Elnora J. Sackett from Plymouth

Elnora J. Sackett, 1931 Plymouth, Michigan High School

Ms. Elnora Sackett has such an interesting face. She was a classmate of Viola’s (from the previous post) but a few years older than her peer. Born in 1910, Elnora J. Sackett was almost 20 when this high school picture was taken. She was born on October 13, 1910 – luckily for her that was a Thursday, not a Friday. Her parents were Jay and Mary Sackett. Jay lived from 1889 to 1945. Mary lived from 1883 to 1873, almost outliving Elnora, who died in Livonia, Michigan in 1978. I wonder how Elnora died, at a relatively young age of 68, when her mother lived to 90? All three are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Plymouth, Michigan.

Elnora appears to have never married. She and sister Margaret still lived at home in 1940 (in Plymouth) and worked as press operators for a air rifle manufacturing company – Rosie the Riveters! The family lived in Plymouth all her youth from 1920-1940 and probably longer. Father Jay didn’t live with the family in 1940 but doesn’t die until 1945. He’s likely too old to have been at war though. I wonder if she and Viola were friends?

7 thoughts on “Elnora J. Sackett from Plymouth

  1. The middle initial in the year book is in error. Her full name was: Elnora Evelyn Sackett. She did die “young” of cancer. Her father Jay was hit by a car in Northville, Michigan in 1945 and died of his injuries. Elnora was indeed a “Rosie the Riveter” since she worked at the Willow Run bomber plant during WWll. Before and after that she worked at the Daisy Air Rifle plant in Plymouth. She moved w the company when it moved to Rogers Arkansas.

  2. I am curious as to why she is listed as an Unclaimed Ancestor. She was very close with all of her siblings and their children throughout her life….She was our beloved Aunt Nora – certainly not unclaimed or forgotten.

    • Hi Amy,
      I hope that all the photos on this site are beloved by families as your Aunt Nora was. This site is called Unclaimed Ancestors because when I find photos in antique stores or online and buy them they are often of unknown origin and not owned by family. My goal is to reconnect these photos with descendants. So glad you found your aunt’s photo here!

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