Ivah from Michigan

I’m so sad that I can’t find anyone searching for this wonderful picture. Mainly because there is so much GREAT information written on it.

Here’s the exact text: “Ivah Browner daughter of Grace Valentine Chapin. Other pictures is Henry Demey old home at Manchester, Mich. This picture printed from a glass negative and the camera of Henry Gallup Demey.”

I don’t have the “other” picture they are referring to unfortunately.

I believe this is Ivah H. Chapin born in Michigan in 1892 according to the history records. Her mother was Grace Valentine Chapin from PA, born about 1868. Her father was Frank Chapin from Canada, born around 1864. Her last name is spelled Browner on the photo but often appears as Bronner in documents. Her husband was William Bronner. They lived in Michigan up until the last census in 1940, then who knows.

I truly hope Ivah finds her descendants!

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