On Golden Street: Tulsa, Oklahoma

My son found another gem of a photo at a local antique store; a tender moment between a grandmother and grandson captured in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to the information on the back. Charles Benton Burry (or Charles Benten Barry) is 6 weeks old and probably born between 1910-1930. That’s a wide date range and could be wider given the nondescript surroundings.


Grandmother & Grandson

What’s different about this photo description is that an address is listed: “329 W. Golden St. Tulsa, Okla.”

EPSON MFP imageAnd since I wasn’t getting very far looking for little “Chas,” I decided to pursue the address. Places have interesting histories too.

Here is where 329 West Golden St, Tulsa is located on today’s map:

Golden Street

To find out what was going on at 329 West Golden around the time that baby Chas might have been born I turned to newspapers. To my surprise the actual full address including house numbers is mentioned numerous times in the local papers. In January of 1913, The Morning Tulsa Daily World, reported that “A pleasant home at 329 West Golden is in readiness for the bride and groom who have issued announcements that they will be ready to receive friends at the above address after February 3rd.” The bride and groom in question were Dr. Charles A Marshall & Miss Esther Agnes Runyan. Too bad it wasn’t the Barry family. Tulsa city directories confirm the Marshall’s 329 address in 1913, but in 1914 they are listed as living at 319 West Golden.

Just 18 months later the Golden residence is in the paper again. June, 1914, The Morning Tulsa Daily World as an advertisement “FOR RENT – Five-room and bath all modern and cistern. 329 West Golden…Worth $35 at $25 per month.” Were the Marshall’s renting it out? There was a birth of sorts at the home. In September of 1916 another ad ran in the same paper, “FOR SALE – pair of thoroughbred Boston Terrier puppies at 329 West Golden.”

In April of 1917 a portion of the house was for rent, “FOR RENT – 2 light housekeeping rooms; modern; by month only. 329 West Golden.” But only a few months later, it was for sale again. June, 1917, “$2,650 buys 5-room modern, with cistern. No. 329 West Golden. $1,000 cash will handle this.” A similar ad was posted in September of the same year. Were they having trouble selling it? In November things seemed to be getting serious. “FURNITURE – Five rooms of household furniture for sale. 329 West Golden.”

After that the Golden property falls out of the news. Was the Barry family one of the many renters? Did they own it? So far I haven’t found a Barry family living on West Golden street in any of the Oklahoma censuses or the Tulsa directory. A fun exercise none-the-less. And a lesson, don’t forget to google those addresses!

8 thoughts on “On Golden Street: Tulsa, Oklahoma

  1. Hi Jodi – Found a little more information. Please e-mail me so I can send you a pdf file containing a newspaper article that mentions Charles. By the way, I have a new e-mail address that I will fill out on the form.
    Rick Bryant

    • Great stuff Rick! I guess the Golden Street residence was more temporary. Looks like Guthrie was a more permanent home. Interesting that he ended up in Houston, where I am! I’ll send this info on to the email you found for a relative. It’s such a great candid photo, I’d love for the family to have it.

  2. Dug a little deeper and found the family. They can be found on the 1920 and 1930 census living in Guthrie,Logan County, Oklahoma. Here is his grandmother Barry:

    Here is Charles: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=124375436

    And here is his obituary: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/houstonchronicle/obituary.aspx?n=charles-b-barry&pid=145403545

    Of living family members mentioned, I found an e-mail for one of his granddaughters:


    • Thanks for the leg work on this. I had found that family, but not all the links you have provided. I REALLY wanted to connect it to the address in Tulsa to be sure. But it seems to be a fit!

  3. Charles Benton Barry

    Birth: 27 Apr 1914 – Logan, USA
    Death: 27 May 2010 – Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

  4. Hi Jodi, thank you for posting this information. In researching my great grandparents I found that they lived at 329 Golden Ave as well, in 1909. So I’ve been digging trying to find out more about the place. As I write this I’m sitting in a retreat center a friend operates at the corner of Denver and Golden in a house that was built in the early 1900s. I’m quite enjoying being at a place that could have been next door to where my great grandparents lived. I only wish I had more info. I guess that house must have been destroyed when they put in the Tisdale? The only other thing I question is was Golden Street previously Golden avenue? Everything I can find seems to indicate that’s the case but I’ve not seen a record of it. Anyway thanks again for your post about your family’s history with that address. I’d be curious to know if you come across anything else. Incidentally my great grandparents names were Richard and Attie Baird. All the best.

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