Great Grandpa Burchard

These are wonderful pictures from the early 1910’s. The one of great-grandfather Burchard is such a classic pose. And who doesn’t love that mustache! But besides that, there’s a ton of information included – and even though there is no location indicated, Mr. Burchard was not hard to find.

I believe this is Edwin Jay Burchard, born in 1861 in New York to Gilbert & Amanda Burchard. In at least one of the census records I looked at he was a foundry foreman. Edwin appears to have married several times. The person in this photo with him is his last wife, Jennie Tegg. Edwin Burchard died in New York in 1919.

It would be great to know who wrote the detailed information on the pictures, as well as which one of his daughters was “Gram”.


2 thoughts on “Great Grandpa Burchard

    • Gladys – Thank you so much for the update. I love the use of family names through the generations. I hope these pictures were useful to you.

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