An Update on Cora & Ethel

A reader with questions prompted me to do a little more digging on a photo I gave up on too fast. Here’s the result:

On the original post of Cora and Ethel, I had a grand time finding out to Cora was but remained stumped on Ethel. I was so thrilled to have found Cora with her two last names that I stopped early. But Ethel has now been identified, because she was sitting next door to Cora in 1900 all this time.

Ethel Thompson was born in Michigan in 1882. The middle child of Hiram & Libbie Thompson, although there may have been some older siblings that had left the home. In 1900 when Ethel was 17, her father was 62 and her mother 57.

Here’s the Find A Grave memorial.

Welcome Ethel!

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