Grandmother Moffatt

I’m afraid I missed the boat on the eBay auction that this originally came from, so I’m going to assume it’s taken!  I apologize for you not being able to purchase it if she’s an important ancestor to you.

The writing on the back of this photo indicates that it is Henrietta Shearer Moffatt AKA Grandmother Moffatt AKA Mrs. John Moffatt. That’s quite a bit of information really and by the looks of it I started my search guessing she was born between 1810-1830.

What I found out was that Henrietta Shearer and John Moffatt were from Scotland. They married on January 28, 1850. They had at least one child named Isabelle who was born in 1857 in Pennsylvania. So sometime between their marriage and 1857 the couple immigrated to the US. That’s where the documentation led me. Then I looked on ancestry and wow are there just a few folks with her in their tree – they must have had a lot of kids ;)

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