A. C. Hoppmann, that’s “Judge Hoppmann” to the rest of us

A. C. Hoppmann, Law Student

A. C. Hoppmann, Law Student

Another product of the 1896 class of the University of Wisconsin Law School, A. C. Hoppmann – or, as I believe him to be, August Charles Hoppmann. Mr. Hoppmann has a very stable pattern of documentation for his lifetime in Madison, Wisconsin. He was born in Blooming Grove, WI to Christian Hoppmann and Louise Pepper about 1872. In 1896, the year of this photo, he married Lydia Zink. What great names these women had!

August and Lydia lived in Madison from at least the late 1890’s to 1943 when August passed away. During that time he rose from Lawyer to Judge. The couple appeared to have only one child Ruth or Bertha – but she appears as Ruth in most census records. Ruth was born towards the end of 1896. It was a busy year for A. C. Hoppmann.

August and Lydia are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Madison. Lydia died one year after August in 1944. I’m sure this handsome young lawyer will find a willing group of descendants to adopt this photo.

6 thoughts on “A. C. Hoppmann, that’s “Judge Hoppmann” to the rest of us

  1. Hello Jodi, AC Hoppmann is my husbands great grandfather. The Hoppmann/Harloff family plot at Forest Hill Cemetery in Madison was purchased by the Judge and is now in our family trust. The portrait of the Judge that for many years hung in the City County Building is now in our possession, Four years ago we paid to have it fully restored and hangs in our home.

  2. We also have the same class graduation photo as you have. I just happened upon your site and will have to prowl through it. Maybe you have found something on my GG grandparents Nicholas Finley and Mary Orourke Finley. Been searching for more information that I have found, which is very little.

  3. I have a poem written for Judge A.C. Hoppmann by Charles Elbert Whelen entitled “The Gerstenbrei Home” I would post it if I knew how.

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