William Hicks

I couldn’t resist another great class photo. This is the 1940 class from Barboursville, West Virginia Jr. High School – Mrs. Cummings home room. Class photos are great because you have a date and place given, and if you’re lucky (like me) someone has written, in very neat handwriting on the back, the name of each student left to right. I love it!

So starting at the top left hand corner (next to the science teacher) is William Hicks – they clearly did not go in alphabetical order for these things. William is in the 1930 and 1940 census in Baraboursville, WV with his family. His father was William Hicks (Sr. perhaps) and mother was Anna. William was born in 1926 in West Virginia.

Although he doesn’t look to happy with picture day here, I hope his family will love this picture of him – I mean, who likes Jr. High anyway right?

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