Olive, a survivor of the milk wagon!

Olive Margarete L. Bowers, 1931

Olive Margarete L. Bowers, 1931

Olive Margarete L. Bowers was Senior at Plymouth High School in 1931 in Wayne County, Michigan. She was either Olive or Margarete depending on which census record you look at. In 1920, 8 year old Margreathe L. Bowers lived with her parents Frank Bowers and Carrie Shoebridge Bowers, and her siblings Frank, George, and Grace. Olive was the 2nd oldest. All were born in Michigan, although the Bowers grandparents were from Germany originally.

The family lived in Salem, Michigan – roughly 8 miles from Plymouth where the high school was – in 1920 and 1930. Father Frank was a chef (so refreshing to see a non-farmer!) By 1940 Frank and Carrie are still in Salem with Frank Jr. and Grace. But Olive and George have moved on. Olive is probably married, as George was. Having no record of her marriage however, I can’t trace her further unfortunately.

There were a few interesting tidbits in the Ann Arbor News that could be our Olive. April 10, 1919 the paper reported that “Little Olive Bowers was hurt quite badly on Saturday last week, when she fell from the milk wagon on which she was riding. The accident is not proving as serious as they first feared.”

On November 15th, 1915 the same paper reported that Olive Bowers received 15,650 votes for Plymouth in the “Gallery of Popular Babies” section. The average “popular baby” got anywhere between 20,000-12,000 votes. They had a lot of time on their hands in 1915 apparently…

Olive’s parents and brother George are all buried in Lapham Cemetery in Salem. Frank in 1973, Carrie in 1966, and George in 1997.

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