Names in the Dunaway Diary

These names appear in this order as a list in the back of the Dunaway Diary. Within the text of the diary individuals are often referred to only by their first names. Where possible, I’ve listed the days they occur in the diary for easy locating.

Edwina & Fritz Hallstein

Appear under “Edwina,” “Freddie,” or “Hallstein” on the following entry dates: May 18, June 11/13/21, July 23/26, August 3/6/16, September 14/15/24/25, October 10/23/25/30, November 2.

Ivy & L. J. Epperson

Appear under “Ivy,” “L. J.,” “Eperson,” and “Epperson” on the following entry dates: February 2/14, May 29, June 8/11/13/14/20/21/28, July 9/17/18, August 6/8/16/17/20/24, September 20/21/25/26, October 23/25, November 2/5/11/14/22/23/24/30, December 9/12.

Lottie & H. G. Patrick

Billy & Mae McReynolds

Inez & Lloyd Gates

Theresa & Ray Reynolds

Erma & Dick Mancile

Margaretta & Foots Feather

Appear under many spelling variations of Margaretta, “Foots,” and “Feather” on the following entry dates:

Johnnie & Tom Crowder

Martha & O. D. Brooks

Lola & George Schneider

Lois & Lawrence Wigley

Lillian & Rom Ahshere

Eloise & Deke O’Brien

Elizabeth & Joe Solcher

Shelley & Bob Graham

Charlotte & Jack Harris

Margaret & Jack Powers

Sarah & Bob Warren

Marie & Bob Kelley

Dr. Aves

Dr. Lynn

Dr. Duplenchin

Other names, not included in Holly’s list, but that occur in the diary:

Robert Suggs

Mrs. Gray

Mrs. Herrington

Mr. Kimbrough

Mrs. Bob Duty

Hoyt Williams

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