The Kahler Boys Grown Up

Kahler brothers, Rush & Will, of Pennsylvania

We’ve met these men before, but they were much younger. This is Rush and Will Kahler, profiled with their parents in a previous post, Henry Kahler & Family. At the time of that family portrait the boys were about 2 and 5. These more recent pictures I found for sale from gretacarbo on eBay (Link to eBay auction). See the auction for more pictures and the back of the photos – some are fuzzy but readable.

In the above photo Rush is on the left and the middle and right are of Will. The middle one has “uncle Will Kahler” written on the back. I wonder who the owner of these photos is, maybe the seller knows. The pictures were taken in Pennsylvania, so apparently the boys still lived there. There were a LOT of online trees with the Kahler family so hopefully these photos will be a welcome addition.

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