Uncle Wallie’s Wife

Mary Lee Clement, Wife of Wallace Clement (“Uncle Wallie”)

Another wonderful portrait, I love the flowers on her dress. The caption on the photo is exactly what’s written on the back. There was only one Mary Lee and Wallace Clement couple that popped out of the searchable documents. I believe this is Mary Lee Simmons Clement, born in 1867. She and Wallace P. Clement lived in Edna, Jackson, Texas where she passed away in 1941. She was the daughter of M. T. Simmons and Lee Staples based on her death certificate.

I am curious if she is related to Rowena Clement from the previous post. More research to do there!

5 thoughts on “Uncle Wallie’s Wife

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  2. You sent this photo to me last year. I had stopped researching around May and tonight is the first time I started researching again. Mary is the 2nd great grandmother of my wife. The photo you have of Rowena Clement is also a relative, she is the aunt of Mary Lee Simons Clement.

    Mary was born September 15th, 1867. She is the daughter of Milam Travis Simons and Lee Anna Walker Staples.
    She died January 6th, 1941

  3. Steve, I’m so glad you got my message. If your wife is interested in owning the photos please let me know. I still have both and the goal is always to ensure they get reconnected to the family.
    Thanks too for the updated information – great to know.


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