Evelyn Klumpp: following the lure of California like many, but missing in 1900

Evelyn Klumpp, 1910 Chicago (age 16)

Evelyn Klumpp, 1910 Chicago (age 16)

Evelyn Klumpp doesn’t look too happy in this 1910 Manierre school picture from 1910 Chicago. That’s right, we’re back to Ward 22 if you’ve followed any of the other Manierre school posts. But Evelyn wasn’t so easy to find. One, although Klumpp seems like a very unique name, the number of misspellings have made her harder to track down (Klemp, Klump, etc.). Two, her parents may have just divorced or her mother died before this photo – hard to know so her world was a bit topsy-turvey.

Here’s what I know: The year this photo was taken, 1910, Evelyn lived with her uncles (her father’s brothers) Albert, Edward, and Gustav Klumpp (spelled Klemp) in Ward 22 of Chicago. They are her uncles despite the fact that she’s listed as a sister rather than a niece on the census. According to her birth record, she was born to William and Mamie Klumpp on January 15, 1894 in Cook County, Illinois. You’ll find William with his brothers, sisters and parents in 1870 and 1880 in Cook county with all the same names and near same birth years listed as the 1910 census. A marriage record has William Klumpp marring Mary O’Brien in 1886.

BUT, we never see Evelyn in a census record with her parents – they seem utterly lost in 1900. The rest of her family (at least on her father’s side) is in – you guessed it – Ward 22 of Chicago. Grandpa Christopher, now a widow lives with son Edward. Christopher would die 2 years later. Uncle Albert and Gustav live together as well. Gustav would die in an Insane Hopstial in 1945, Albert died in 1932. All, including some sisters, are buried in Rose Hill cemetery in Cook co.

Now, based on father William’s parents (Christopher and Caroline Klumpp) we know that William died in Seneca, Ohio of all places in 1923 – he is listed as divorced on the death record. He is also in Seneca in 1920, and thank goodness he was living with daughter Evelyn. She and husband Milo Long married in 1912 (Klumpp/O’Brien are parents) in Indiana. That was just 2 years after this photo, Evelyn would have been 18. At some point, they moved to Ohio and cared for her father before his death. When and where mom went/died is unknown.

Evelyn and Milo with one son William continued to live in Seneca, Ohio at least through 1940. But at some point moved to California. Evelyn Long died on March 27, 1972 in Los Angeles. I’d love to solve the mystery of the location of the family in 1900!

5 thoughts on “Evelyn Klumpp: following the lure of California like many, but missing in 1900

  1. Hello Jodi, I just discovered your website today. I saw your post on family history daily. I am a lover of old forgotten and lost photographs myself. I never thought about blogging about them! I was relaxing on a Sunday afternoon and looking thru your site. So much fun. I also did a little digging myself and thought you’d be interested in one of my finds. Search the 1900 census. Cook County. Eveline Klemp. I’m sure this must be them. Thanks for sharing so many great photos. Jodi Nelson

  2. Jodi – great name! Glad you like the site. I did see that census record and here’s what I think. There were 2 Eveline/Evelyn’s. This one also has a mother Mamie and grandmother Caroline and I soooo wanted it to fit. BUT this Mamie and Eveline that you found in 1900 are also together in 1910, with Frank dead I think. So not likely the same Evelyn that is living with her uncles in 1910. It’s a real conundrum! Thanks for looking and if you find any more please let me know.

  3. Jodi- Thanks so much for sharing this photo and doing the research! Evelyn Klump was my father-in-law’s grandmother. She moved to Southern CA after her husband, Milo passed away. They had lived in Tiffin, Ohio and had one son, William Long (my father-in-law’s Dad). We don’t know too much about her childhood, so having this photo and knowing the school she attended in Chicago is FANTASTIC. One piece of info that might be helpful, is I believe Elelyn’s mom’s name was Anna Hannigan, who was born in Iowa. She’s listed in the census as living with Milo and Evelyn and as the mother-in-law of the head of household.

    Thanks again for sending!

    Rich Wells

  4. Rich, You are so welcome! Thank you for sharing additional information about your father-in-laws family. I’m glad that this photo gives you insight into an ancestor. Makes it all worth it!

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