Ida Dresler

Ida Dresler of Indiana

Ida Dresler looks like an intelligent young girl. The back of this photo lists a photographer, H. Jarrard at 15 Calhoun Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I found only one Ida Dresler from Indiana – although she did not live in Fort Wayne. The is possibly the Ida Dresler/Dressler born around 1885 in Indiana to Carl and Mary Dressler (both from Germany). In the 1900 and 1910 census the family lived in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Carl and Mary are still there in 1920, but Ida is no longer living with them. I would love to know what became of her.

Ida is for sale for a few more days from photomuseum on eBay for any family that would like to own her.

6 thoughts on “Ida Dresler

  1. Found a record of her marriage to Llewellyn Barnett in Tippecanoe County Oct 20, 1928. They are found, childless, on the 1930 and 1940 census in Wabash and then Lafayette, both in Tippecanoe County.

  2. Rick, Thanks so much for the info! I’m glad to know a little bit more about Ida. I requested a photo of her grave. I wonder who the other Barnett is buried in that cemetery (Cyrus)? they are all buried in a row.

  3. Jodi – Finding more info on Llewellyn, but not so much on Ida. The 1880 census shows Llewellyn – 3, and Cyrus – 7, in the household of George W and Frances M Barnett in Honey Point, Illinois. Interestingly, I then found Llewellyn living in Portland, OR (where, coincidentally, I live), a streetcar conductor for the Portland Railway, Light & Power Co. Has to be the same man because he lists his birthplace as Illinois, and his date of birth on his WWI Draft Registration Card is the same (Nov 29, 1876), as the date shown on his marriage record in Indiana, to Ida. He is also found on the 1920 census here in Portland. Both records show him married to Della (misspelled Delia on the census record). No children are listed. Have not found out what happened to Della. Perhaps after her death or their divorce, he wanted to get back closer to home. The Indiana GenWeb site (link below) shows that he and Ida (middle name – Belle) were married at the Soldier’s Home in Tippecanoe County, and that he died July 28, 1947. Nothing more on her.

    • Great stuff Rick! I guess Cyrus is the brother-in-law of Ida. Too bad she didn’t have any kids, she was so pretty as a young girl. Thanks for all your work! You must feel like you know these people now; it doesn’t take much does it?

  4. It certainly doesn’t. She was about 2 years older than my grandmother, and I find the times they lived in and the conditions many of them lived under most interesting. She was a pretty girl. Makes you hope she had a good life.

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