Names in the Gilbert Diary

The below names are people who appeared in Henry Gilbert’s diary in 1937 in Watertown, NY. They are in order of the appearance in the diary. Many are still being researched to find out exactly who they are. Download the PDF (Gilbert Diary 1937) to search for the exact location of each name.

Laura Merkley Gilbert (wife)

Cora Gilbert (daughter) – birthday 2/7/1923

Eleanor Gilbert (daugher)

Mr & Mrs Levi Carpenter – councilman in Watertown, NY. Find A Grave memorial:

Mr & Mrs John R/Keyinds?

Mr & Mrs Wm B. Martin (829 Mill St.)

Hattie Merkley Thompson – Laura’s Sister

Herbert Keiff – Vivian’s husband and Hattie’s Son-in-Law

Mayor Goerge Keiff

Mr. Jh. Flummerflet

Charles Mattson? – a dead man

Wm. Kissel

G. Russell Buckway of Homer – a dead man

C.A. Plumpton(?) – a dead man

H. Lloyd Gilbert (Son)

Cross – the Buick dealer

“Jack” Rand

Chas. W. West

Mr. & Mrs. John Karpinski – 1940 census, they live in Watertown, Jefferson, NY on Grant Street.

Frank W. Aikin/Aiken

Martha Hiselden

A. W. Robbin & wife

Roy McCall

Robert Hodkinson

Claud & Nellie Gilbert – Author’s brother and sister-in-law

Warren Frankly – died 2/26/1937

Daniel J. Coleman – Quarry boss

Eddie Ferrell

Joe Rand – same as Jack Rand?

John Newman

Mr. Peck – the milk man

Vivian Krieff – Laura’s neice

J. R. Cain – part of Continental Consulting co.

Rev. Wilson E. Tanner of Binghamton

Lorne Merkley – Laura’s twin brother

Mrs. B. A. Lachine – dies on 5/23

Willard Thompson – birthday, turned 30 on 6/4/1937, Hattie’s son

LeRoy Smith – friend of family?

Eleanor Merkley Click – Laura’s niece from brother Ross who died in 1921.

Shirley Lee – friend?

Florence and Charles Hollenbeck

John B. Harris – local politician

Herbert J O’Riley – local politician

Alford L Baylis – local politician

J. J. Weldon

J. B. Harris

B. A. Gray

R. W. Thompson – likely Hattie’s husband, Henry’s brother-in-law

Mrs. Mae Keller

Norman B. Clark

A.J. Truell

H. M. Dains

George B. Daniels

Norman B. Clark

Wm. H. Cushman – killed in car crash in Oct.

Henry Cardinal