Phyllis V. Bier

Phyllis V. Bier

All this photo contains is a name, and normally that’s not enough to really identify someone. But, the sucker for genealogy that I am, I usually give it a try anyway. And sometimes it works. In this case, I found Phyllis on eBay (click here to see the sale); I searched based on a name and a guesstimated birth date [judging by her clothes and hairstyle, the picture was likely taken in the 20’s – she doesn’t look more than 20 so I put in a birthday range of 1900-1910].

Only one possible person came up, all thanks to the middle initial. Without that she could have been any Phyllis Bier! I believe this to be Phyllis V. Bier, born in 1907 in Colorado. She was the first child to David and Lillian Bier. The family lived in Boulder in 1910, and then in Weld County from at least 1920 to 1940. If another Phyllis V. Bier surfaces, let me know!

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