Professor S. N. Christie – hanging on by a census record in Poughkeepsie

Professor S. N. Christie, 1888 Eastman Business College

Professor S. N. Christie, 1888 Eastman Business College

I like a lot of solid evidence, any historian does, so this makes me nervous. Prof. S. N. Christie, of the 1888 Eastman Business College, pictured here, is probably the man I will describe below. His identity hinges on one census record that describes the man in my hypothesis. He is also the only man that comes up – there were not a plethora of S. N. Christies in Poughkeepsie. So, assuming my hypothesis is right, this is likely your guy.

S. N. is Samuel N. Christie. Born in 1849 in Maine – although his birthplace appears as PA once and NY once, other than than ME it is! The census record I’m placing all my hope on is the 1880 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess county, New York federal census. This is the closest federal census to the date of the class photo and unfortunately the 1892 NY census records don’t extend to Dutchess county. In 1880 Mr. Christie is about 30 living with his wife Rosella and two small children Mabel and Frederick. And here’s the real hinge, he’s listed as a teacher. Ok, good possibility!

Unfortunately “Professor” Christie had a change of heart at some point and became an insurance salesman. EVERY OTHER document he appears in have his occupation listed as Insurance agent or salesman – son Harvey went into the biz too. Samuel died in 1923 in Connecticut, as did much of his family, daughter Mabel, son-in-law Henry, wife Rosella, probably his son’s but I couldn’t confirm that.

So there it is, my weak argument – I’m hopeful a family member can shed light on him and confirm the identity.

2 thoughts on “Professor S. N. Christie – hanging on by a census record in Poughkeepsie

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  2. A family update from Fred:
    “thank you for the picture of s.n. christie. he was my great grandfather. i read what you had written about him and would like to comment on that. he was born in st. albans ,me. he did attend eastmannational business college. now the missing part you don’t have , he and a professor deedler opened a business school in lock haven ,pa. in 1884 with 15 students and by 1877 had over 100 students. that year the school burned down. he returned to eastman and became professor of banking and office depts. in 1896 he left eastman and went to work with northwestern life insurance co. in 1902 he moved to brooklyn ,n.y. he lived in brooklyn up until about 1920 and then moved to stamford, ct where he died in 1922. i do have pictures of his gravestone and of the large christie headstone that i took in 2009. while i am not old enough to have seen him i do remember my great grandmother rosella. he did have a 3rd child named harvey eastman christie b. 1880 d. 1944. who was never married. if you would like the pictures of the gravestones of sn christie and mabel foulder his daughter take them from my tree. if you would like the picture of the large family plot stone i can send it to. thank you again for the picture.”

    Thanks so much Fred!

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