Geraldine O. Kling

Geraldine O. Kling Froleigh

What a beauty Geraldine Kling is. At first I thought her name was O’Kling, but turns out O is the middle initial. The second name “Froleigh” was written at a later date in pencil – for searching purposes I assumed this was a married name. No date or location are mentioned, but it’s not too hard to tell that his photo was likely taken in the late 1920’s. Also Geraldine can’t be more than 20 herself here. Possibly a high school graduation picture.

Curious to know, as an aside, if she’s related at all to the Kling’s that Mabel Webster Palmer lived with in the previous post – hmmm.

Geraldine O. Kling appears to be the daughter of Charles & Bessie Kling; born on January 14, 1910. She lived in New York City with various people – in 1910 she lived with her parents, 1915 with her grandmother, 1920 with an aunt and uncle, 1925 with her dad (possible with a step-mom as well). She eventually married William C. Froleigh.

This is a photo that I own, if any relative would like it.