Another Good

Forrest Good

With another look through the photos at my local antique store, I found a second Good. This is Forrest, possible relation to the earlier post of Louis Good. Then again, it’s possible that they are no relation at all. But I did a little research just to see what I could find.

Both pictures appear to be from about the same time period and both are from Ohio. Forrest’s picture is taken in Delphos, OH and Louis’ in Lima, OH. These two locations are only about 30 miles from one another – very close.

There were too many Louis Good’s to make any reasonable conclusions about who the man might be, but Forrest is a much less common name.

A search for Forrest Good reveals that the name is not as uncommon as I’d hoped. There are brothers Lewis and Forrest good, sons of Abraham and Luella Good living in Sugar Creek, OH in 1910. Forrest is born in 1895 and Lewis in 1902. No way to know for sure if these are the same brothers of course.

Forrest could also be the son of James and Mary Good from Miami, OH (slightly closer to Delphos).For now questions remain. Hopefully someone out there knows more!

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