Mrs. Hannah Trull & Civil War Stamp

This is one of my favorites. I bought it a few months back and am just now getting around to posting about it. As you can see from the back of the photo, this is Mrs. Hannah F. Trull. The wonderful looking stamp was used to prove that taxes had been paid on the photo. Adhesive backed stamps were used during and after the civil war, dating this photo to after 1862. Hannah Trull doesn’t look like a young woman here so in doing research I put her birth date at 1820 +/- 5 years.

She appears to actually have been born about 1821 in Massachusetts. While her middle initial does show up as F. occasionally, it is usually J. I don’t believe there is any mistake that whoever wrote her name on the back was clearly writing an F. But there aren’t many Hannah Trull’s of that age so it made it easier to identify her. She was the daughter of John & Annah Chandler and married Larkin Trull on November 13, 1845 – all according to the marriage license.

Hannah and Larkin lived in Tewksbury, MA most if not all of their lives. The 1850 to 1900 census had them there with various servants and boarders. They appeared to have had only one daughter, Jennie Trull, born in 1859 – by then Hannah was already 39 years old. Hannah’s grave is also listed on with similar information. She apparently died in 1903. It’s a wonderful photo of her and I hope she finds a home with some happy descendants!

5 thoughts on “Mrs. Hannah Trull & Civil War Stamp

  1. Wonderful picture and story. I wonder if Hannah might have had 2 middle names. One starting with a F and the other with a J? I wonder what her mother’s maiden name was an F or J. If so maybe Hannah had it as one of her 2 middle names.

  2. Karen, on I believe her mom’s middle name actually started with a K – so the mystery remains! I’m hoping one of the family members I contacted might know more.

  3. My records show her name as Hannah Jane CHANDLER. It is possible that the writing is just a funky way of writing a J… handwriting wasn’t very standardized in those days! Her mother’s maiden name was KITTREDGE, by the way.

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