Adams High School, Class of ’41

Another class photo – hopefully y’all don’t get sick of these, because I love them! This is a reproduction of the original photo of the 1941 class of Adams High School in Adams, Jefferson County, New York. The back of the picture not only listed the name of the people, but where appropriate someone also wrote in death dates – helping to identify people tremendously. Thank you, whoever you are!

I’ll start with the last row of boys, going in 3’s. From left to right the first 3 boys are:

Charles Snyder (a little fuzzy on the end) – Not too surprising that I wasn’t able to nail Charles down. the name is quite common. The only thing I can add is that he might have a middle initial of N. Good luck with that!

Clyde Brown – Clyde Gilbert Brown was born in New York in 1925 to Gilbert & Flossie (love the name!) Brown. He appeared to be their only child. They lived in Worth, New York – also in Jefferson County – in 1925, 1930 and 1940. Public records show that Clyde was born in March of 1925 and also lived in Sandy, New York. Clyde appears to have passed away recently in September of 2012. His obituary states that he graduated from Adams High school. Rest in Peace Clyde!

Francis Dealing – Francis, middle initial A., was born in 1924 also in New York. In 1930 and 1940, he lived with his grandmother, Sarah Dealing aged 66 and 76 respectively, and several siblings in Lorraine, Jefferson County. Sarah’s husband, Francis’ grandfather, Henry Dealing was 13 years his wife’s senior and likely died between 1925 (the last census they were in together) and 1930. I don’t know what happened to Francis’ parents or why he didn’t live with them. The only other thing I know about Francis is that he died in Maryland in September, 1992.

By the way, there are more copies of this class photo for sale on eBay where I bought mine if anyone’s interested (link to sale).

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