More from the 1924-25 Class of Westbrook Commercial Academy

Here’s a batch of four from the 1924-25 class photo I have of the Westbrook Commercial Academy. In numerical order they are:

#65, Dorothy Smith – with a name this common I knew she would be hard to find. Sure enough there are a LOT of Dorothy Smith’s in the Cattaraugus, New York area (where the school is). However, one Dorothy was of the right age to have been in this cohort of the school; Dorothy Smith (born in 1906) to W. E. & Caroline Smith of Allegany, New York. All I have is one 1920 census record to go on so it is far from certain that this is the right one – but it’s the best options that the evidence presented (so far!)

#77 Isabelle Lincoln – I had a little better luck with Isabelle. One came up in the area consistently; Isabelle Lincoln (born 1908) to William (or Hugh) and Bessie Lincoln. She was born in New York and the family lived in Cattaraugus county throughout the early 1900s.

#79 Marion Graves – Poor Marion, I didn’t expect her to be this hard – but there were more Marion Graves than Dorothy Smiths! Too many around this time, yet none in the exact county, to narrow it down in any way. **An update in the comments below.**

#80 Virginia Moulton – What a beauty she was! I was happy to find that Virginia was not elusive. She appears to be the daughter of Thomas and Lela Moulton. Born in Pennsylvania in 1906 or 7, the family lived in Cattaraugus County in 1920. Virginia is even listed as a “student” in the 1920 Olean directory. In 1910 they were still in PA and I believe Virginia moved back to PA after she married.

A great bunch of gals!

One thought on “More from the 1924-25 Class of Westbrook Commercial Academy

  1. An update on Marion Graves #79: I got the bug to find out more about her and luckily I have something to report. She was born about 1906 in New York to William Graves and Anna Rice. She was the youngest of 7 children. Her father, an oil rig builder died before 1940, but I know little else about Marion. Her family lived in Willing, Allegany county, New York (right next to Cattaraugus county) most of her life. If she married and moved I haven’t discovered it.

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