Thomas P. Render

Thomas P. Render

“Thomas P. Render, Millerton, Kans.” is written on the back of this photo from postype on eBay. Millerton, Kansas is in Sumner county, which is where Mr. Render spent most of his (probably interesting) life. He was born in 1855 in Kentucky to C. J. Render and Lucinda Phipps – several people have noted the the middle initial P. stands for Phipps – likely. He lived with his parents and a few siblings in 1860 in Butler, KY. By 1870 he moved to Coffey, Kansas to live with older brother John. in 1880, he and probably a younger brother lived in Palo Pinto, TX where he worked as a stockraiser. 1900 found Thomas in Sumner again, a single man working as just a “laborer”. By 1910 he was a grain buyer – still living alone. He probably died before 1920, as I didn’t see him in another census record. No descendants I suppose, but a family none the less.

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