Bert E. Page Jr. #22 for the 1937 Wink Wildcats

Happy-go-luckly looking #22 is Bert Elwin Page Jr. Here’s what I know about Bert after a short bit of research. He was born in Texas on September 28, 1921 to Bert E. Page Sr. and an unknown mother. His father was a widow according to the 1940 census, and I never found his mother named anywhere else. He had an older brother Phillip Page. The family lived in Winkler county in 1940 where Bert worked as a filling station attendant.

Bert joined the Marines and served in World War II according to his cemetery stone. He died in Abilene, Texas on July 27, 1992 leaving his wife Elva Womack Page and at least one daughter, Patricia Ann. He may have had more children. Other snippets of information are that Elva & Bert lived in Albuquerque, NM in 1959 according to a local directory. They also sold some real estate in Jefferson Parish in 1984 according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

I did not find any families with Bert Jr. in their online trees, some do list Bert Sr.  so hopefully this photo will be of interest to them. Good luck Bert!

8 thoughts on “Bert E. Page Jr. #22 for the 1937 Wink Wildcats

  1. There is more to Bert’s story as a Marine. He evidently enlisted in the Marine Corps before World War II started. If you search his name on ancestry and limit your search to military records, you will find that he was held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese at a camp in Thailand from 28 Feb 1942 to 10 Sep 1945. It indicates that he served in the “Southwest Pacific Theatre: Java”. From my brief research of military actions in that area around that date I find that Japanese forces invaded the island of Java on 28 Feb 1942 (less than three months after Pearl Harbor). The island was defended by Dutch, Australian, British, and American forces, but the Americans were Texas National Guard troops and not Marines. It could be that Bert was part of a Marine detachment on a US Navy ship that, on the same date, participated in the Battle of the Java Sea nearby, although no American ships were sunk. However he was captured, stories of the horrible conditions at some Japanese POW camps makes one shudder. He possibly was one of that “Greatest Generation” who never discussed his war experience.

  2. Turns out that he was on the USS Houston which was sunk by the Japanese during the Battle of Sunda Strait. That battle actually started late on the night of 28 Feb 1942, and the Houston was sunk about 30 minutes after midnight on 1 Mar 1942. His records indicate captivity starting on 28 Feb, but likely he was pulled from the sea by the Japanese after midnight on the 1st.

  3. One more thing of interest about Wink – it’s most famous resident. Someone on facebook posted a video of an old Tonight Show with a very young Jay Leno as the guest host. His guests that night included Roy Orbison and k.d. lang. Roy said that, although he was born in Vernon, Texas, he was raised in Wink!! Jay asked him if he was the most famous person from Wink, and Roy said that yes, he guessed he was.

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