Manierre School Boys

As my class photo obsession grows, I have another wonderful set of pictures to share. These young gents are from the 1910 graduating class of Manierre School in Chicago. From left to right they are: Otto Ackermann, Oscar Palmquist, and Edmund Lundgren. Edmund is the one who detailed out the names on the back of the photo – at the bottom it reads “Signed Edmund Lundgren, June 1910”

There was little doubt in the historical record who Edmund Lundgren was. Otto and Oscar however were more popular names and there were more options on who could have been the right boy. What ties together the ones I feel are the best fit is the Ward they all lived in during the 1910 census: Chicago, Ward 22 tied them all together.

Edmund Oliver Lundgren was born on November 16, 1895 to Frederick and Emma Lundgren/Lundgreen. His parents were a bit older, Edmund’s closest sibling in 1900 was 10 years his senior. Frederick and Emma were from Sweden. The family lived in Chicago in 1900 and 1910. In 1920 Edmund lived with an older sister Lena Hibner. I didn’t see Edmund in later censuses but based on his World War II draft registration card we know he was still in Chicago working at the Pennsylvania Salt Mfg. company.

Oscar Emmanual Palmquist was born on October 18, 1895 to August and Mathilda. Oscar’s parents were also from Sweden, like Edmund’s. He lived in Chicago, Ward 22 in the 1910 census. He was still in Chicago in 1917 according to the WWI draft registration card. Later censuses have him with his wife Ellen. However, they never appeared to have any children.

Otto Arthur Ackermann was more difficult to pin down. There were many possible Otto Ackermanns! I settled on this Otto becasue not only was his birthday closest to the other two boys but he and his family lived in Ward 22 of Chicago in 1910. Otto was born in 1896 in Illinois to Alvin and Amelia, both of Germany. This was quite likely an immigrant neighborhood. Otto married Hermina and they continued to live in the Chicago area with their children.

Each of these boys appears in at least one online tree so I’m sure they will find a welcome home.

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