The Grandparents Van Horsen

EPSON MFP imageMr. Nathan Van HorsenI love when I find photos of couples. These two are identified on the back of the cards by names Nathan and Margaret Ann Demarent Van Horsen. By relation, they are identified as “Lassie’s” mother and father and Grandmother and Grandfather Van Horsen. Nathan was born on December 18, 1841 and Margaret on December 21, 1843. They were from New York state. The photos were taken in separate studios in New York City. Grandfather Van Horsen’s was taken by James A. Bostick, No. 98 Sixth Ave. N. Y. Whereas, Grandmother Van Horsen’s photo was taken at Dana Portraits on the corner of 14th St. & 6th Ave in New York. They look to be from the same time period however.

The Van Horsen family (their name is spelled both Horson and Horsen throughout documents) can easily be traced in census and other records. They had at least 4 children and lived in New York City through the 1870 census – likely where and when these photos were taken. By 1880 the family lived in Eastchester in Westchester Co. (my favorite place name to date!), and later in Mt. Vernon, New York, also in Westchester Co.

A 1902 New York Tribune article reported on the 35th wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Van Horson at Mt. Vernon. In 1905, that same paper noted the death of Mr. Van Horson at Mt. Vernon. His wife, Margaret, would die in 1919. She is buried in Woodlawn cemetery according to her short obituary. Mr. Van Horsen’s obituary is very informative, with wonderful information about his civil war service, but doesn’t mention where exactly he is buried.

Mrs. Van Horson's Obituary 1919Mr. Van Horsen's obituary 1905

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