Carrie Waggoner, 1908 Seneca HS Freshman (that’s KS not NY)

Carrie Waggoner, identified here as #4 in the freshman class of Seneca High School. I had to research a few of the people in this picture to uncover which Seneca High School this was. Kansas was the connection. This is an interesting group. The ages of the students look to vary widely. Some probably were older than the norm for a high school freshman, due to the need to work or starting school later for whatever reason.

Carrie was born Julia Carrie Waggoner in Nebraska in 1891; she was 17 in this photo. She was the 2nd oldest child of Rosa and Ben Waggoner who moved from Nebraska to Kansas after Carrie was born. Her other 5 siblings were all born in Kansas. Seneca is part of Nemaha county, Kansas where the family lived from at least 1895 to 1910.

Ben Waggoner, originally from Pennsylvania, was a farmer not surprisingly – it was Kansas after all. By 1920, Ben, Rosa and the 2 youngest children (Orville and Silas) had moved to Harris county, Texas to continue farming. In my brief research I didn’t find a census record with Carrie for 1920. It’s likely that she married. According to Find A Grave, Ben died in 1928 and Rosa in 1933, both are buried in Katy Magnolia Cemetery in Katy, Texas just outside Houston.

I could find a lot on Mr. Waggoner, but daughter Carrie is more elusive. I’m hoping family can fill in the blanks.

7 thoughts on “Carrie Waggoner, 1908 Seneca HS Freshman (that’s KS not NY)

  1. Found her – Find A Grave #75565955. She is on the 1920, 1930 (as Julie), and 1940 census records in Colorado. I count at least 9 children.

  2. AH, indeed! And her name was Carolina, how interesting. Rick, if I ever need help finding a relative I’m contacting you! Thank you so much, I will add her photo to this Find a Grave memorial as well.

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