December 1922

Friday, Dec. 1, at Share’s, Clay

Had quite a rain in the night and it still is cloudy. The sun came out bright later. In the P.M. Frank, Ella, Aunt and I drove over to Maggie Fowble’s but not finding her at home we drove on to Ida’s. Had a very nice visit with her also got to see Dan.

Saturday, Dec. 2, at Henry’s, Dayton

One of the neighbors came over with a phone message to me from Cassady’s. They wanted me to come over to spend the day Sunday. Said they would come for me and take me back. Someone was there that wanted to see me. I had to turn it down as Henry was coming for me. So sorry to do so but I had to go to Dayton to have my pictures taken and if I did not have them taken soon, I would not get them for Christmas and I did not want to ask Henry to come after me again. He did not come until nearly 3 o’clock consequently it was almost dark when we got home.

Sunday, Dec. 3, at Henry’s, Dayton

After a good chicken dinner today we took a long ride up to Maud’s and back by Edna’s. A beautiful day, the sun shone brightly and it was as warm as a summer day. The pike was full of cars, taking advantage of the nice weather. I enjoyed the ride so much.

Monday, Dec. 4, at Henry’s, Dayton

Raining all day so I had no chance to have my pictures taken but I washed up every thing and hung them over the register, they were soon dry so I ironed every thing and pressed my skirt and waist to my suit then mended and put the clothes away so I have every thing clean when the weather gets so I can go to Mrs. Wood’s. Had a letter from Kate Bunch saying she was coming over to spend the day with me as soon as I had my Lewisburg visit over. Alma Eikenberry just called but before we got to talk very long they cut us off and I didn’t know what No. to call her again. Emma Paine also called me up this P.M.

Tuesday, Dec. 5, at Henry’s, Dayton

I dressed and went down town this A.M. and had my pictures taken. Afraid they will not be good as I was so nervous. Stopped in the Violet shop in the same building and go me a pair of black wool hose for $1.50. Went on down town and got me a pair of gray wool hose for 98 cts. Saw Wealthy and Harry out shopping. Went up to drug store and bought toothpaste then on home on the car. Henry could not get the car to go this A.M. so I had to go down on the street car. Dick had phoned that Maud was quite ill so Henry and Belle went out there to see how she was and I stayed at home. Got every thing in shape to go out to Mrs. Wood’s tomorrow.

Wednesday, Dec. 6, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

This A.M. was lovely so as soon as I got a good hot bath and my things packed, Henry and I drove out to Lewisburg by way of West Alexandria. I enjoyed the ride so much. Found Mrs. Wood looking for me. After dinner she and I started out and called on Mrs. Wilson [Mary Jane Swisher Wilson181], Mrs. Bittle [Martha Schlotterbeck Bittle182], Mrs. Ozias [Leora Wheatley Ozias183], Sarah Rafe R. [?] and Elzina. Elzina made me promise to spend the day with her tomorrow. Mrs. Wilson isn’t at all well but able to walk around. Mrs. Biddle [Bittle above] is confined to her chair but was so glad to see us and did not want us to go away. She is a lovely character. Mrs. Ozias had her daughter-in-law [Mary Emma MacDonald Ozias184] visiting there. She is so nice. Sarah R. showed me pictures of Otto’s little boys she had had recently. They look well. After supper Mrs. W. and I went up to John Paullus’ [John Henry Paullus185] and spent most of evening. They have a nice home and I think I should like his wife [Cirella Mae Stiver Paullus186]. Coming home we stopped at Charlie Horner’s for a short chat then went on to Mrs. Parmerlee’s and spent the rest of the evening. She said she had a notion to come down and see me that evening as Elnora said I was here but when she looked out she thot it was too dark. She seems so well.

Thursday, Dec. 7, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

It rained quite hard in the night and is still at it. I went up to Elzina’s between showers. Had such a nice visit with her. Mrs. Jesse Foster [Elizabeth Rachel Vaughan Foster187] came in in the P.M. stayed for supper and Effie Smith Foster [Effie Jean Smith Foster188] and family came in to spend the evening. She has such a nice boy grown [Robert Elwood Foster189] and a four year old little girl [Helen Jean Foster190]. She wants Mrs. W and I to come down and spend the day with her. Stayed until 8 o’clock then came back to Wood’s. The proofs to my pictures came, not very good.

Friday, Dec. 8, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

Rained hard this A.M. Later the sun came out bright. Went up to Elzina’s to show her my pictures. Met Etta Sloan on way back. Mrs. Wood and I went uptown to P.O., store and bank. Met Waldo Moore [Waldo Clifton Moore191] for first time. Stopped in at Maud Brown’s for a chat with Maud and Anna. After dinner Mrs. Wood went to missionary society and I read a chapter on Froebel for her and took notes for the club. Then I crocheted on her powder puff.

Saturday, Dec. 9, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

Crocheted on powder puff and read some in A.M. Mrs. Mumma [Fostoria Cyrena Macklin Mumma192] wife of the U.B. minister [Marion Wilson Mumma193] (and used to be Fostoria Macklin. Her father preached here 33 yrs. ago) sent a note down she wanted to see me and for us not to come up in P.M. as she was so busy she could not come down. We promised to go and were just ready when Mrs. Izora Gay [Izora M. Hapner Gay194] came and stayed until supper time. After supper we went up and had such a nice visit with she and her husband. She is a very able woman. From there we went to Ayers for a short time and Mr. A. seemed very glad to see me, so did Mrs. Ayers. They offered to take me to Harry Recker’s [Harry Recher195]. We came home and spent the rest of evening talking and reading. It is quite cold this evening.

Sunday, Dec. 10, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

The sun is quite bright this A.M. and looks as tho it would warm up. I took a bath up in Mrs. W’s room beside a coal oil stove. Just sat down to write my diary up when Ella Recker [Ella Niswonger Recher196] and Harry came in. They want me to come up and spend the day so will be down to take me up there. Will have Lizzie [Elizabeth Florence Leas Recher197] and Charlie [Charles Wesley Recher198] there too. Mrs. Wood had a good chicken dinner and all that goes with it. After dinner we went down to Izora’s and saw her mother [?] and Hazel [Hazel Gay199]. Made quite a long call. Went from there to Harry Gay’s. Mrs. Quire Curtin [Mary Catherine Curtin Quire200], May Unger [?] and husband [?] and child, and Clara Lock [?] and Delpha and Harry were there. Etta Sloane came in afterwards. They live in the old Horner home across the street, have it all remodeled. We went to church at the M. 8. in the evening, saw Mr. and Mrs. Frank Singer [?], Mrs. Moore [?] and Imo Moore [Imogene H. Horn Moore201], the Mrs. Leiters [Hannah C. Lutz Leiter202] [Myrtle V. Coblentz Leiter203], Ohio Disher, etc. Came home and read until 9-30.

Monday, Dec. 11, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

It is a gloomy day this A.M. Mary is washing. I ran over to Mrs. Quire’s this A.M. In the P.M. I went calling. First stopped at Elzina’s. Mrs. House was there, also a Mrs. Swihart [?]. Went on up to Elnora’s for a short time. Met Mrs. Powell [?] up the street and stopped and talked to her. She doesn’t look a bit older in the face. While we were talking Mrs. Elmira Moots [?] stopped and talked too. Went on up to Hattie Cox’s [Hattie May Cox204]. She knew me right away. Do not think she looks a day older. Rachel [Rachel C. Cox Roberts205] happened to be in town so Hattie phoned for her to come. She came in a few minutes and did not know me at first. I would not have known her at all, she is tall and heavier. Has a very sweet face. Went on up to Cousin Frank’s then on to Charlie’s where Aunt Lib is. Belle Tremble [?]came while I was there, she looks older of course but seems well. I then ran up to Bert Snyder’s. She seemed so very glad to see me, so did her mother. Mrs. S. [?] is a shut in and can only go out when the weather is fit to take her in a wheel chair. They didn’t want me to go and I had such a good chat with them and want to go again. Coming away from Snyders I met Lillie Etzler [Lillie C. Aikman Etzler206] going home from the warehouse where she works. She looks so old. Stopped and saw Julia, Frank, and Beth [Mary Elizabeth Hoerner207] a few minutes then on home. Spent the evening crocheting.

Tuesday, Dec. 12, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

A bright sun-shiney day again but cold. Mary is ironing and I pressed my skirt to my suit. Mrs. Zeller [Evelyn Singer Zeller208] came in to read Mrs. W. some letters and to ask to go to the art exhibit with us this P.M. She is a very bright woman. We went up to school to see the pictures brought here by the Parent Teachers Association but as Mrs. Mumma wasn’t there to lecture on them, we had to go back at night. There was a fine display and we walked around in the study room to look at them. Beth Horner was in the room and I talked with her. Saw Dick Horner on steps. Mr. Hoffman [Harry Austin Hoffman] came in and talked with me. We afterwards went in Edna Lock’s [?] room and visited. She had fine little readers and a good drill on tables. On way home from school stopped in to see George Smyer [?]. Imo [?] was there and Anna [?] and daughter came before we left. Imo and George are coming down some night this week. It was so cold coming home I dreaded going back but we went. I met Marie Cassady, Ione Finney [?], Ralph Ayers [Ralph Ward Ayers209] and Maud [Myrtle Maud Kelly Ayers210], and Nell Banta [Nellie Rosa Horn Banta211] for the first time. I enjoyed the pictures very much.

Wednesday, Dec. 13, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

Harry Recker came for me about 10-30 this A.M. Quite cold but it did not take us long to get to their house. I had a splendid time. Harry sat in the room all morning talking to me. We had a splendid dinner and a good visit afterwards. Harry brought me home about 4 o’clock and one of my very pleasant days was over. I made a powder puff top for Beth Horner tonight.

Thursday, Dec. 14, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

A cold icy day and I stayed indoors all day. Had a headache and cold and my eyes hurt so I could not crochet. Sent Beth’s powder puff top to her by one of the school girls.

Friday, Dec. 15, at Wood’s, Lewisburg

Felt some better today but not very good yet. Would like to do some running around but it is too icy. Went down to Ettie Sloane’s and spent P.M. Mr. Albert was there too, met Mrs. Eberle and Jennie Bearn. Had a very pleasant time coming home.

Saturday, Dec. 16, at Henry’s, Dayton

After I had my room straightened up I went on up to Elzina for a while, then on over to Elnora’s to see if she had a quilt pattern like the quilts Mrs. Snyder had on her bed when I was up there the other day. Did not find one but she gave me several others. Henry came for me in the P.M. and I went back to Dayton. Charlie and Celia came down and spent the evening. It was snowing hard when they left.

Sunday, Dec. 17, at Henry’s, Dayton

After the work was over this A.M. I took a bath, was just thru when Celia and Charles came down for dinner. There is about 4 in. of snow today. Henry had to get out his snow shovel and shovel snow off of the sidewalks. I wrote W.C., Juna, and Kate Bunch in the evening.

Monday, Dec. 18, at Henry’s, Dayton

Almost to zero today – we could not keep warm and I think I caught a lot more cold. I began the tatting for Pattie Ann’s summer dress. Also crocheted some. Went to bed early as I was sick with a cold.

Tuesday, Dec. 19, at Henry’s, Dayton

Have a dreadful cold this A.M. Must wash out a few handkerchiefs for I am nearly out of them. Did not do much today but nurse my cold.

Wednesday, Dec. 20, at Henry’s, Dayton

Cold was bad in the night, could not sleep. Celia and Belle went down town but I felt so badly I stayed at home and entertained Jack. Did not get my pictures.

Thursday, Dec. 21, at Henry’s, Dayton

Washed a gown, handkerchiefs, etc. Edna came while I was washing, left about 11 o’clock. She hardly had gone when Wealthy and Harry came and stayed for dinner. I tatted some on lace for Pattie Ann dress. Elsie came later. Do not feel good.

Friday, Dec. 22, at Henry’s, Dayton

Still have my terrible cold. Have not done a great deal today. Finished the edge for P.A’s dress and began on insertion. Belle and Henry went down town to get my pictures. While they were gone a package from Hazel came. A beautiful sewing basket and 3 pair of scissors. Belle brought my pictures and I am so disappointed in them. The finish is so poor. Got one ready to send to W.C., Juna, Hazel, Aunt Lib, Clara Swain. Also wrote Hazel. Celia came down to see how I was feeling. Had a Christmas card from Alma Eikenberry.

Saturday, Dec. 23, at Henry’s, Dayton

Feeling _____ this A.M. Washed dishes and straightened up my room. Belle used the sweeper on sitting and dining rooms then I shall dust for her. Hope Alice J. waits for N. Years to come. Stamped the pictures to send and Henry will take them to the office. A letter from Alice says she will not be here until N. Year and I am glad as I hope to feel better by then. Henry took the pictures down and mailed them. Worked on P. Ann’s tatting.

Sunday, Dec. 24, at Henry’s, Dayton

Edna came with 9 jars of fruit and pickles and a chicken for the folk’s Christmas and gave me a lovely handkerchief in lavender. We did not go any place all day.

Monday, Dec. 25, at Henry’s, Dayton

Charles and Celia came down for dinner and we had a good one. Henry and Charles drove over and got Aunt Nora. After dinner Henry, Belle, Nora and I drove out to the cemetery with a wreath for Margaret’s grave. The cemetery looked so pretty with the bright colored wreaths and flowers on so many of the graves. We drove on up to Maud’s. They had a good looking tree and lots of presents. Belle took Mildred an embroidered gown, fancy garters, and pink powder puff. Charles gloves, Paul an ever sharp pencil and Mary Belle gloves, Maud a dresser scarf. From there we went on to Wealthy’s. I never saw as many presents at one place as they had, it looked like a shop. Belle gave May Louise gloves, Harry gloves, Wealthy a dresser scarf. Wealthy gave Belle gloves. Nora a dish, Henry a box of cigars and me black beads. It was dark when we got home.

Tuesday, Dec. 26, at Henry’s, Dayton

I finished Pattie Ann’s tatting and worked on two powder puffs. This P.M. I took a walk by Summit St. and round to drug store on 5th St. after some shoe polish, Iodine, and mentholatum. This evening Clara Swain and Lois [?] came and spent the evening, brought me their pictures taken together. Lois is nice looking. I enjoyed the evening with them so much. On way home from walk I stopped at Myrtie Sheller’s for a call. She has her kitchen done over in cream and brown and is a dandy.

Wednesday, Dec 27, at Henry’s, Dayton

I finished my powder puffs this A.M. and began on my square luncheon cloths. It rained hard all day and was still at it when I went to sleep.

Thursday, Dec. 28, at Henry’s, Dayton

The ground had some snow on it when I got up this A.M. and now at 8 o’clock it is snowing hard and about an inch of snow covers every thing. Had an Xmas card from Juna today. W.C. sent me a check for $25 today.

Friday, Dec. 29, at Henry’s, Dayton

Belle and Henry drove up to Edna’s this A.M. I washed out a few pieces and dried them over the register. In P.M. I ironed. Worked on my unbleached muslin apron. Celia and Charles came and spent the evening.

Saturday, Dec. 30, at Henry’s, Dayton

Gave the upstairs a good clean up this A.M. and put clean linen and throws every where as we are looking for Alice Jerrell [Jarrell] tomorrow. Had a card from Grant in Tampa Fla., a letter from Aunt Alice on morning mail and a card from Mrs. Sword [?] and long letter from W.C. on P.M. mail. I crocheted all evening.

Sunday, Dec. 31, at Henry’s, Dayton

Rained last night and is still at it at 9 o’clock. Bad day for Alice to come. Henry went to 12 o’clock car but no Alice. Belle and Henry went to next car and met her coming down Broadway. We visited together the rest of the day. Elsie and Jack dropped in for a few minutes on their way home from Lima. Henry went to train for them.

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