• Clayton Library for Genealogical Research – One of the Houston Public Library System’s special collections, the Clayton Library is recognized as one of the nation’s top genealogical research collections.
  • Clayton Library Friends – Works to enrich the resources and facilities of the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research.
  • Cyndi’s List – A comprehensive, categorized & cross-referenced list of links that point you to genealogical research sites online.
  • The Diary of Wealthy Hossafous Harp: Facebook page – A wealth (no pun intended) of data for early 1920’s Ohio. A fantastic diary hosted here, “like” the FB page for pictures and updates
  • Family History Daily – bringing together family historians from many backgrounds
  • Houston Genealogical Forum – was established in 1958 to create, foster and maintain interest in Houston, Harris County, and Texas genealogy.
  • Houston History Magazine – a triannual magazine published by the Center for Public History at the University of Houston, is the voice of history and culture throughout the Houston area.
  • Linkpendium – Links, links, and more links for genealogy!




  • Cape Cod Gravestones – Hoping “to photograph and display the most interesting old gravestones in Barnstable County before they are lost to the ravages of time.” and document graveyard records.
  • Gravematter – This is a source for “the gravestones of local Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire history and genealogy of early ancestors who settled New England, and gravestone artistry.
  • – An international directory of grave monuments (seems like Europe mostly).
  • Limestones – Exploring almost forgotten gravesites in Ohio. While focused on Ohio, it is a wealth of information on graveyards in general.
  • – “Encouraging preservation one gravestone at a time.” A mission near and dear to my heart! They also have an exhaustive list of graveyard links.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Wow, great site! I’ve found an old early 1900-1940’s family photo album from my grandmother and hidden for decades. no id’s on any of the pictures, although I can pick her out of several family shots . I’m trying to id my relatives thru the genealogy trace/tree to try and find living relatives that may know but ….. what a job! How do I continue? Any suggestions for this beginner? Any place to post these pictures to try and get help? No living relatives have been able to help me with id’s so far……thanks for any of your suggestions, I’m overwhelmed right now! haha P.S. Like most beginners in genealogy, I’ve bemoaned the fact that I had so few old family photos, now with this find I’m overwhelmed with these found photos and no id’s! Arggghhhh!!! Thanks, Janice

    • Janice, What a great problem to have! But I do understand how frustrating it can be to have photos with no idea who they are. My first advice is to keep them whether or not you are able to ID them. I’ve been shocked at how many photos I have been able to ID from my family after finding cousins with similar pictures, comparing faces, etc. There are ways, it just may take a lot of time.

      Also, if they were found in an orderly manner (photo album or something) try and keep them or at least document how they were found – that may be meaningful and helpful later on. Be sure and look for marking from a photographer that will help place them in a location. Also knowing what types of pictures were popular when (tin type, cabinet card) can help date it. As will clothing styles, etc.

      A blog or Facebook page is probably the cheapest way to put your pictures online in hopes that others may recognize them. Both of these options can be totally free.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

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