Reuel Keagy

This is Reuel Keagy, “about 6 mo’s”, according to the back of the photo. I just love the look on his

Reuel Keagy, about 6 mo’s

face. This photo was taken by Studeio Marquee in Decatur, Illinois – where I supposed the child was born given how young he is in the photo.

This is likely Abraham Reuel Keagy, born in 1893 in Illinois. His parents were Ira and Mary Keagy. There is another “Reul Keagy/Keaggy” born in Illinois in 1894 that lives in Arkansas in 1910 and in Michigan in 1920. I’m going with the person who has the exact spelling – but just wanted to let it be known that there is another possibility for identity.

Reuel lives in Illinois with is parents in 1920. There’s a great 1918 University of Illinois yearbook photo of Reuel – only a true professional would be able to tell if that 6 month old baby is the same as the 20 year old man! Reuel’s 1917 draft registration card says he was born in Decatur. There are a lot of families with little Reuel in their tree on Ancestry, so maybe one of them can confirm.

I own this photo, in case any family members want the original.

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