Rachel Carolyn Bowles

Another picture from the 1940 Barboursville, West Virginia Jr. High School. This is Miss. Rachel Bowles – third from left top row. According to census records she and her parents (Minor and Lulu B.) lived in Barboursville, WV in 1940 with 2 younger siblings of Rachel’s. Her father’s name appears as Milton in 1930, but I believe Minor is the correct name. Her mother is Bernice in 1930 and Lulu B. in 1940 – maybe Bernice is the middle name? They lived in the same county but different town 10 years earlier, in 1930. A birth record showed that Rachel’s middle name was Carolyn. She likely married a Smith – there is a death record for Rachel Carolyn Smith in Florida, 1966.

4 thoughts on “Rachel Carolyn Bowles

  1. This is my grandmother I have been trying to find family since she passed when my farher was 14 when they moved to tampa

  2. Dakota, I wish I had more information for you. This class photo is one I purchased on Ebay. All I know is what you see in the post here. I’m very glad you found this photo of your grandmother. If I am able to find out more I will certainly let you know!


  3. Thank you so much Jodi it was amazing to find this as we only have one other picture of her, and yes if you ever come across anymore info or where i can find any myself as west virginia is very hard to find old records it would be greatly appreciated. Again thank you so much for this.

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