Norbert Hahn, the city nilk inspector?

Norbert Hahn, 1932 graduate of Wakeman High School

Norbert Hahn, 1932 graduate of Wakeman High School

Meet Norbert Hahn. Eighteen in this photo, he was the son of Elmer and Ruth Hahn, living in Hartland, Huron country, Ohio – a short distance from Wakeman. Norbert was the first child born to his parents on September 25, 1913. He graduated from Wakeman High School in 1932, attended 4 years of college according to the 1940 census. It’s possible that college was Bowling Green State University (outside Toledo). In 1938, a Norbert E. Hahn was listed as a student. No photo is associated with that listing so it’s hard to make a definitive ID.

By 1940, Norbert had married Catherine and they had two young children. The family still lived in Hartland, OH. Norbert’s occupation is quite difficult to make out on the 1940 census. It was recorded as “All Anuelgrt” with an equality unreadable industry. Any guesses on what that is?

I think the next odd occupation was a typo. Norbert died on December 10, 1988. The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, OH ran his obituary on 12/12/1988. According to them, Norbert E. Hahn had been the city “Nilk” inspector for 10 years before retiring in 1979. I’m thinking “milk inspector” but who knows!

At the time of his death, Norbert was married to Mildred. His first wife Catherine appears to have passed away quite young, in 1958. Both Norbert and Catherine, as well as his parents, and brother Elmer are buried at Heartland Ridge Cemetery in Clarksfield, Huron County, OH.

2 thoughts on “Norbert Hahn, the city nilk inspector?

  1. Norbert was my Uncle – my mom’s brother. His son Davis lives in Columbus, and his daughter Diane lives somewhere in Ohio.

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