 3 A.M. She went back to bed and it was 7 o’clock before I got up. After breakfast we went up to market. Such nice looking vegetables and flowers (beautiful). I enjoyed it so much as it has been years since I went to market like that. In the P.M. we went down town shopping. We went all thru the Art Dept. at Rikes. Such beautiful things. Got me a buffet scarf, it is cross stitch all in blue. Also got blue and white goods for my quilt. Got a handkerchief for Ella whose birthday is next Sun. (Sept. 24). Saw Ess Horn [?] and she said Wealthy I want you to promise me something. I want you to come in some day and say “Ess I want to go to lunch with you and we would go to lunch and have a good talk together.” We were tired by the time we got home so we had supper and I spent the evening working on buffet scarf.

Sunday, Sept. 17, at Henry’s, Dayton

Sunday Belle did not feel good so after noon we went up to her doctor for medicine and on way back Gus Fowble [Augustus Fowble104] saw me passing Cousin Frank’s and came out to speak to me. As Maggie was there we went in and all had a pleasant visit together. In the A.M. Sunday I wrote long letters to W.C. and Juna and a correspondence card to Edith Share enclosing the handkerchief to her mother, also a card to Aunt Alice [Alice Miller Ayers105]. Also wrote a card to Earl Keselring [Earl Russell Keselring106] to forward my mail here this week as we can not go over after it with Henry away.

Monday, Sept. 18, at Henry’s, Dayton

I cut out a lot of quilt patches this A.M. and pieced several blocks. In the P.M. I worked on my buffet scarf. While we were at supper Alma Eikenberry [Alma C. Eikenbary] telephoned saying she was coming over. She came and we had a pleasant evening together. Do not think she has aged much but she is thin and not as healthy looking as I would like to see her. She said Charlie [Charles Franklin Eikenbary] was a doctor in Spokane and Sidney [Sidney Joseph Eikenbary] in Los Angeles. Her brother Hazen [Hazen S. Eikenbary] when he died had left four little girls the youngest 2 mo. old now she is 14. The two youngest are in high school and the two oldest in Miami University. Says her sister-in-law is a wonderful mother. We had a very pleasant time together. Has been cold today.

Tuesday, Sept. 19, at Henry’s, Dayton

Worked all day on quilt and buffet scarf. Have the worst cold I have had for ages. Eyes hurt so had to quit working on scarf. Dressed and walked up to grocery with Belle. Little Jack takes his dinners with us since Celia is gone. Had a letter from Henry and card from Charlie. They got to Saginaw at 10 P.M. Sat. night and Houghton Lake Sun. 3 P.M. It was so very cold they had to go in town for warmer clothing. It has been cold here also. Spent last evening on quilt. Sewing doesn’t seem to hurt my eyes.

Wednesday, Sept. 20, at Henry’s, Dayton

Worked on quilt and scarf part of day. Been sick with a cold. Was afraid it would go down on lungs so doctored myself up good and took a walk up to Third St. in the sunshine and took deep breaths.

Thursday, Sept. 21, at Henry’s, Dayton

Feeling much better today but Belle is not at all well so I ironed for her. Before I was thru Myrtie Sheller came down for Belle to help her on a white wool cap she was crocheting for Freda Keighley Bowman’s [Freda Mary Keithley Bauman107] baby. She spent the day with us and I enjoyed her visit so much. Maud came in and spent the day also. She bought little Pattie Ann some white kid shoes and wool hose and I am to send them to her. Did not get to work on quilt this A.M. but did in P.M.

Friday, Sept. 22, at Henry’s, Dayton

Emma called up to see if I could go down to Kate Frantz’s Tues. but as Henry will not be at home I could not go. Belle feels so much worse today.

Saturday, Sept. 23, at Henry’s, Dayton

Was giving the house a good sweeping when Edna came in. She found Belle in bed as she felt worse than any time yet. She brought us in a basketful of vegetables. She washed out some pieces for Belle, had to go back on 11 o’clock car. I took a bath then went up to Third St. for bread etc. Stopped in at Myrtie’s for a chicken she had bought for us. She had it all ready to fry for us, she is so good. She gave me an envelope of four o’clock seed she had gathered for me. Also gave me some cake for Belle. I worked on my quilt the rest of evening, have begun to join it.

Sunday, Sept. 24, at Henry’s, Dayton

Turned back our clock to slow time today. Got up late as I wanted Belle to sleep as long as possible. Lovely weather. Belle is feeling much better today. Had a letter from Celia yesterday. They had to go to town as Henry broke his glasses. Emma Paine phoned this A.M. and wanted me to go with them on a picnic. Grant and Minnie and Lurten and Emma were going to take their dinners and auto some place and eat it. As Belle wasn’t at all well and Henry gone I could not go. Minnie Taylor [Minnie L. Hoerner Taylor108] also phoned and wanted me to come out there to dinner. Aunt Lib was there and they were to be alone. Was sorry I could not go. Blanche Paine Elliot phoned and wanted me to come out there to spend the day next Sun. I told her I would. We had good chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner. I wrote W.C. and Mrs. Wood. Read most of P.M.

Monday, Sept. 25, at Henry’s, Dayton

Am getting ready to wash this A.M. Did a big one and had a fine day for it. In the P.M. Belle and I went to Third St to look at the hats. Worked on buffet scarf in the evening and finished the cross stitch and began on edge.

Tuesday, Sept. 26, at Henry’s, Dayton

Did all the ironing this A.M. Wealthy and little Harry came and stayed for dinner. Had a letter from Aunt Alice that was on the way since Sept. 5. This P.M. we went to town, bought outing for a gown. Looked at hats and we saw such ugly ones. Did not see one I wanted. Came back by Mrs. Smith’s and we each bought one as they were nearly as cheap as to have one made. They wanted $6 to make one down town and $1.50 extra for the frame. Minnie Taylor
phoned for me to come out and spend the day tomorrow, said there was a surprise in it. Promised to come.

Wednesday, Sept. 27, at Henry’s, Dayton

Hurried around this A.M. and got ready to go to Minnie’s. Belle went down town with me to see I would get on right car which was lovely of her. Had such a nice time at Minnie’s. They have such a lovely home and I enjoyed the day with Aunt Lib, Minnie and Edna very much. In P.M. Carrie Brower Detrich [Carrie Alice Brower Glander] and her mother Mrs. Brower [Belle Maria Dininger Brower] came and spent the P.M. with us. I came home with them when they left. Finished my buffet scarf this evening. Had a letter from W.C. and one from Hazel.

Thursday, Sept. 28, at Henry’s, Dayton

Cut out Belle’s black satin dress out of velvet coat lining today and got it all done except pinning down hems and putting snaps on which Belle did. She looks so nice in it. Got a silk braid girdle down town and put such a pretty white collar on it. Mrs. Ermina Gerard [?] came and spent the P.M. Her husband was Henry’s head sawyer for so many years.

Friday, Sept. 29, at Henry’s, Dayton

Belle and I spent A.M. in town. Bought a pretty veil for my winter hat and some center pieces to work for Hazel and Juna’s Xmas gift. Washed my hair in the P.M. and worked on my quilt.

Saturday, Sept. 30, at Henry’s, Dayton

Went to market for Belle this A.M. Love to go to market. Mailed a box to Pattie Ann. Sent shoes and hose from Maud, a knitted cap in white and blue wool like the jacket Belle had sent her. I bought the yarn and Belle crocheted it. I also sent her a bib. Worked on quilt in P.M. after we had the work all done. Minnie Sheller called and wanted me to go out there to dinner Sun. but I had already promised Blanche Paine Elliot.

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