The Haas Family of Indianda

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This is the Haas family. I LOVE the amount of wonderful information someone provided on the back of the photo (also pictured). But it still took a little digging to find them. Here’s the scoop:
William Haas was 46 in the picture, born around 1849 in Pennsylvania. Susan (Sue) Reeves, his wife, was 35. She was born in 1858 in Indiana. Will died before 1900, because in the 1900 Richland, IN census Susan was a widowed landlord living with 3 of her daughters – Hattie, Mable, and Leah. They were still living in Richland in 1910, but with the addition of Susan’s mother, Harriet Reeves also from Indiana.

I absolutely love this photo and can’t wait to let potential descendants know about it. I do own it; if any family member is interesting in actually owning the photo please let me know.

The Weeks Sisters

I have come across several pictures of Anna and Isabel Weeks. I love that there are a series of pictures so you can really see them through the years. I assume these must have some from a photo album. Here’s what I have found out. Anna was born in PA in 1902 and her sister Isabel was born in 1907, also in PA. Their parents were Herman and Effie Weeks. In 1910 and 1920 the family lived in Luzerne, PA. But Isabel moved to New Jersey where she lived at least in 1930 and 1940 where she was a librarian. Neither sister married apparently, which may be why there are so few people searching for them on ancestry.

These photos are currently up for sale on Ebay if anyone is interested in owning them. I’m not the owner, but he has given me permission to list them here. There may be more of the Weeks sisters in his collection, I haven’t looked through it completely. Hopefully this group of pictures will find a grateful home. Here are the links to the sale of each picture.

Isabel Weeks, Spring 1921 / Anna Weeks, Washington D.C. / Isabel Weeks, 1921 / Anna and Isabel Weeks 1918

Evelyn Brantley

This woman, as you can tell by the picture, is Evelyn Brantley. Someone has nicely also indicated a location, Lake City, Florida. With a little research is appears that this is the daughter of John & Josie Brantley. She was born in 1914 in Georgia, but in 1930 the family lived in Lake City, FL.

This photo is not one I own. Rick on ebay had it for sale, but it appears to have been purchased!

1905 Wedding

Wilfred Morin & wife Rose Aime Breton, July 24, 1905

This lovely couple was easy to find but there was not a lot of documentation on the web. A marriage record states that Wilfred Morin and Rose Aime Breton were married in Quebec, Canada in 1905 – this may well be their wedding day: July 24. Documentation may be scarce, but where the names match I found out they had a daughter Juliette Morin (married name Thibault) born in 1908 in Canada. She died in 1975.

There seem to be a few family trees with this couple so hopefully they will have a home.

Geraldine Scofield #89

Geraldine Scofield #89 at the Westbrook Commercial Academy 1924-1925

What a wonderful find! This young lady comes from the 1924-1925 class picture at Westbrook Commercial Academy in Olean, New York. I’ve randomly decided to start with her, but will work my way through the rest of the class!

This appears to be Geraldine Scofield, daughter of Frank and Bertha Scofield. She was born in Pennsylvania in 1906. The family then moved to New York and in the 1920 census they are living in Olean. Geraldine has a sister, Gladys – she is not pictured in this class photo, she’s one year older than Geraldine. A 1922 Olean city directory does list both girls as students however. It’s possible Gladys has already graduated.

Good luck Geraldine!

The Beavers of Kinmundy, IL

D. C. Beaver
Kinmundy, Ill
(Billy’s Dad)


This photo had great information on it as you can see from the caption. A name, a place and a relative – you can’t ask for much more than that! With so much data, D. C. was easy to find in the record books of history.

This is David C. Beaver, son of Abraham and Matilda Beaver. Born in Illinois in 1837. His wife was Tabitha. They lived in Kinmundy, IL for many years, specifically in the 1880, 1910, and 1920 censuses. Children included Anna, Frank William (this may have been Billy), Kitty Bell (love the name!), Freddy, Charley, and Mary.

Welcome Mr. Beaver, I hope you find some descendants!