January 1923

Monday, Jan. 1, 1923, at Henry’s, Dayton

We had a good dinner after which Belle, Henry, Nora, Alice and I drove up to Maud’s for a little visit. Then on down to Edna’s for a call. Nina [?] and daughter were there, then on down to Wealthy’s and then home. Alice gave me a bottle of violet toilet water.

Tuesday, Jan. 2, at Henry’s, Dayton

Henry and Belle drove Alice down to 7-25 train this A.M. In P.M. we went down town and I got some crochet cotton, thread, and veil.

Wednesday, Jan. 3, at Henry’s, Dayton

I washed this A.M. and sewed rest of day on Nora’s dress Belle is making. Crocheted at night. Have last napkin corner crocheted for Belle. Still have the luncheon cloth.

Thursday, Jan 4, at Henry’s, Dayton

We are all ironing this A.M. I sewed on Belle’s apron in P.M. and crocheted the big corner on Belle’s luncheon cloth in evening. Celia and Myrtie Sheller came while I was ironing. I promised Myrtie to make enough medallions for her a tatting collar. Celia asked me to crochet her enough corners for napkins. She has been so good to me I will be glad to do it for her.

Friday, Jan. 5, at Henry’s, Dayton

Maud came this A.M. and stayed for dinner. In P.M. the folks drove her home and Nora and I stayed here. I finished Belle’s apron and took my quilt apart to make it shorter. Elsie and Earl stopped in a few minutes in the evening with Jack on the way down to see the doctor about him. Alma Eikenberry phoned she was coming out to spend evening. She came and we had a very pleasant evening together. I had such a cough and did not feel at all good. Charles sent medicine down with Henry for me. I inhaled some of it and did not cough all night long.

Saturday, Jan. 6, at Henry’s, Dayton

I cleaned upstairs this A.M. and dusted downstairs. Elsie phoned that the doctor said Jack had acute bright’s disease. It got us all worked up as that is very dangerous. The folks went up and had to go down town to get a rubber sheet and other things for them to use on Jack. I got dinner while they were gone. I ripped a dressing sack up for Maud so as lady could take a pattern off of it and when I pressed it out I pressed my quilt. It looks so nice. I crocheted in P.M. and evening. Wealthy came in and left the children with us while she went to see Jack. Henry drove her down town.

Sunday, Jan. 7, at Henry’s, Dayton

Rather a gloomy day today. Wrote Minnie and Grant, W.C., and Juna today. Charles and Celia came down for supper and the evening. Jack seems to be some better today.

Monday, Jan. 8, at Henry’s, Dayton

The folks took Aunt Nora out home this P.M. I did not go as I was afraid of catching cold. Stayed at home and cut out the napkins and lunch cloth for my filet cornered set. Had to draw threads. Jack seems to be getting much better. I crocheted rest of day.

Tuesday, Jan. 9, at Henry’s, Dayton

Washed my hair this A.M. Has needed it for some time but on the account of cold was afraid to do so. Belle was up at Elsie’s most of P.M. Jack is better. This P.M. I marked off my napkins, lunch cloth, and pillow cases to be hem stitched, crocheted rest of time. Celia dropped in on way up to see Jack.

Wednesday, Jan. 10, at Henry’s, Dayton

Wrote Hazel, also a card to Alma E. telling her I would be over Sun. P.M. Belle and Henry drove up to Edna’s to take the wash. Belle stopped on Third St. with the hemstitching. Later went back for it. It is done very nicely and I am anxious to get at it. Celia and I went up to Elsie’s and spent the P.M. with she and Jack. He is much better. I crocheted on napkin in the evening.

Thursday, Jan. 11, at Henry’s, Dayton

Belle, Henry and I went uptown this A.M. and did not get back until nearly 11 o’clock. I got goods for Pattie Ann’s flaxon dress and lining for my quilt and some hair nets. We hurried and got us a lunch and did up the work and went back to Keith’s to see Singer’s Midgets which were very good. It was almost dark when we got home. I read all evening.

Friday, Jan. 12, at Minnie Taylor’s, Carmonte

It is a gloomy day. I want to clean up the upstairs and get ready to go out to Cousin Minnie’s. I did so and afterwards crocheted one of my doilies finished it, the first one. I took a car and had to wait down town quite a while for a car. Got out to Carmonte about dark. Jimmie [James D. “Jimmy” Taylor212] came a little while afterwards. After supper we had a good talk. Jimmie told me all about his work, etc. It was quite late when we went to bed.

Saturday, Jan. 13, at Henry’s, Dayton

Jimmie got up at 5 o’clock to go to his work. I did not get up until later and Minnie and I had breakfast together. Edna had gone to town to stay all night with a nurse friend. After we had the breakfast dishes done Ona [Leona “Onah” Taylor Swank213] came over and we went home with her to see her new house. Her kitchen was so cute, she had stencil work about three feet up on wall. Had a bunch of flowers at regular distances with a line of black between. Her sitting room was in grays and blues. She showed nice solid silver spoons, meat forks, etc., all solid that the teachers gave her, also embroidered luncheon set of 19 pieces the teachers handmade themselves. And so many other things. It being Saturday, Jimmie came home and had lunch with us. I stayed until almost 4 o’clock then started for the car. I had to wait so long for the car, as did a gentleman, finally an auto stopped and asked us to ride to town – we did so. I got out at 15th and Main and took a car for Broadway and was soon home. Belle and Henry were not at home, had driven up to Edna’s and Wealthy’s. They came about dark. After supper I crocheted an end for a napkin and picked out a big pan of nuts. Belle was having trouble with her right hand and could not help me.

Sunday, Jan. 14, at Henry’s, Dayton

Began sleeting and raining last night before I went to bed and is still raining this A.M. Kept it up all day. We did not go any place and no one came.

Monday, Jan. 15, at Henry’s, Dayton

Washed this A.M. and ironed this P.M. Edna was here for dinner. Maud was at Elsie’s. Henry and Belle took Edna and Maud home. I stayed at home and ironed. I wrote W.C. in the evening.

Tuesday, Jan. 16, at Charlie’s, Lewisburg

Packed all A.M. to go to Lewisburg. In P.M. Belle and Henry took me to Lewisburg. Did not find Cousin Frank’s at home so went to Cousin Charlie’s. Found Florence [Florence Lincoln Hoerner214] and Eola at home. Florence was sick so out of school. Cousin Julia was out quilting on a quilt her class is making. Cousin Frank and Julia are in Dayton where Frank is taking treatment. My cough was bad all evening.

Wednesday, Jan. 17, at Charlie’s, Lewisburg

Feeling much better today. Crocheted most of day. Julia has not been feeling at all well. Something like La Grippe. Cora and Perry came this P.M. She looks much better than when I saw her last. Julia has a wonderful little family of girls. She is a fine mother. Cora and Perry are coming in after me one day next week. The folks got word today that Emma Thompson [Susan Emily Thompson215] was dead. Is to be buried tomorrow. Poor Ella [Frances Ella Thompson216] is left alone. Been cold all day today and I did not venture out.

Thursday, Jan. 18, at Charlie’s, Lewisburg

Much warmer today and the sun is out. Think I shall go down town this P.M. Mrs. Tremble was in a short time this A.M. Julia is some better. I called this P.M. on Andora Singer Horn [Andora Singer Horn217], Mrs. Beck [?], Clara Lock who lives in our old home, Edna Horn Huffman [Edna Belle Horn Hoffman]218, Elzina Sloane, Mrs. Wood, Etta Sloan, Mrs. Wike [?] and Mrs. Parmerlee. Mrs. Wood came up and spent the evening with us. Mrs. Parmerlee is sick. Everybody seemed glad to see me and asked all about everybody. Aunt does not seem well.

Friday, Jan. 19, at Charlie’s, Lewisburg

Aunt seems no better today. I crocheted this A.M. and this P.M. I stayed at home with Eola and Aunt while Julia went to help quilt on a S.S. class quilt. Julia’s sister Jennie [Jenny G. Oldfather Rhinehart219] came and spent evening. John [John A. Rhinehart220] came for her.

Saturday, Jan. 20, at Charlie’s, Lewisburg

Aunt seems better. A gloomy day. Joanna [Joan M. Hoerner221] is sick today and Julia has her hands full. I tried to help but am afraid I did not help much. This P.M. I took a good bath and crocheted some.

Sunday, Jan. 21, at Charlie’s, Lewisburg

I went to Reformed church this A.M. to meet Elzina. Saw Mrs. Keselring [Mary Catherine Albert Keselring222] , Eberle [?], Goldie Bittle [Goldie P. Bittle Kramer223] , etc. Elzina did not come until late. I saw Minnie Christman [Alice Minnie Bosse Christman] and family. She is such a nice looking woman and had two boys with her that were so nice looking. She also has two grown girls that she wished I might see. She seemed so glad to see me. She is a wonder to come from that family as they were so poor when the girls went to school to me. I went on down to Elzina’s for dinner. We had a fine dinner. After dinner we talked and looked at old pictures. After supper Elzina went as far as Imo’s with me but I did not go in. I was hardly home until they phoned for me to come down as Susie Horn Kelley [Susie Jane Horn Kelly224] was there and wanted to see me. I went and met her Doctor husband [Dr. Joseph Lee Kelly225] and little boy [?]. Imo has been sick and did not look well. Susie looks like she always did but older. Joanna is much better.

Monday, Jan. 22, at Charlie’s, Lewisburg

Julia is washing this A.M. Mr. Oldfather [Samuel Oldfather226] is helping her. It is a lovely day and they soon had the clothes out on the line. I straightened up the house for her. I crocheted in P.M. After supper Julia and I went down to Elnora’s a few minutes, then on up to see how Mrs. Parmerlee was. Found her much better than when I was down a short time before. We went on up to Mrs. Smith’s. She isn’t at all well and expects to start for Florida Friday. As we were coming away from Smith’s we met Mrs. Beck going in. Came home and read “Under Country Skies” by Grace Richmond.

Tuesday, Jan. 23, at Cora Smyer’s, Clay

Ironed a little this A.M. and pared potatoes for dinner then crocheted until dinner time. In P.M. crocheted a while then had just began on the book I am reading when Perry and Cora came. It was quite cold but I bundled up good. It only took us a little while to go and I did not get cold and found a big fire in the hard coal burner. Cora has a cosy home. We stayed up until 10 o’clock talking. They made $671.40 off of 3¼ acres of tobacco. It began raining some after we got home and was soon a glase of ice.

Wednesday, Jan. 24, at Cora’s, Clay

Ice over every thing this A.M. Cora and I had such a good time visiting all day. I finished my luncheon set. Cora has such a comfortable home and I love to be here.

Thursday, Jan. 25, at Cora’s, Clay

Frank and Julia drove up soon after we got our work done. We had a lovely time together and Frank seemed much like himself. He laughed and talked all day. Cora had a fine dinner. I spent my time on tatting a collar for Myrtie Sheller.

Friday, Jan. 26 at Cora’s, Clay

We have been having ugly weather but this P.M. we drove up to Paul’s. The lane is nearly a half mile long but was so muddy we left the auto at side of road and walked up the lane on grass along the fences. Paul has a nice wife and children. A good housekeeper and cosy home. We went thru Verona and Gordin going. There are such good farms all thru this section. Sells from $150 to $200 per acre.

Saturday, Jan. 27, at Cora’s, Clay

It rained all day and we sat and talked all day long. I crocheted the ends on my pillow cases. I took a bath by the side of the big base burner before going to bed. I prefer a base burner to a furnace. Every thing so clean and cosy and I am having a wonderful visit.

Sunday, Jan. 28 at Cora’s, Clay

It looked so gloomy this A.M. but at 11 o’clock the sun is coming out and looks as tho we might have a pretty day. I wrote W.C. this A.M. We were just ready to go over to Ross’s [Clifford Ross Smyer227] at Philipsburg when Mrs. Heeter [Cora Beatrice Johnson Heeter228] (Walter Share’s mother-in-law) came to tell us that John Share’s little girl was dead. Am so sorry, their two other children are boys. We went over to Paul’s and found them gone. They were over at Fay’s [Bessie Faye Mathias Smyer229] sister’s. Perry went for them. Ross has a very nice family of three girls [Ladonna Delight Smyer230] [Naundous Vernell “Nan” Smyer231] [LeJeana Faye Smyer232] and one boy [Charles Ross Smyer233].

Monday, Jan. 29, at Cora’s, Clay

A heavy frost over every thing this A.M. looks like snow. The sun is coming up and it looks like a nice day. Am glad on the account of the funeral this P.M. We are washing this A.M. I am washing up every thing, glad to get a chance to do so. We went to John Share’s baby funeral. Nearly all the relatives were there – Minnie, Flora, Ida, Dan, Herbert and wife [Trellis Mae Freeders Rasor234], Frank, Ella, Edith, Walter and family, Ralph and family, Paul and wife, Ross’s wife and little boy, Jude, Charlie, Julia, Aunt Lib, etc. I left so sorry for May and John. We took May’s father and mother to cemetery then took them back to the house and came home.

Tuesday, Jan. 30, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

We ironed this A.M. and I also washed my hair, soaked my feet and cut bunions, etc., also did some sewing, things that I feel at home to do at Cora’s so much more than at other places. Cora had such a good dinner. Wrote a letter to Belle. In P.M. we drove to town past little Brown school house and by the old Weller home where Mrs. Ebersole [?] lived in her girlhood days. Found Frank and Julia at home. Herbert Rasor called late in P.M.

Wednesday, Jan. 31, at Frank’s, Lewisburg

Rained all day and was only out of the house once when I went over to Cousin Charlie’s to get my clothes I left there. Julia was picking out nuts to make a cake as her class meets there today. Aunt was well. Julia mended and I tatted all P.M. We had planned to go calling but it rained so hard we gave it up. I called Elzina up to make arrangements to go out to Sallie Hottes Unger [Sarah Jane Hottes Unger235].

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