Amy Blackmore, a volunteer in the Women’s Army Corp

Amy Blackmore, 1931 Plymouth, MI

Amy Blackmore, 1931 Plymouth, MI

Amy E. Blackmore was a senior at Plymouth High school in Wayne County, Michigan in this photo. Very little is known about this young woman. She was born about 1914 in Michigan. The second youngest of 6 children; her mother (Avis Thompson Blackmore) died when she was about 3 years old. Amy was raised by father John William Blackmore and her older siblings. The oldest was sister Nellie, 14 years her senior, was a student at dental school in the 1920 census.

Her father was a farmer, and for most of the family’s life they lived in Canton, Wayne county, Michigan; a mere 5 miles from Plymouth. But her parents had married in Canada and her father’s parents are listed as English. I don’t know if that’s England english or Canadian english though.

By 1940 all the children had left home. John and a new wife named Alice were still living in Canton. No sign of Amy until 1943. She then registered for the Women’s Army Corp. The document says she completed 4 years of high school, was single, and had worked as a stenographer/typist. I suppose dental school didn’t pan out for older sis Nellie; she’s working in the auto industry in 1940.

Not many trees out there with Amy’s family listed. I do hope she finds some descendants!

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